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Monday, March 2, 2015

Foot-Spa. . .Key to the Book of Revelation

Kay Frances Graves

What is "Foot-Spa?"

This sounds a lot like an Old Testament Hebraic term, but actually it is a new term I made up years ago to describe a natural method of healing I was teaching.  More recently, as I was writing about The Mystery of Fellowship, I realized that Foot-Spa could also be applied to a vital New Testament truth that defines true fellowship and reveals the key to the Book of Revelation.  It is a perfect physical illustration of a spiritual truth which Jesus, Himself, taught to His disciples.

The Physical Application of "Foot-Spa"

In 2000, I began working with plant oils--also referred to as "essential oils."  The scientific training I received indicated that the body was designed to maintain and heal itself (provided that it was correctly nourished) and I began to get a deeper understanding of the various methods of healing God intended us to use--modalities that actually harmonize with the way the body facilitates healing.

One of these methods, similar to reflexology, involves the feet.  What happens to the feet affects the entire body; therefore, a simple foot-soak in a warm tub of water has often been a favorite home remedy, recommended as an effective first response when someone comes down with a cold--because it boosts circulation throughout the body, bringing nourishment to the cells while carrying away toxins.

Since many, who suffer with physical afflictions, are not able to lie face down on the clinical table so the necessary essential oils can be applied to their back, I was taught that the same effects can be achieved by applying the oils to the feet, because God designed the feet to draw the oils into the body.

This information was very helpful to me because it meant that I did not have to always carry a clinical table into my teaching sessions.  Instead, I decided to introduce certain groups of new students to the oils via a means of application that came to be known as "Foot-Spa Parties," where students could soak their feet in dish pans of warm water and then apply the specific oils they had chosen in order to experience the effects of the oils.

Biblical References to Plant Oils

David Stewart, Ph.D., author of "Healing Oils of the Bible," has done extensive research on the naturally occurring chemistry of essential oils.  He has discovered hundreds of references to plant oils in the Bible and how they were historically used to effectively maintain and heal the body.

The Bible describes how "ointment," or a salve made with essential oils, was applied to the feet of Jesus in Luke, Chapter 7.  Through these biblical examples, we begin to realize that feet were created for more than religious anointing rituals or a means of transporting us down the road from point "A" to point "B."  There is a practical and specific physical, as well as spiritual, purpose behind everything God has created.  Nothing we do should be a boring, robotic, meaningless performance or reduced to a matter of simply "going through the motions."

The Spiritual Application of "Foot-Spa"

Lack of interest in the Word of God causes the religious to stray from faith, by the Word of God, to trust instead in a religion of works and meaningless rituals.  Those who do not embrace the preeminence of Jesus Christ and His Word are therefore lacking the capacity to understand the symbolism in the illustrations Jesus has provided.

Because they have become confused regarding the issue of how "the washing of water by the Word" cleanses believers, they turn this illustration into just another ritual which has been hidden within their own idea of good works and ceremonial practices, instead of seeing it as another reminder given to us by God to honor the preeminence of God's Word and value that Word as the vital "first works" Christ told us to remember if we really want to belong to Him.

The Word of God, like water, continues to spiritually wash and cleanse Christ's Body of Believers/True Church of Jesus Christ, sanctifying them first of all from their personal spiritual uncleanness (sin) and secondly for the purpose of maintaining purity in the doctrine of the Church, if the true Church of Jesus Christ is to remain pure and without blemish, because it is His desire that His Bride be purified before He returns.

"That he might 
sanctify and cleanse it
with the washing 
of water by the word,
That he might present 
it to himself 
a glorious church,
not having spotor wrinkle
or any such thing;
but that it should be holy 
and without blemish."
-Ephesians 5:26-27

In the physical realm, washing the feet or applying oil to the feet, affects the whole body.  Jesus therefore, gave us the symbol of washing feet, in John Chapter 13, to illustrate how cleansing by the water of the Word of God should take place spiritually in the Body of Christ.

Here is Jesus' physical illustration of that spiritual process:

"After that he poureth water 
into a bason,
and began to wash 
the disciples' feet,
and to wipe them 
with the towel 
wherewith he was girded.
Then cometh he to Simon Peter:
and Peter saith unto him,
Lord, dost thou wash my feet?
Jesus answered and said unto him,
What I do 
thou knowest not now;
but thou shalt know 
-John 13:5-7

Jesus tells Peter that he will not, at the moment, understand the lesson Jesus is teaching, but will ultimately realize the importance of it sometime in the future.  If this was a command to literally wash feet with literal water, there would be no need for Jesus to tell Peter this, because the lesson would be obvious.  Therefore, Jesus had to tell him (and us) that this illustration would require some time to consider. 

How much time would it take?  How far into the future would the significance of this symbolic water application go?

After Jesus rose from the dead, when the Holy Spirit came to believers, He revealed the truth regarding the power of the Word of God to them at that time.  This lesson continues into the future and is found in the writing of Paul, when he was imprisoned in Rome sometime between 60-64 A.D., at which time he first made this significant connection between water and the Word of God in his letter to the Ephesians (5:26-27--see above).

Through Paul's writings, this concept has been brought all the way through history to this present day for our benefit as well.  In other words, the importance of the washing of water by the Word was a prophecy of Jesus pertaining to the Word of God which would one day exist in written form in one completed Book (Holy Bible).

"Peter saith unto him, 
Thou shalt never wash my feet.
Jesus answered him,
If I wash thee not,  
thou hast no part with me.
Simon Peter saith unto him, 
Lord, not my feet only,
but also my hands and my head."
-John 13:8-9

Here Jesus confirms that if a follower of His is not washed by the water of the Word, he does not really belong to Christ at all.  Think about how this could fit into our idea of "eternal security."

Peter, 'the extremist,' replied, "Then don't just wash my feet, but all of me."

Peter, as usual, missed the point.  He failed to see the spiritual application of this physical cleansing.  He thought that if a foot bath could guarantee a relationship with Christ, then don't just wash the feet, wash the entire person.

Therefore it became necessary for Jesus to expound on this process of spiritual washing:

"Jesus saith to him,
He that is washed 
needeth not save [except] 
to wash his feet,
but is clean every whit: 
and ye are clean, but not all.
For he knew 
who should betray him; 
therefore said he,
Ye are not all clean.
So after he had washed their feet, 
and had taken his garments,
and was set down again,
he said unto them, 
Know ye 
what I have done to you?"
-John 13:10-12

A believer initially receives cleansing by the shed blood of Christ through repenting and being forgiven of his basic sin of rebellion against God.  After that, he only needs to wash his feet--that part of him that comes in contact with the world and picks up spiritual impurities from it, just as feet pick up dirt from the path they walk.

(So we see two different types of washing being presented by Jesus in this illustration.)

To further establish the importance of the two types of washing, Jesus provides another example by emphasizing that the heart--not the feet--of man must also be involved in the first washing...through repentance.

He knew there was one in their midst who had not received this initial washing.  The person He was referring to was Judas--the disciple who would betray Him.  Jesus could see that Judas' heart was unchanged, not submitted to Christ, and still in the initial state of rebellion against God.

"Ye call me Master and Lord:
and ye say well;  
for so I am.
If I then 
your Lord and Master
have washed your feet;
ye also ought to wash 
one another's feet.
For I have given you 
an example,
[spiritual illustration - symbol]
that ye should do 
as I have done to you.
Verily, verily, I say unto you,
The servant is not greater 
than his lord;
neither he that is sent 
greater than he that sent him."
-John 13:13-16

In this passage, Jesus gives another picture of man's need of repentance and submission to Christ's Preeminent Authority over man by introducing the type of administrative structure He wants to see in His Church.  This lesson also contradicts man's hierarchal systems of religion by maintaining that:

1.  Jesus is the only One who has the right to be called "Master and Lord" (or any other preeminent religious title) because He alone is the Son of God and leader of His Church.

...All "authority" must be submitted to God's Authority...for He alone is the "Higher Power" (Romans 13).

...While men serve as leaders...the emphasis is on the Word, "serve" because God expects all men to serve Him first...under His ultimate Authority, according to His Word and Authority as Creator...or they will ultimately be held accountable for their rebellion against Him.

2.  Even though Jesus is preeminent in His position, it is His nature to humble Himself before the Father to serve those He has created.  This is also an illustration of His death on the cross.

3.  Because Christ humbled Himself, giving up His life so we might be cleansed, we also should follow His example by humbling ourselves before God, giving up our own life and desires, to invest the time it takes to cleanse one another through verbally sharing His Word.

However, from the pulpit, this command has often been reduced to a fragmented admonition to humble ourselves before one another, which is really a form of idolatry, since we are commanded to exclusively humble ourselves before God Almighty alone.  If we have humbled ourselves before God, we are certainly already humble enough to carry on a productive relationship with fellow believers and require no further humbling by any man.

In certain religious circles today, some professing Christians have even gone so far as to incorporate a literal foot-washing ritual into their official church doctrines, without any understanding of the meaningless, robotic ritual they are performing over and over again.  They do this in obedience to the doctrines of the church and because they think it is going to somehow generate humility and keep people from becoming proud.

How is literal, physical foot-washing going to keep people from being proud?  They don't know--but proudly inform us that "if you don't do what we do, you are not humble, you have violated the commandments of God, and you are therefore, not a real Christian at all.  Don't question any doctrines of the church.  Just do what the leaders tell you to do."

By engaging in literal, physical works and hoping they will accomplish some spiritual reward, those who profess to know Christ are demonstrating that the blood of Christ is not sufficient (in their opinion).  They are falsely testifying to the world that God requires us to be cleansed from sin through physical foot-washing or that this is the way we will be motivated to remember that no one is better than anyone else (except for the leaders who determine church doctrine).

As a result this has become just another meaningless religious ritual lifted from the pages of Scripture and right out of the context of the truth of what Christ was really teaching, thereby exchanging saving faith for worthless works.

If you think that these are harsh words, let me remind you that God is a jealous God.  He and His Word must have preeminence.  There is nothing we can do ourselves to take sin away or inherit eternal life.  Do you remember how Jesus rebuked Peter in the Garden before He died, when Peter dared to tell Christ that He really didn't have to die?

Jesus responded by accusing Peter of being the devil's mouth-piece and lashed out against what Peter was saying by telling him, "Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men."  (Matthew 16:23)

This was an extreme response from Jesus which illustrates His extreme hatred of anything that could minimize the importance of His mission.  He had to go to the cross.  It was the only thing that could be done to save us from the consequences of sin and bring us safely into the presence of God the Father.  At the same time, Jesus was accusing Peter of loving worldly things (doctrines/beliefs) men had created, instead of the things of God.  Here we have another example of the battle for preeminence that exists between man and God.

God hates any mention of the possibility that there could be any other way to be cleansed from sin, therefore He hates faithless works.  He calls them "filthy rags," in reference to the graphic illustration of menstrual cloths used in biblical times.  "But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses ["good works"] are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away." (Isaiah 64:6)

Seeking any other method of righteousness is a form of idolatry, for anything that tries to take the place of the One True God is idolatry.  He alone has determined specifically how we are to inherit eternal life and the method by which we are to overcome all subsequent evil within and from without that transpires from our exposure to the world.

Only those who are initially cleansed by the blood of Christ and forgiven of their basic sinful rebellion against God Almighty will continue to overcome and be forgiven, through the washing of the water by the Word of God.

"He that overcometh
the same shall be clothed 
in white raiment;
and I will not
blot out his name 
out of the book of life,
but I will confess his name 
before my Father 
and before his angels.
He that hath an ear, 
let him hear
what the Spirit saith
unto the churches."
-Revelation 3:5-6

Humbly acknowledging the preeminence of Jesus Christ, cleansing by the Word of God, and then sharing that Word for the purpose of helping fellow believers to also be cleansed, provides us with a perfect example of genuine fellowship.

But who wants to take advice from someone who is not, himself, submitted to Christ and His Word and does not have enough of the Word to know what he is really talking about?

Seems that everyone today wants to hold a position of authority, counsel others, or promote their own opinions and advice, but very few are actually qualified by God's standards to do so--which by the way, does not automatically come wrapped in a diploma from some college or seminary.

Today genuine Christians can suffer a lot of persecution for not getting with the church program, before their spiritual desperation drives them into the Word and they finally find their way out the door of their local "Word-less" church.

Eternal Ramifications of "Foot-Spa"

Are we taking this matter seriously enough?  Jesus tells us that foot-washing is not optional:

"Jesus answered him, 
If I wash thee not,
thou hast no part with me."
John 13:8

Those who view foot-washing as a necessary physical ritual and mandatory performance of their doctrinal obligations, will robotically carry out this command as just another type of works that they presume will guarantee their ticket to Heaven or favor with God.  But when this command of Jesus is correctly understood to be an illustration of spiritual cleansing, it will be regarded as evidence of having a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ through "washing of the water by the Word."

On the other hand, the door of Heaven is closed to those who do not see the value of the Word of God but are, instead, dedicated to their own religious works and only presumptuously professing to know Him.

"Keep back thy servant also 
from presumptuous sins;
let them not have dominion over me:
then shall I be upright,
and I shall be innocent from 
the great transgression." 
Let the words of my mouth, 
and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable in thy sight,
O LORD, my strength, 
and my redeemer."
-Psalm 19:13-14

What is this "great transgression," that has the power to take control over a person?  Isn't it the common sin of "presumption"--presuming that one has a relationship with Christ, when in reality the person's words and thoughts are not really acceptable to God?  How can our words and thoughts be deemed acceptable to God?  Is it not by measuring them up to the Words and thoughts of our Creator?  This is where we really find assurance of salvation.  Doubts vanish when we are thinking and living in harmony with the Word of God.

We can wax eloquent with biblical phrases and speak popular "Christian-ese" until the cows come home, but if what we are thinking and saying is not in harmony with the Word of God, we are guilty of misrepresenting Christ and actually propagating another Gospel.

Those who engage in the "work" of measuring words and thoughts up to the Word of God are the same ones who have a genuine relationship with Christ.  Followers of Christ will be known by these works.  Their genuine relationship with Christ is the reason they are engaged in this "work."  The "work" is not the means by which they are saved, but is evidence that they are saved.

Just as Jesus told Nicodemus that while the wind (like the Holy Spirit) could not be seen, the evidence of it could be seen--cleansing by the water of the Word is also the work of the Holy Spirit.  He is the one who motivates us, gives us a spiritual hunger, and leads us into the Truth of the Word of God.

The natural man does not crave the Word of God because this is a supernatural desire that is only given by God to genuine believers.  It is evidence that we belong to Him.  "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."  
(1 Corinthians 2:14)

Gateway to Understanding the Book of Revelation

Because physical signs of the times are becoming obviously visible, many folks, like sci-fi addicts, are now frantically jumping over introductory chapters of the Book of Revelation, looking for something in the symbolism after the third chapter, which they can connect with current events to somehow divine the future.

But they may as well forget about ever being able to get a grip on the Book of Revelation or understanding the details of End Times recorded therein, if they have not approached this Book step by step from Chapter 1, verse 1, because the secret to understanding the Book of Revelation unfolds as we follow the steps.

Another thing we need to remember from the prophecy in the Book of Daniel is that he was told to seal up the book until the end of time.  "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased" (Daniel 12:4).

End Time information will be given to us on a "need to know basis only" at the specific time God has ordained.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that we should not pursue as much information as possible at the moment.  There definitely is something we need to be doing in the meantime so we are ready to receive End Time information when God makes it available.  In fact, most professing Christians, because of their presumption, are behind schedule with their spiritual preparations.  They presume that church leaders and "scholars," for the most part, have already correctly identified the players in the Book of Revelation.  So because they are used to going to them for the answers to their questions, they think that all they need to do is give the "scholars" a quick read and they are good to go.

Anyway, who has the time to invest in checking out history, geography, the Old Testament or what Jesus really had to say about End Times?  If everyone we admire as a "spiritual expert" thinks that a European or modern western perspective is the way to go, who are we to doubt that and personally study an historical, mid-eastern perspective or the possibility of a combination of perspectives? 

Without understanding the totality of the Word of God, accurate history, and knowledge of current events, the pre-tribulation return of Christ and the devastating consequences of their scriptural inattentiveness will take many professing christians by surprise, no matter how much belief they put into their presumed eternal security.

Yes, many presumptuous "professors" are seriously behind schedule in building a spiritual foundation for an accurate End Time revelation.  This is exactly what the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation are trying to tell us--if we have "ears to hear what the Spirit is saying."

Jesus tells us this over and over and over again throughout the Book of Revelation, yet very few are checking to see if they really have ears to hear.  For one reason or another they believe they have found some evidence that proves that they have the "Holy Spirit," so they presume that they must have eternal security as well.  But they are really putting the cart before the horse.

They are convinced of it because someone told them once upon a time how they would see evidence of the Spirit manifested in a certain way--through some type of special "experience," so now they think that they are okay and that the "Holy Spirit" will just whisper something in their ear and because it sounds good to them at the moment, they will know which way to go.  Oh, really?  Are you sure?  Would you like to bet your eternal life on it?

It's interesting that these are the same folks who are unable to personally expound Scripture.  Everything they learn comes from the pulpit, CDs, books, and seminars.  This is what they feed on instead of the Word of God.

Since it is the Holy Spirit that interprets the Word of God and teaches us everything we need to know through the Word of God, how can we really possess the Spirit of God, if we are unable to understand what He has said in His written Word?--and how do we know if what we are hearing is really the truth?

We can know because we have God's standard for truth and a way to hear the Voice of God.  It is called, "the Holy Bible"--"the Word of God."  The real Holy Spirit resides in the Word and interprets the Word for us.  

Jesus said, 
"the words 
that I speak unto you, 
they are spirit,
and they are life." 
-John 6:63

Reading or hearing a little Scripture now and then isn't going to give us the foundation we need to discern the powerful End Time deception that is coming and, in fact, is already here.

"Nevertheless I have 
somewhat against thee,
because thou hast left 
thy first love.
Remember therefore 
from whence thou art fallen,
and repent
and do the first works;
or else 
I will come unto thee quickly, 
and will remove thy candlestick 
out of his place, 
except thou repent."
-Revelation 2:4-5  

If we don't remember what we have forgotten and accurately identify what we have really lost, we will remain lost--not because we don't have the eternal security Jesus promised, but because we were somehow pulled into that nefarious End Time movement away from the Truth of God, which proved that we really didn't know Him in the first place.

You will find this last warning in the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation because it is the door or the gateway to understanding the rest of the Book of Revelation. . .And if we don't also understand enough of the preceding 65 Books of the Bible, how do we think we are ever going to understand the 66th Book?

In Chapter 1 of the Book of Revelation, we are first told that this Book has been dictated to John by Jesus Christ, Himself, so readers will be able to understand End Times.  Jesus has chosen John because John values the written Word and testimony of Jesus Christ, the Living Word, enough to have willingly given up his freedom for the cause of Christ.  This is, in fact, the very reason John is being persecuted and why we find him writing this last Book of the Bible, exiled on the Island of Patmos.

Then Jesus says a very interesting thing:

"Blessed is he that readeth, 
and they 
that hear the words
of this prophecy,
and keep those things
which are written therein:
for the time is at hand."
Revelation 1:3

I ask you, "Is being blessed an option?  Is this a suggestion?"

"Hummm. . .I think I want to be blessed today.  No, I don't feel like reading or hearing right now.  I think I will wait and be blessed tomorrow."

Maybe it would help us make up our mind if we understood what can happen if we are not blessed.  There is a purpose in everything God tells us to do.  

In this case, by reading and hearing the words, we will be enabled to do the things that are written because the time to do these things is NOW.

So if we do not read and do not hear, we will not be enabled to do the things which are written and we will run out of time to do them.

Who else ran out of time when it was getting close to the end and the Groom was about to come for the Bride?  Was it not the five foolish virgins?

As we read this account of the ten virgins in Matthew 25, we discover exactly what it means to be "un-blessed."  Five of the virgins failed to do what was necessary to enter in and time ran out before they could go back and prepare for what was scheduled to happen next.  So they were left behind.

Do we have the right to presume upon His mercy when we do not listen to His Word?  

Because God is so merciful, most people do not realize that a point in time will actually come when it will definitely be too late.

"And he saith unto me, 
Seal not the sayings 
of the prophecy of this book:
for the time is at hand.
He that is unjust
let him be unjust still:
and he which is filthy
let him be filthy still:
and he that is righteous
let him be righteous still:
and he that is holy
let him be holy still.
And, behold, I come quickly
and my reward is with me,
to give every man according 
as his work shall be."
-Revelation 22:10-12

Importance of the Words

The most important thing to consider is the vehicle by which we are to be blessed--the Words.  This is what we must focus on--reading and hearing the Words.  The Words are the key to the blessing.  This is the "key of David."  King David understood the value of the Word of God.  He knew that this is how we are going to know what to do to receive the blessing.

When the end comes, it is going to be vital that we have this blessing.  

Furthermore, it is the washing of the water by these Words that will help us prepare to endure when most of humanity will come under the chaos and great deception spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2.  The Words that reside in our heart and mind will be used by the Holy Spirit at that time to lead us and enable us to do what needs to be done.

If you see what is going on in the world and you still are not really craving the Word of God, then I urge you to doubt  your salvation.  Yes, contrary to what the preachers preach, I urge you to doubt your salvation.

To be sure that your eternal relationship with Christ is secure, scroll up to the top of this page, and click on the gift wrapped in gold on the left side.  Then: 

1.  When you begin to crave the Word of God, start studying the Gospel of John by writing it down verse by verse and passage by passage in a notebook or as a Word document at your computer, asking God to give you something from it. 

2.  When you understand a verse, write down, under the verse, what you have learned.

3.  Then go to Genesis and begin reading that Book.  Continue reading a little through the Old Testament every day, while also taking another portion of the Gospel of John everyday, to study more thoroughly. 

4.  If you discover that something you are reading, outside of the Gospel of John, makes you wonder if you correctly understood what you learned at first, go back to John and highlight it in yellow and write next to it why you now doubt your previous conclusion and pray that God will help you balance that Scripture so you can have peace about what it means. 

5.  Do not take the interpretation of others as absolute fact, regardless how many degrees they may have.  It is fine to consider what they write and say, but always wait for God to verify what they write and say by what you actually see in God's Word.

The Vital Introductory Message of the Book of Revelation

In the beginning of this Book, Jesus verifies who He really is, telling John that He has come to give John a message for the seven churches.  The number "seven" is the number of completion, or represents all churches that have ever existed--not just seven literal churches during the time the Book of Revelation was being written.  How do we know this?

Regardless how many literal churches or fellowships of genuine believers there are in the world, they really all belong to only one Church--the one Church of Jesus Christ, called "the Bride" or "the Body" of Christ, that is composed of genuine believers who have submitted to the preeminence of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Jesus then identifies each church (religious group that calls itself by the name of Christ/"christian") as He outlines the characteristics of these churches, so we can examine their strengths and weaknesses, and accurately compare them with churches today.  Some of these churches are going to endure to the end and others are not--but will fall under the weight of their own corruption as a result of being infiltrated by false doctrines, proving that they did not really know Christ in the first place.

God warns us in the Old Testament also that some have the tendency to presume they are God's people when they do not really know Him at all:

In Amos 9:12, God speaks of "the heathen, which are called by my name."

This is the reason we must each seriously judge ourselves by the Word of God to be sure we understand what conversion to Christ really involves.

Because of this, Jesus again pleads with us, saying:

"Behold, I stand at the door, 
and knock:
if any man hear my voice, 
and open the door,
I will come in to him, 
and will sup [eat] with him,
and he with me."
Revelation 3:20

Jesus is standing at the door of our heart and at the gateway to understanding the Book of Revelation and End Times.  Not only is Jesus standing at the door, He is knocking.  He wants us to let Him in so He can tell us something important.  He wants us to hear His Voice that resides in this Word He has dictated to John.

If we hear His Voice and let Him in, He will not only come to us but will dwell with us in the power of the Holy Spirit who is committed to leading us into all Truth and thereby protect us from the great End Time deception.  This is a time to "sup" with Him--share a meal--feed on the Word of God with Him and is a picture of genuine fellowship with Jesus Christ.  As He delivers this Word to us through the pen of John, He is giving of Himself and supplying the spiritual nutrition we need to be spiritually nourished and healed so we are able to endure to the end and be saved.

Do you crave to be fed with this blessing from His Word?

Are you being purified daily and made ready for the return of Christ?

"Blessed is he that readeth, 
and they 
that hear the words 
of this prophecy,
and keep those things 
which are written therein:
for the time is at hand."
Revelation 1:3

Hurry. . .There isn't much time left.
Confirm your relationship 
with Jesus Christ now
so you know that 
you are eternally saved.
When you start to crave His Word, 
go to your Bible.
With the precious Word of God,
wash your feet 
and your brother's feet 
today, and tomorrow, 
and the next day,
and every day after that until. . .
. . .you see Him coming 
in the clouds
to take us to the place 
He has prepared for us
in His Father's house.

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