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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Rapture...Storms...14th Day


In the previous post (Ps.119-7th Section) at this blog ... King David brought our attention to verse 53 when he wrote:

hath taken hold 
upon me 
because of the wicked 
that forsake thy law."

...And the comment was made:

"While the wicked do not believe in the "cause and effect" character of God ... and are therefore unable to see the consequences of their rebellious behavior coming their way ... the righteous ... are horrified [in this case and context in Hebrew--a word that can also mean "greatly saddened"--not indicating that their faith has, in any way, diminished] ... because they know judgment is coming.  The wrath of God will definitely be poured out upon all who have minimized ... rejected ... and forsaken the Word and Law of God."

The insight gleaned from verse 53 of David's Psalm ... very nicely carries us into the next logical consideration of "Rapture..Storms..14th Day"... as it relates to the dichotomy of the "eating ... drinking ... and ... partying" of the spiritually blind ... while those with eyes to see ... are horrified by what they see ... coming upon the land.

The Scriptures provide many Rapture pictures ... but two ... reminding us most of Noah's escape ... upon the waters ... from the wrath of God ... one found in Matthew's account ... already addressed in the post: "End Times...How to Walk on Water"... from Matthew 14 (see link below) ... as well as Luke's account of the Apostle Paul's journey ... being presented here from Acts 27.


In Acts, Chapter 20 ... the Holy Spirit reveals to Paul that captivity would always be a concern and constant part of his life.

In Chapters 21 and 22 ... Paul receives two more warnings ... one from the Prophet, Agabus ... and another from the Holy Spirit warning him to leave Jerusalem immediately.

By Chapters 25 and 26 ... Paul is in bonds fulfilling prophecy ... pleading his case before King Agrippa and being granted his request to go before Augustus, Emperor of Rome.

In Chapter 27 ... This verbal picture ... reads like a parable ... detailing escape by the hand of God under perilous circumstances ... Here is where Paul enters his symbolic "Rapture experience" ... as he embarks a ship of Adramyttium.

       = #G98 = seaport of Mysia
                    = "I shall abide in death"

The name ... "Adramyttium" ... now synching with the warning first given by the Holy Spirit in Chapter 20.

...Acts 27
...a Picture of
...the Rapture

"And when it was determined 
that we should sail into Italy, 
they delivered Paul 
and certain other prisoners 
unto one named Julius, 
a centurion 
of Augustus' band."

A time came ... in the Providence of God ... when Paul entered a Ship sailing to Italy ... and He was entrusted to a soldier, named Julius, commissioned under Emperor Augustus.

"And entering into 
a ship of Adramyttium
we launched, 
meaning to sail 
by the coasts of Asia; 
one Aristarchus, 
a Macedonian of Thessalonica, 
being with us.

And the next day 
we touched at Sidon. 
And Julius courteously 
entreated Paul, 
and gave him liberty 
to go unto his friends 
to refresh himself."

Also in the Providence of God .... the centurion ... "Julius"... meaning "fair haired"... possibly referring to him as "not harsh in character"... treated Paul in a respectful manner ... allowing Paul the freedom to be with ... and encouraged by ... the company of his friends at Sidon.  

...Contrary Winds
...Bringing Change

"And when we had launched 
from thence, 
we sailed under Cyprus, 
because the winds 
were contrary."

       = #G417 = air
       = #G109 = atmosphere
       = #G110 = immortality
                          ... spiritual climate
                          ... moving ... changing 
                          ... blowing around 
                          ... dislocating 
                          ... relocating 

       = #G1727 = opposite

Before "escape" and "rescue"... some significant changes take place.  The "atmosphere" ... spiritual climate (of immortality) becomes ... opposite ... moving things around ... changing the norm ... converting ... dislocating ... relocating.

These changes are only witnessed by those in the boat residing upon the waters.

And this is only the beginning. . .

"And when we had sailed 
over the sea 
of Cilicia and Pamphylia, 
we came to Myra
a city of Lycia."

       = #G3460 = Myrrh ... Jesus on cross 
                            ... anoint burial
       = #G3458 = millstone ... (judgment?)
       = #G3433 = hardship ... difficulty
       = #G3434 = Moloch 
       = #G3455 = mock
       = #G3461 = multitude

       = #G3073 = wolfish ... wolf
       = #G3074 = cruel ... greedy
       = #G3072 = speech ... tongue
       = #G3070 = Lydia ... travail

Paul's ship finally came to a place ... in his journey ... called Myra ... a city of Lycia ... a city named for cruelty ... greed ... deception ... and travail ... in a place reminding us of our journey with Jesus ... also confronting us with the reality of judgment ... hardship ... and false belief systems ... followed by multitudes that mock the true God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"And there the centurion found 
a ship of Alexandria 
sailing into Italy; 
and he put us therein."
       = #G222 = of Egypt = of the world 
                       = of man's rebellion ... sin

Paul has no control over the circumstances surrounding his journey ... The centurion makes connections for the next portion of the trip ... taking them into Italy via a ship from "Alexandria"... a ship out of Egypt ... a ship representing the fallen world ... man's rebellion ... and sin taking them to Rome, Italy.

Nevertheless ... it is God who is really in control ... positioning Paul to experience the principles of salvation and escape upon the waters ... like the "Water of the Word" of God.

"And when we had 
sailed slowly 
many days, 
and scarce were come 
over against Cnidus, 
the wind not suffering us, 
[wind not allowing]
we sailed under Crete, 
over against Salmone;

Man's intention was to take the ship to Rome ... but the wind is changing everything ... and now the ship is being re-routed by a wind from God.

"And, hardly passing it
came unto a place 
which is called 
The fair havens
nigh whereunto 
was the city of Lasea."

       "hardly passing it"
       = #G3433 = with difficulty
       = #G3881 = almost sailing by

       "fair havens"
       = #G2570 = beautiful place
       = #G2568 = good place to rest

       "city of Lasea"
       = #G2996 = shaggy ... like hair 
                            ... long tangled
       = #G2995 = instrument 
                            ... technique of speech
                            ... (not Word of God)
       = #G2994 = Laodicean 
                            (see Rev. 3:14-22)
       = #G2993 = "justice of the people"
                             ... judgment
                         = destroyed by EQ..66AD
                            (...because ignored 66 
                         = lukewarm ... blind 
                            ... worldly
       = #G2997 = cracking open 
                         = burst asunder
                            ... crash (Ref. EQ?)

They almost missed it ... but were brought to a beautiful place ... a good place to rest ... called "Fair Havens"... BUT ... this place was located too close to Lasea... a place destined for judgment because of the tangled mess their sin had created.

"Now when 
much time was spent,   
and when sailing 
was now dangerous
because the fast 
was now already past
Paul admonished them,"

Maybe they "stayed too long at the Fair"... Havens ... In any case ... it was now going to be difficult ... even dangerous ... to get back on course ... because it was after the "fast"... which means that it was after sunset ... getting too dark for sailing ... So Paul had to warn them.

...Paul Compelled Warn...

"And said unto them, 
Sirs, I perceive 
that this voyage 
will be with hurt 
and much damagenot only 
of the lading and ship, 
but also of our lives."

Paul "perceives"... "he now has eyes to see" the danger ahead ... and realizes that they are risking their vehicle of transportation designed to take them across the water ... their ship ... their "ark" (if you will) ... and ... at the same time ... risking their very lives ... by continuing to go forward in the dark ... when they are unable to see where they are going.

the centurion 
believed the master 
and the owner of the ship
[Alexandrian...worldly advisors]
more than those things 
which were spoken by Paul."

Now the one in charge of Paul's life ... listens to the Alexandrians ... and disregards Paul's warning. 

"And because the haven 
was not commodious 
to winter in, 
the more part 
advised to depart thence also, 
if by any means they might 
attain to Phenice, 
and there to winter
which is an haven of Crete, 
and lieth toward 
the south west and north west."

The owners and most on board ... were also anxious to leave the area because winter was approaching and they desired to get to a warmer climate where accommodations were more pleasant.

"And when the south wind 
blew softly, 
supposing that they 
had obtained their purpose, 
loosing thence, 
they sailed close by Crete."

God intervenes to keep them on His schedule ... providing a warm wind to lure them back into the waters.


"But not long after 
there arose against it 
a tempestuous wind
called Euroclydon."

       = #G5189 = whirlwind ... hurricane
                             ... violent wind 

Things go from bad to worse ... Now they are going to learn a lesson about the importance of listening to Paul's advice.

"And when 
the ship was caught, 
and could not bear up 
into the wind, 
we let her drive."

The situation was now beyond their control ... all they could do ... is let the Ship take them wherever it wanted to go.

"And running under 
a certain island 
which is called Clauda, 
we had much work 
to come by the boat:"

Because they did not heed Paul's warning ... much work had to be done to repair the damage.

"Which when they had taken up, 
they used helps, 
undergirding the ship; 
and, fearing 
lest they should fall 
into the quicksands, 
strake sail, and so were driven."

Their journey has developed into a very intense situation ... They are on continuous alert ... fearfull of pitfalls ... and quicksand ... yet ... forced to go 

...Time to Purge

"And we being 
exceedingly tossed 
with a tempest
the next day 
they lightened the ship;"

Being greatly assulted by this mega-storm ... it became necessary to lightened the load by tossing out everything that was not absolutely necessary.

"And the third day 
we cast out 
with our own hands 
the tackling of the ship." 

Even after tossing out everything that was not mandatory ... they had to make an even more difficult decision ... and cast out the tackling ... the mechanics ... which were absolutely required in order to travel any further ... now letting go of every ... humanly possible ... way to control the journey.

"And when neither sun nor stars 
in many days appeared, 
and no small tempest lay on us, 
all hope that we should be saved 
was then taken away."

Even the celestial signs seem to come to an end ... while the environment becomes increasingly darker and more dangerous ... they were losing hope fast ... and beginning to give up.

...Angel of God
...Speaks to Paul

"But after long abstinence 
Paul stood forth 
in the midst of them, 
and said, 
Sirs, ye should have 
hearkened unto me
and not have loosed from Crete, 
and to have gained 
this harm and loss.

BUT ... after fasting and a lengthy separation ... Paul comes forward with another Word ... telling them that they should have listened to him ... and not launched out into danger.

"And now I exhort you 
to be of good cheer: 
for there shall be no 
loss of [any man's] life 
among you, 
but of the ship [only]." 

Nevertheless ... Paul tells them to be of good cheer ... no one's life will be lost ... only the Ship will be damaged ... only the Vehicle of their salvation ... only Jesus??... (see further verses)

"For there stood by me 
this night 
the angel of God, 
whose I am, 
and whom I serve,

Saying, Fear not, Paul; 
thou must be brought 
before Caesar: 
and, lo, 
God hath given thee 
all them that sail with thee.

Wherefore, sirs, 
be of good cheer: 
for I believe God, 
that it shall be 
even as it was told me.

we must be 
cast upon 
a certain island."

Paul tells all on board ... that he is a servant of God ... that an angel messenger has brought the Word of God to him.

The Angel's message:

1.. All sailing with Paul will be saved ... rescued.

2..Take heart and rejoice.

3..They will be "cast" upon a certain island.

The specific ... Word ... Paul was given was: 

       = #G1601 = fall out ... (caught up)
                         = sent forth
                             (but not by their own 
       = #G1602 = depart ... sail from
       = #G1604 = complete fulfill

This rescue ... deliverance from the storm ... will be completed ... fulfilled when they will be "cast" upon a certain "island."

"But when 
the fourteenth night 
was come, 
as we were driven 
up and down in Adria
about midnight 
the shipmen deemed 
that they drew near 
to some country; 

Let's consider the significance of the "14th" as it's specifically placed and mentioned in the Word of God:

1..The number 14 
     ... is (2×7
     ... 7 = complete = "earthly end"
     ... just before #8 = infinity = forever 
                                    = eternity.

2..The 27th Chapter 
     ... of Acts also represents (2x7).

3..It was verse 14 
    ... that served as an introduction to 
        the final mega-storm 
    ... those on board would be facing 
    ... when a tempestuous windcalled
        "Euroclydoncame on the scene.

4..Now in verse 27 
     ... we are brought back to #14 again
         through its connection to the 
         timeframe in which they are 
         currently residing.
     ... However ... #14 is actually #13 
         on God's calendar at this point, 
         because the day always begins 
         at sunset on the previous day.

So it was on the 13th/14th night ... before sunrise ... of the 14th day ... that the ship was driven up and down in Adria.

       = #G99-101 = withered 
                                ... but strong 
                                    in weakness 
                            = enduring 
                                ... an impossible 

BUT ... at about midnight ... sailors ... those onboard ... "deemed"... "sensed" ... "were divinely inspired" ... that they were drawing close to some country ... a "country" they were "looking for" ... watching ... waiting for.

"And sounded
and found it twenty fathoms: 
and when they had gone 
a little further, 
they sounded again, 
and found it fifteen fathoms.

Then fearing 
lest we should have 
fallen upon rocks, 
they cast four anchors 
out of the stern, 
and wished for the day."

It was dark ... they were having a difficult time seeing where they were going ... afraid that they could be going toward danger ... so they cast out four anchors into the water (4 Gospels in the Water of the Word) ... to stabilize them ... to keep them from drifting into dangerous waters full of dangerous rocks ... not thee Rock.

Then they waited and longed for "thee day"... that special day when they could see the Light of a new day.

...Doing it Their Way

"And as the shipmen 
were about to flee 
out of the ship, 
when they had 
let down the boat 
into the sea, 
under colour 
as though they would have 
cast anchors 
out of the foreship,"

At a certain point ... some of them wanted to jump ship ... leave the protection the Ship ... (Vehicle of their salvation) ... was providing ... trying to get into another  type of "life boat"... pretending to be casting anchors ... but instead ... trying to get where they wanted to go ... by doing that another way ... following their own inclinations ... instead of the Word of God that had already been given to them. 

   . . .Paul Warns. . .
"Stay with the Ship"

"Paul said to the centurion 
and to the soldiers, 
these abide in the ship
ye cannot be saved.

Then the soldiers 
cut off the ropes 
of the boat, 
and let her fall off."

Paul warns them that unless they stay with the Ship God has provided ... they cannot be saved ... escape destruction ... be rescued.  

So to assure their safety ... God removes their own means of escape.

...Deliverence Tarries
...Spiritual Nourishment

"And while the day 
was coming on, 
Paul besought them all 
to take meat, saying, 
This day is the fourteenth day 
that ye have tarried 
and continued fasting, 
having taken nothing.

Wherefore I pray you 
to take some meat
for this is for your health
for there shall not 
an hair fall from the head 
of any of you."

While it is still the 14th day ... a day spent in final "tarrying"... waiting for deliverance ... Paul encourages them to eat for their health.

When the day of deliverance draws close ... is at the door ... this is when it becomes vital ... to spiritual health and wellness ... to go deeper into the "meat" of the Word of God in order to find peace and understanding.

The Apostle Paul is verifying that this is what will keep them strong ... and confirms ... that they will ... then ... definitely ... safely ... arrive at their desired haven.

"And when he had thus spoken, 
he took bread
and gave thanks to God 
in presence of them all: 
and when he had broken it
he began to eat.

Then were they all 
of good cheer
and they also took some meat."

Paul took bread ... broke it and ate ... just like Jesus did ... to encourage the disciples before He departed.

Here we have a beautiful picture of the last supper ... new covenant ... and salvation from death and destruction.

What else is really happening here?

1..Who were these people in the boat? 

      ... They were the ones giving  
          thanks for the "Bread" ... the 
          spiritual food which God 
          provides for those who are 
          grateful for all He has given 
          through the "Bread."

2..Why was the "Bread" broken?

     ... The "Bread" was broken as a 
         reminder (also found in 1 Cor. 
         11:24) referring to the body 
         of Jesus being broken for us.

     ... And AGAIN on the 14th day ... 
        reminding that the "Ship" of our 
        salvation will be broken again in 
        this account ... when we get to  
        verse 44.

So as soon as they all ate the Bread ... they were encouraged and rejoiced. 

Why? ... because they were finally nourished by the Bread ... understood ... and believed that they were actually about to be delivered out of the perilous sea (of humanity).

"And we were in all 
in the ship 
two hundred 
threescore and sixteen souls.

And when they had eaten enough
they lightened the ship, 
and cast out 
the wheat into the sea."

276 people on board = 15 = 3×5 = 3× 
... three times ... the mercy of God ... on those who stay with the Ship...those who eat the Bread and Meat of the Word.

The "wheat" being cast out of the Ship into the "sea of humanity" will be found later in the Water of the Word ... waiting for Jesus ... to rescue them also ... at another time.

 ...When it Was Day. . .

"And when it was day
they knew not the land: 
[knew nothing of this land]
but they discovered 
a certain creek 
with a shore, 
into the which 
they were minded, 
if it were possible, 
to thrust in the ship.

And when they 
had taken up 
the anchors, 
they committed themselves 
unto the sea,
[unto the Water of Word] 
and loosed the rudder bands, 
and hoised up the mainsail 
to the wind
[Holy Spirit over the Water]
and made toward shore.
[desired Haven]

...The Ship is Broken...

And falling into a place 
where two seas met, 
they ran the ship aground; 
and the forepart stuck fast, 
and remained unmoveable, 
but the hinder part 
was broken 
with the violence of the waves."

Finally it was thee day ... They finally see land ... a land they had previously only "deemed" ... "spiritually sensed"... "knew in their hearts" ... existed ...but now actually can be seen from the Ship ... and soon discover that there is a creek ... more Water ... which can move the Ship ... and can thrust them ... with the help of the Wind (Spirit of God) ... right toward the blessed shore ... their desired Haven.

When the Ship runs aground ... goes as far as it can go ... we see that the "forward part" ... (the Word that went before) ... stays firmly settled ... "immovable"... while the latter part (the Ship's body) has to be "broken" by the "violence of the waves" (by the sea of humanity).

...Hopeless Situation?...

At first it appears ... their journey is going to end in death:

"And the soldiers' counsel 
was to kill the prisoners, 
lest any of them should swim 
out, and escape.

"But the centurion
willing to save Paul, 
kept them from their purpose; 
and commanded 
that they which could swim 
should cast themselves 
first into the sea
and get to land:"

The military wanted to destroy the prisoners (bound on/to the Ship) ... but the one in charge of Paul ... provides an alternative to save them ... by dividing them into two groups.

The first group was comprised of those who could "swim"... ones who knew how to maneuver ... function ... in the Water

"And the rest
some on boards, 
and some on 
broken pieces of the ship. 
And so it came to pass, 
that they escaped 
all safe 
to land."

The second group was able to escape as well ... by clinging to the broken pieces of the Ship.

Jesus is our Ark...our Ship...He was broken for we could escape safely to our Heavenly land ... to our Father's House.

"And when he had given thanks, 
he brake it, 
and said, 
Take, eat
this is my body
which is broken for you: 
this do in remembrance of me."
-1 Cor.11:24

Rapture ... those with eyes to see 
                 ... can see ... it coming. 

Storm ... those with eyes to see 
             ... can see ... it coming.

14th Day ... to be determined 
                  ... by those who have eyes to
                  ... and will know it 
                  ... when they see 
                  ... it coming 
                  ... "at an hour when we think

"Therefore be ye also ready: 
for in such an hour 
as ye think not 
the Son of man cometh."

Another Rapture Storm Picture . . .

"End Times..How to Walk on Water"

* * * * * * *

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