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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Origin and Purpose of Spiritual Abuse in the Church

In the 80s I was experiencing spiritual abuse before I had a computer or even knew there was such a thing as spiritual abuse. I thought that I was possibly only one of the very few.

However, I am now connected to the internet and am amazed by the number of people who have been affected by this type of abuse.

I would call it an epidemic.

I have been gathering information for almost 40 years as I have gone from denomination to denomination searching for a church to call home.

After all these years and experiences, I am convinced that what we are seeing today is part of the end time apostasy that will undermine the Word of God, creating the spiritual climate pictured during the time of Noah and days of Lot...preceeding the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. 

It is in fact an attack on the family and the True Church (True Bride of Christ)...It is a form of Christian persecution where professing believers are persecuting Real Christians who dare to stand on the Truth of God’s Word or false professors aiming their attack against unbelievers in the church who do not yet have the Holy Spirit to help them rightly divide the Word of God. 

In time, all of this ungodly behavior in churches will also very conveniently play into the hands of the enemies of Christ who are just waiting to build a case against Christianity.

I believe that it is a deliberate, demonically orchestrated plan very probably being carried out by the enemies of God against His people.  It is far too prevalent to be a matter of some pastors losing their moral compass.  Instead, it is a clever plan to cut the very heart out of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

False doctrines regarding submission are a means by which church goers are being conditioned to respond to man's hierarchy and “authorities” instead of the preeminence of Jesus Christ and His Word.

The attack is first focused on the most vulnerable and dependent--the women and children--as men are being seduced and taken captive through the idea of replacing responsibility with their own perceived power of authority.

Pornography is also playing a huge part in this.  Evidence is found in 2 Tim. 3, where we are warned that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves (self-centered), high-minded, without natural affection, lacking self-control, etc. etc.  The floodgates of pornography have opened and as a result, we have men filling pulpits and pews, coming into the church in a lust-filled occult trance, craving power and control, and being transformed by another spirit into agents of the devil who no longer see wives and children (or anyone else) as people to be loved but as objects to be used. 

It is this lust for power and addiction to pornography that robs human beings of natural affection, normal feelings, and genuine empathy transforming them into abusive, manipulative monsters.

It is time to repent and get right with God.  Jesus Christ is coming very soon. 

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