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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Healing the Blind. . .Eyes to See

"And as Jesus passed by, 
he saw a man which was blind 
from his birth.

And his disciples asked him, saying, 
Master, who did sin, this man, 
or his parents, 
that he was born blind?

Jesus answered, 
Neither hath this man sinned, 
nor his parents: 
but that the works of God 
should be made manifest in him. 
--John 9:1-3

Jesus comes upon a blind man...a man that has been blind from birth.

The disciples with Him are curious, assuming that the man must be cursed with blindness as a result of some sin he or his parents have committed, so they ask Jesus who is to blame for this affliction.

Jesus verifies that the man's blind condition is not a curse resulting from sin, but has occurred
 for the purpose of revealing how God works to bring forth His message of salvation and healing to those who live in spiritual darkness.

Into the Future. . .

"I must work the works of him that sent me,
while it is day: 
the night cometh, 
when no man can work."
--John 9:4

Could this be a clue that this healing also carries a prophetic message?

Jesus is telling His disciples...and us...that just as His time to do the works of the Father is limited, so a time will come in the end times...when spiritual darkness will, once again, become so great upon the earth...that it will, once again, be impossible for His servants, at that time, to do any works of the Father either.

"As long as I am in the world,
I am the light of the world."
--John 9:5

As long as Jesus/Holy Spirit is in the world, the Light/Truth of Christ will be in the world.

As long as genuine believers...the Bride of Christ...indwelt by the Spirit of Christ, is in the world; the restraining Light of Truth will also be in the world.

The night/spiritual darkness will come, just before the Bride is removed, 
validated by the Parable of the 10 Virgins...when the 5 foolish virgins discover that they do not have enough oil to find their way through the end time darkness to meet the Groom /Jesus, at His appearing. 

(Scroll down to read more details at "The Parable of the Ten Virgins" post).

Jesus' Method of Healing:

Just as seeing with our physical eyes depends on the light being properly utilized by the physical eye...seeing spiritual Truth also depends on the Light being properly utilized by our spiritual we can see/recognize that Jesus is the Light...the Spirit of God...that has come into the world to give us eternal life with Him in the new home He is preparing, in His Father's House, for those who receive His gift of salvation, are spiritually healed, and follow Him.

"When he had thus spoken, 
he spat on the ground
and made clay of the spittle
and he anointed the eyes 
of the blind man with the clay,"
--John 9:6

Jesus provides a picture,
 using His physical works, to demonstrate God's method of healing spiritual blindness.

...He sends forth His own cellular structure/DNA? /Spirit from His mouth...the place, from which His Word was also sent forth, in the beginning, to create everything that exists.

...Today cells from the saliva gland are being cultivated, surgically grafted to eyes, successfully restoring physical sight to the blind.

...Like the seed of the Word, Jesus sends this precious thing/Word /spiritual DNA?/Spirit into the ("good") ground/receptive heart to, incorporate Himself into the ground/via Holy Spirit/creating clay...changing the ground/heart into something He can mold according to His own intention.

...To accomplish this spiritual miracle, Jesus must first anoint/apply the clay/the substance that is intended to change the blind applying it to the eyes.

Next step to complete healing: 
"Washing by the Water of the Word"

"And [Jesus] said unto him, 
Go, wash in the pool of Siloam, 
(which is by interpretation, Sent.) 
He went his way therefore, 
and washed
and came seeing."
--John 9:7

...Then Jesus instructs/commands the blind man to go wash/with water /Word of the pool of Siloam.

...So the man washes his eyes with the water of the Word, providing a picture of the power of the Word of God to cleanse and complete the healing process of the one being healed.

Eye = place created to receive the Light...designed to transfer Truth/Light/Spirit of Jesus into the brain/mind...and from there into the heart.

The blind man is healed by combining the essence of who Jesus really is, with the good ground, He has already prepared/created, forming it into a new pliable substance/clay that can be applied to the eye to heal like medicine/modern surgery.

...Now the spiritually blind one can see the Light and Truth about good and evil.

The Final Step:  
The man is now able to focus on his own need of the Savior.

***The darkness is fast approaching...It is time to embrace the Truth and Light...Jesus is the Truth, the Way, the Life...and the Light.

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