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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ps.119..ALEPH..Blessed by Harmonizing Hearts

~~ Section 1 ~~




Because "ALEPH," in the Hebrew, means "Ox"..."Yoke"... giving us a picture of being led...walking in harmony with...submitted to..."Lord"..."Master"... "Truth"... it is only fitting, according to our Father's ultimate list of priorities, to title this first Section of Psalm 119: "ALEPH."

The first step of salvation is, in fact, "ALEPH" awakening to the reality of the existence of the eternal God and our subsequent need to acknowledge Him as Creator, Lord, and Master ...coming to grips with our own mortality and becoming willing to submit to His Preeminent Authority. 

Walking in Harmony
God's Word and His Heart

are the undefiled 
in the way
who walk 
in the law 
of the LORD.

The paramount questions in this verse are:

(1).."What does it really mean to be 'blessed'?"  
(2).."Do we really want to be "blessed?"

= #H835 = true happiness
= #H833 = to be advanced/benefited by/improved

Sadly...humans tend to look in all the wrong places for happiness...but forget that the One who created us...knows best...what really is best for they do not see the ultimately painful cost of going their own way...a way that is not pure...a "defiled" they "walk"/live contrary to God's law...contrary to His rules for a successful and happy life.

Unfortunately most people prefer to be spontaneous and careless about their eternal destiny...making self the "god" of their life...instead of embracing the pro-active spiritual preparations found in the Wisdom of God's rules of life found in His Holy Word.

This will eventually rob them of every good thing in this well as their eternal life.

= complete/whole/wholesome
= healthy
=pure/with integrity 

= #H2930
= unclean/foul
= profane/polluted
= sinful

***A warning to those who bicker about how much a person can sin and still claim salvation:
The sins that would keep one out of Heaven...are not the favorite sins in which one would indulge one's self...but it is the underlying sin for which one will be judged...

...The sin that keeps one out of Heaven is the careless, sinful attitude toward sin, evidenced by the time spent, and focus on defending one's "right" to sin and still be saved...which is really the underlying sin...revealing an unchanged heart ...placing such a person in the group God calls, the "presumptuous and selfwilled" ...not inheriting the Kingdom...ignoring the cost of eternal life...minimizing the humiliation and suffering Christ endured to save us from our He was shedding His precious Blood on the cross...thinking of us...suffering because He knew He was the only One who could secure a loving relationship with guarantee everlasting life for us...blessing us with the priceless gift of salvation and the privilege of ruling and reigning with Him.    

"The Lord knoweth how 
to deliver the godly 
out of temptations,
and to reserve the unjust 
unto the day of judgment 
to be punished:
But chiefly them 
that walk after 
[live for]
the flesh 
in the lust of uncleanness
and despise government 
Presumptuous are they, 
they are not afraid 
to speak evil of dignities
-2 Peter 2:9-10

Once we belong to Jesus, we are no longer in longer a slave to sin...The Epistles abound with this assurance we have in Christ...confirming that God has provided everything we need to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil.

"The Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations"...while reserving the unjust for the day of judgment...and He is happy to share that information with us ...if we desire to be godly...and will carefully follow the instructions He has provided in His Word.

However, the unjust will surely be punished on the day of judgment, because they "walk after"/follow the dictates of their own hearts...distancing themselves from the desire of God's Heart...They "despise government"...hate the authority of God and the Word of God

"..Presumptuous are theyselfwilled

[never seeing the seriousness of sin...never fully repentant...still the god of their own life
...not acknowledging verse 9, that verifies God's provision to overcome sin and mature through the power of His Word]

. . .they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities."

["dignities"= #G1391 = God's power and glory / things of God : Word of God.]

Blessed are they 
that keep his testimonies
and that seek him 
with the whole heart.

Being eternally "blessed" is not an option if we desire to have a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. 

. . .Either we desire to be blessed by having a relationship with Him... according to...and submitted to...the Authority of the Word of God or we don't.

. . .The"Do we want to be blessed"...(according to our own will and our own perceived "authority" and according to our own terms...or according to God's Word and will...Authority...and terms)?

. . .Genuine salvation will always depend on the condition of our heart and whether it is actually harmonizing with the heart of God...(which He has taken great care in revealing and preserving in His Word)...Our salvation does not merely depend on what we say...for it is what we actually do...that reveals the true condition of our heart.

. . .Are we really, sincerely, seeking God with our "whole heart?" ♡ . . .This is the vital question we need to be asking at this late hour.

They also 
do no iniquity
they walk 
in his ways.

While no works are required to be saved and it is impossible to save ourselves...there is something God does expect us to do once we are saved...once we sincerely appreciate the value of all He has done for us.

. . .He expects us to "walk in His ways."

. . .Why?. . .Because those who walk in His ways...according to His Word...are the same ones who also "do no iniquity" ...same ones who do not want to sin.

God is not saying that it is possible to reach a place of "sinless perfection"...but that there is a Way to overcome...avoid sin...grow in an "Elder" (if you will)...who among those who fall down, worship, and cast crowns before Him. (Rev.4).

Thou hast commanded us
to keep 
thy precepts 

For those whose hearts beat in harmony with the Father's Heart, commandments of God are neither "nailed to the cross" nor "only for Old Testament Israel," but are respected as a valuable means of guiding us down the narrow road in life...keeping us from the many pitfalls of the world, the flesh, and the devil.  John Bunyan described this amazing journey in detail as he wrote "The Pilgrims Progress."

One thing about a finely tuned harmonious is also a well-balanced heart...and for that to exist...we need Jesus ..."thee" Word of God saying:

"A new commandment 
I give unto you
That ye love 
one another; 
as I have loved you
that ye also love one another
-John 13:34

Then the Beloved Apostle, John, makes sure that we remember what Jesus said about this topic of keeping "commandments," when he reminded us:

"Brethren,  I write 
no new commandment 
unto you, 
but an old commandment 
[Old Testament commandment] 
which ye had 
from the beginning. 
The old commandment 
is the word 
which ye have heard 
from the beginning..."
-1 John 2:7

John is speaking of the higher law of love, that Jesus established in John 13:34...(see above verse)...which embodies the totality of the Word...whether found in Old or New Testament.

...For if we love...we will not steal...we will not murder, we will not commit adultery, etc., etc.

"But continue thou in the things 
which thou hast learned 
and hast been assured of, 
knowing of whom 
thou hast learned them;
And that from a child 
thou hast known 
the holy scriptures
which are able 
to make thee wise unto salvation 
through faith
which is in Christ Jesus.
All scripture
is given by inspiration of God
and is profitable 
for doctrine
for reproof
for correction,
for instruction 
in righteousness:
That the man of God 
may be perfect
throughly furnished 
unto all good works. 
-2 Timothy 3:14-17

"All Scripture"= the totality of the Word of God = both Old and New Testaments, perfectly balanced together, are sufficient to completely prepare believers with:   

     (1)..doctrine/God's laws of life and conduct
     (3)..correction/what not to do
     (4)..instruction in righteousness
            = how to do what is right

. . .for the purpose of being ready to do whatever work God calls us to.

Our Heart's Desire
         ...To Be an "Overcomer"

O that my ways 
were directed 
to keep 
thy statutes!

Once we understand what it means to be blessed with all God is offering us, our heart's desire will be to yield to the Spirit and power of the Word of we might keep...walk in harmony with His Word.

Then shall I not be ashamed
when I have respect 
unto all 
thy commandments.

Fear of being "ashamed" at His appearing should be a deterrent to sin:

= #H954 
= disappointed in one's self
= regret
= embarrassed 
= humiliated

If we "respect" all of His commandments, we will not be ashamed:

= #H5027
= pay attention to/keep looking at/study
= see the value in

Our confidence before God and man comes as a result of our "respect" for every commandment God has so graciously given to us for our ultimate benefit.

I will praise thee 
with uprightness 
of heart
when I shall 
have learned 
thy righteous judgments.

When we have confidence before God and man...and have studied His righteous "judgments":

= #H4941
= God's laws
= How God discerns right from wrong

...then we will be able to praise God confidently ...with all of our heart.

I will keep 
thy statutes
O forsake me 
not utterly.

The psalmist understands the blessings, benefits, and amazing value of God's laws.  Therefore, he longs to be able to keep God's statutes = commandments = Word of God 
...and prays that God will not forsake him, because he understands that the ability to keep God's Word...can only be provided by God.

...In uttering this most heart-felt prayer 
...King David leads us in prayer as well.

***To have assurance***
eternal life
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