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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Word Speaks. . .Before Departure

Jesus addresses the Father 
on our behalf
. . .revealing the power of His Word:

"These words spake Jesus
and lifted up his eyes to heaven, 
and said, 
the hour is come; 
glorify thy Son, 
that thy Son 
also may glorify thee:"
-John 17:1

Every Word of God is priceless. . .but there is always something of extra value contained in last words before departure: 

. . .most important final instructions
. . .most important things to remember
. . .greatest assurance regarding love and promise of return

Before His departure from Earth, the Word Jesus uses to describe His first, most important, request...when He addresses the the Word, "glorify." 

This one Word, not only tells us who Jesus is, but reveals the primary purpose of His mission: 

(1) to be "glorified" 
(2) to "glorify" the Father.

Therefore, to understand the foundational purpose of Christ's mission to Earth, we must carefully consider exactly what Jesus is requesting from the Father and why this had to be His first request. . .

. . .in addition to helping us understand the importance of the part the Word, "glorify," plays in:

(1) rightly dividing the entirety of the Word of God 
(2) correctly defining the true meaning of "unity and fellowship" within the body of Christ. 

We will eventually discover why glorifying the Father and Jesus Christ is vital to the survival of the Church Jesus is establishing, but first let us examine the Word, "glorify":

"glorify"= #G1392 / #G1391

Meaning = to reveal:
...true magnificent identity
...Preeminent/righteous Authority

So here we see that understanding and honoring...submitting to the Preeminence of the Father and the first...foundational...principle that must be established in order to embrace everything else Jesus is going to request, from the Father, in this prayer on our behalf, before He departs.

"As thou hast given him 
power over all flesh, 
that he should 
give eternal life 
to as many 
as thou hast given him."
-John 17:2

It is the Father that has given Jesus power over all mankind...adequate power...all that is accomplish this mission of securing the eternal life of those the Father has given to Him.

Here we begin to see the Father "glorifying"...already making the Son Preeminent / most powerful above "all earthly flesh" / men.

"And this is life eternal, 
that they might know thee 
the only true God, 
and Jesus Christ, 
whom thou hast sent."
-John 17:3

This "eternal"...everlasting given to the adopted children of God for the purpose of knowing the one true God and Jesus Christ.  Jesus has been sent by God to make eternal life a reality for those who have been given the desire to really know God.

The significant point in this verse being: getting to know God is the whole purpose of having eternal life...not just wanting to escape hell, the wrath of God, or to acquire eternal bliss in heaven...but for the purpose of really: 

"knowing" (#G1096):
= intimately acquainted with God
= having a relationship with God
= communicating with God

...not just "knowing about" God
...but knowing God intimately.

"I have glorified thee on the earth: 
I have finished the work 
which thou gavest me to do."
-John 17:4

At this point in the life of Jesus, He has accomplished His mission.  He has "glorified"/revealed the splendour...true magnificent identity of the Father...honored Him...and compelled men to submit to His Preeminent Authority.  This was the work He came to Earth to do...and His mission is completed.

"And now, O Father,
glorify thou me 
with thine own self 
with the glory which I had 
with thee before the world was."
-John 17:5

Now Jesus asks the Father to reveal His "glory"...the same "glory" Jesus had when He was in the presence of the Father...even before the world was created.

We know from the definition of the Word, "glory," that Jesus is now asking the Father to reveal the mutual, Preeminent Authority that He and the Father possess.

Manifesting the Name of God

To see the significance of what Jesus prays next, we need to understand the Name of Jesus:

"And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God."  (Rev.19:13)

This same Jesus that shed His Blood on the cross, is the same One called "The Word of God". . .

= Jesus = Word 
= Preeminent Authority of God

...Back to John 17...

"I have manifested thy name 
unto the men 
which thou gavest me 
out of the world:
thine they were, 
and thou gavest them me; 
and they have kept thy word."
-John 17:6

In this 6th verse of Jesus' prayer, He is establishing two things:

(1)..Jesus has manifested (declared / revealed / made known) the Name of the Father to the men God has called out of the world...These were men the Father had specifically given to Jesus.  

[If Jesus' Name is The Word of God...what is the Father's Name?. . .The answer to this mystery is found later in this chapter.]


(2)..The men the Father gave to Jesus...kept the Father's Word.

The important thing to remember is...the ones the Father gives to Jesus are the same ones who keep His Word.

"Now they have known 
that all things 
hast given  
are of thee."
-John 7:7

This completes Jesus' task of manifesting and verifying that our Father in Heaven is "thee" Source of all that has been given to Jesus...for our benefit.

"For I have given 
unto them 
the words 
which thou gavest me; 
and they 
have received them, 
and have known surely 
that I came out from thee, 
and they have believed
that thou didst send me."
-John 7:8

Why is it imperative that believers know that Jesus was sent by God, our Father in Heaven?

. . .Unless we understand that the Preeminent Authority (God the Father) the One who serves as the origin of the Words Jesus has brought to us (from the Father)...we cannot appreciate or respect the Power, Preeminent Authority, or amazing value His Words carry. . .

Word of God 
     = Preeminent Authority of God.

. . .In fact...God is as good as His Word...His Words are the essence of all that He is.

. . .When men receive God's Words, they are then able to believe who Jesus is...receive Him as well, and realize that the Words they have been given are actually a result of an act of verify that Jesus was really sent by the Father in Heaven, for our benefit.
Our prayers are not 
the only prayers 
our Father in Heaven 

"I pray for them
I pray not 
for the world, 
but for them 
which thou hast given me; 
for they are thine."
-John 17:9

Our prayers may be feeble...but they are not the only prayers our Father in Heaven hears.

Jesus is praying on behalf of each one the Father has given to Him...each one that has come to the Father, according to His Word, as they have received His Word and His Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is not praying for self-centered rebellious worldlings that do not care enough to open their hearts to the Word of God, so they can see the value of all He is and the priceless gift of eternal life that is just within their reach.

No...Jesus prays only for His own...those who by faith in the Word of God, have repented, turned from sin and going their own submit to the Preeminence of the Word of God and faithfully follow Christ.

Unity. . .only through Truth:

"And all mine are thine
and thine are mine
and I am glorified in them."
-John 17:10

. . .All who belong to Jesus...also belong to the Father
. . .And all who belong to the Father...also belong to Jesus.
. . .When we belong to One...we also belong to the Other.

"And now 
I am no more in the world, 
but these are in the world
and I come to thee. 
Holy Father, 
keep through thine own name 
those whom thou hast given me
that they may be one,
as we are."
-John 17:11

Before Jesus departs from this earth, He prays to the Father, emphasizing the most important desires of His heart and establishes these reminders for His followers:

(1)..He prays that the Father would keep believers through His Name.

(2)..He prays that, through His Name, believers will become as closely united with one another as Jesus is united with the Father.

     Jesus could have just said, "keep them"...but He takes this request further by describing how believers are going to be kept...So Jesus specifically says, "...keep through thy own name those whom thou hast given me."

     We can conclude from this specific emphasis that it is vital to understand what His "own name" really is...if it is the means by which we are going to be kept.

     Thankfully, Jesus provides this definition for us later in this passage.

     Jesus also prays to establish unity of believers through His Name.

"While I was with them 
in the world, 
I kept them in thy name
those that thou gavest me 
I have kept, 
and none of them is lost, 
but the son of perdition; 
that the scripture might be fulfilled."
-John 17:12

While Jesus was in the world...the Name was also the means by which believers were kept...none were lost as a result...except one...(the son of perdition / Judas)...and even that fact was placed in the Scriptures by fulfill the Scriptures.

"And now come I to thee; 
and these things I speak 
in the world, 
that they might have 
my joy fulfilled in themselves."
-John 17:13

At the time of Jesus' departure, He comes to speak His Word for the purpose of imparting His amazingly powerful joy to believers, so His joy might be fulfilled in them.

Why? ... because His Word is going to be the source of joy...and joy the source of the strength they are going to need when they face the opposition that will be coming from the world, as they wait for His return.

"...neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength."  (Neh.8:10b)

I have given them thy word
and the world hath hated them
because they are not of the world
even as I am not of the world."
-John 17:14

It's ALL about the Word...The Word is the beginning and the end...the Alpha and Omega "Logos."

The world hates the Word and those who are indwelt with the Word, who bear the Name of the Word, and who bring forth the Word of God.  The world hates believers...just like the world hates Christ.

With all of this hatred from the world going on...what was to become of the believers' mission on Earth after Jesus left?...Were they supposed to hide out...isolate themselves from the world?

How did Jesus address this dilemma?

He responds by presenting a special request to the Father:

"I pray not that thou shouldest 
take them out of the world, 
but that thou shouldest 
keep them from the evil."
-John 17:15

Until the believers' mission is accomplished, they will remain in the world to bring forth the Word of God...and as long as they remain...God will keep their eternal life intact ...evil will have no power over them.

Jesus explains, how this is possible, in His next request:

"They are not of the world,
even as I am not of the world."
-John 17:16

First of all...believers are not part of the world's system...just like Jesus is not subject to the world's system...but submitted to the Father's higher laws of life and conduct.

Sanctified by. . .
. . .the Father's Higher Laws 
. . .of Life and Conduct:

"Sanctify them 
through thy truth
thy word is truth."
-John 17:17

What is "sanctify?"= (#G37)
= purify / cleanse 
= make holy / separate from

Jesus is asking the Father to keep believers cleansed and pure...holy...separate from the world's way of living.

How is this sanctification going to take place and be maintained?

Jesus says that sanctification is maintained through Truth.

. . .And what is truth?

Jesus says that God's Word IS Truth.

Word of God 
= Truth 
= by "Washing"
= by the Water of the Word

("Washing by the Word" details)

The Mission:

"As thou hast sent me 
into the world, 
even so have I also 
sent them into the world."
-John 17:18

Believers are also followers of Christ...following His Way / example and teaching / Way of life...He is the Way, Truth, and Life.

"And for their sakes 
I sanctify myself, 
that they also might be 
sanctified through the truth."
-John 17:19

Jesus' mission...has become our mission.  Just as He set Himself apart from the world's system...we also are set apart for special bring the truth of the Word of God.

"Neither pray I for these alone
but for them also 
which shall believe on me 
through their word;"
-John 17:20

Salvation and unity are not about getting a ticket to Heaven and a new set of friends...but about being forgiven of sin, continuing to be purified by the Truth of the Word of God, developing an intimate relationship with Jesus, set apart from the world and placed into a new eternal family...(while yet in the world)...then being used to help others understand God's Word of salvation so they also may believe on Christ.

. . .Thus. . .salvation becomes a matter of joining other sanctified believers, who are bound together by the same Truth of the Word of God involved in the perpetual sharing of the Word of God from generation to generation.

Purpose of the Mission:
= To be an example of True unity
= To glorify God

"That they all may be one
as thou, Father, art in me, 
and I in thee, 
that they also may be one in us:
that the world may believe 
that thou hast sent me."
-John 17:21

When true believers are unified by the Truth of the Word of God...the true sheep of God will have ears to hear His Voice, will recognize the the real Jesus, come out of the world, and join with other believers to follow Him.

"And the glory
which thou gavest me 
I have given them; 
that they may be one
even as we are one:"
-John 17:22

"glory" / "glorify"= #G1392 / #G1391

Meaning = to reveal:
...true magnificent identity
...Preeminent/righteous Authority

It is the Truth, found in the Word of God, that provides the genuine uniting power to gather believers together for the purpose of bringing glory to God and sharing the benefits of His glory with one another in the body of Christ.

 "I in them, and thou in me
that they may be 
made perfect in one
and that the world may know 
that thou hast sent me
and hast loved them
as thou hast loved me." 
-John 17:23

It is God's intention that Christians ultimately become "perfect"/ complete in one.  This does not mean that an isolated believer is imperfect...but that unity in Truth will result in many being able to accomplish varying aspects of the plan of God to complete their own Christian experience. . .as well as contributing to the ultimate plan for all believers.  

Being committed to the same Truth, will cause followers of Christ to fulfill the individual necessary parts required to bring about the totality of God's will and plan.

Some will be brought together physically to work together, while others may never see one another or ever know of one another, but will be brought together through His Word, in Spirit / Truth to accomplish God's will over long periods of time...even throughout history...such as those who were used to bring about the written Word of God, they were united in their efforts by following the same Truth of the Word of God over the course of their lifetime.

"Father, I will that they also,
whom thou hast given me, 
be with me where I am
that they may behold my glory
which thou hast given me: 
for thou lovedst me 
before the foundation 
of the world."
-John 17:24

Praise God !!! ...Just before Jesus departs...just before He completes His mission by dying on the cross to pay the penalty for those who will repent and come to Him by faith...He prays on our behalf, that the Father will honor His desire to have us with Him so we may, one day, behold His glory.

In this most love-filled prayer, we see Jesus preparing to depart...but not without first securing our own departure with this amazing request to the Father!. . .Behold a picture also reminiscent of Jesus securing His mother's future needs by entrusting her to the Apostle John...demonstrating His amazing love and care...clearly concerned with the welfare of others, even while enduring His own suffering on the cross.

Furthermore. . .at the same time in this verse, Jesus blesses us with another glimpse of the supernatural loving side of our Heavenly Father's nature, as Jesus reveals that He, Himself, was indeed the object of the Father's love...even before the foundation of the world.

"O righteous Father, 
the world hath not known thee
but I have known thee, 
and these have known 
that thou hast sent me."
-John 17:25

The world does not have a relationship with Christ...only genuine believers are able to know Him intimately...and understand that the Father in Heaven has sent Him.

And I have declared 
unto them thy name
and will declare it: 
that the love 
wherewith thou hast loved me 
may be in them, 
and I in them."
-John 17:26

Jesus came to declare the Name of God.  He accomplished His mission...and through His Word entrusted to believers...He will continue to declare His Name.

Why is it so important to declare God's Name?

. . .Because by declaring the Name of God, the love of God is infused into the hearts of believers.

. . .The same love the Father has for the Son is carried into the hearts of believers by His Name.

So what is His Name?

"And he was clothed 
with a vesture dipped in blood: 
and his name is called 
The Word of God."      
(Rev. 19:13)

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