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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

End Time...Harmonizing with God's Heart


The Heart:

Really. . .what is the heart?

In the context of the Scripture under consideration in this post:

Heart = #G2588
= physical organ
= seat of spiritual life/thoughts/feelings (emotions)
= innermost part of God and man

The Literal Heart of the Bible:

So one day. . .after receiving several inquiries concerning how to heal emotions, I asked God. . .

Where in the Bible...can information be found concerning how to heal emotions and broken hearts?

Go to the heart of the Bible.

Where is the heart of the Bible?

Turn to the last page of Revelation...Find the page number...and divide that number by 2...then go to that page...
.....This will be the heart of your Bible.

Ohhhh...Duhhhhhh...!!! :)

Just an interesting story?...Not at all...Wait until you read the rest of this story...which ends with "goose-bumps."

So I followed the directions, divided the last page number by 2, turned to the page...and here is what I discovered:

(1)..I found myself in the Book of Psalms.

(2)..The left page was titled, "The Awesome Works of God."

(3)..The right page was titled, "The Triumphant God."

...and...oh, yes...the icing on the cake:

(4)..The number at the top...left page...was the day and last 2 digits of the year of my birthday

Okay...This was now getting very God had my full attention, as He began to show me the many ways His Heart...found in the Heart of the Word of the Book of Psalms...can successfully heal hearts. 

But first I was led to the primary writer of the Book of Psalms for an introduction to this topic...

To have a better understanding of that which is written, it usually helps to get acquainted with the personal life of the writer...and in this case...God has a lot to say about the man He selected to carry out His will in this matter of revealing the Heart of God and the heart of man:

A Man After God's Own Heart

"And after that he gave unto them judges 
about the space of 
four hundred and fifty years, 
until Samuel the prophet.
And afterward they desired a king: 
and God gave unto them Saul 
the son of Cis, 
a man of the tribe of Benjamin, 
by the space of forty years.
And when he had removed him, 
he [God] raised up unto them 
David to be their king; 

to whom also he [God] 
gave testimony, and said, 
I have found David the son of Jesse, 
a man after mine own heart 
which shall fulfil all my will."
-Acts 13:20-22

Harmonizing With God's Heart:

The most important things to remember about the passage above:

(1) After King Saul, God called David to become king. 

(2) God had been watching David and found him to have a special love for and attentiveness to the Word of God.

(3) David's heart "harmonized" with the Heart of God.
. . . "a man after mine own heart"
. . . .after = #G2596 according to/(in harmony)
                   = #G2250 = daily with /constantly
                   = constantly in harmony/in accord with

(4) Because David's heart was harmonizing with God's Heart...God could depend on David to carry out His will as King of Israel.

Here is another excellent example of God's expectations of those holding positions of authority and reminder that it is not the position in which one happens to reside that makes one worthy of the position...but, in the eyes of God, it is the character of a person and quality of the relationship with God, that makes one worthy of a position of authority...for God expects all authority to submit to His Authority/the "Highest Power"...(Rom.13)

The Disciple Jesus Loved:  

"Now there was 
leaning on Jesus' bosom 
one of his disciples, 
whom Jesus loved."
-John 13:23

The Apostle John provides another example of one who consistently harmonized with the heart of Jesus...on one occasion, physically demonstrating His affection for every Word that came from the heart of God, by leaning on Jesus' heart at supper, after Jesus had washed the disciples' feet...emphasizing the importance of washing by the Water of the Word.

"I John, who also am your brother
and companion in tribulation, 
and in the kingdom 
and patience of Jesus Christ, 
was in the isle that is called Patmos, 
for the word of God, 
and for the testimony 
of Jesus Christ." 

Fast-forward to the Book of Revelation to see the disciple Jesus loved, letting go of his life in this world to continue embracing and harmonizing with the heart of God, persecuted and isolated on the Island of Patmos for His testimony and love for Jesus and the Word of God...still testifying...still writing for the glory of God...busy in his old age, providing most vital end time information for believers.

The Door to Heaven:

"I am the doorby me 
if any man enter in, 
he shall be saved
and shall go in and out
and find pasture (food)."
-John 10:9

. . .If Jesus is the "Door"...where do we find the "Key?"

. . .If the "Key" is used to go in and can one go in and out of Jesus to find pasture/food to feed the spirit and restore the soul?

There is a Way. . .which we will discover. . .

The Key of David:

"And the key 
of the house of David 
will I lay upon his shoulder; 
so he shall open, 
and none shall shut; 
and he shall shut, 
and none shall open.
-Isaiah 22:22

 . . .King David holds the "Key."

"And to the angel of 
the church in Philadelphia 
These things saith he 
that is holy, he that is true, 
he that hath the key of David
he that openeth, 
and no man shutteth; 
and shutteth, 
and no man openeth;

"I know thy works:
behold, I have set before thee 
an open door, 
and no man can shut it: 
for thou hast a little strength, 
and hast kept my word
and hast not denied my name." 

. . .The Church in Philadelphia has the "Key of David". . .and has used the "Key" to open the "Door."

. . .How was the "Door" opened?

The Church in Philadelphia kept the Word of God and embraced His Name.

. . .What is the "Key of David?"
      . . .It is the "Name of God."

. . .What is the "Name of God?"

"And he was clothed 
with a vesture dipped in blood: 
and his name is called 
The Word of God."      
(Rev. 19:13)

Key of David = Word of God

This "Key of David" is the "Key" to the "Door," the written and living Word of God...which is Jesus...and Jesus is the "Door"/Way to Heaven.

. . .In End Times it is the "Key"...that opens the "Door"/the Word of God...the "Holy Bible...allowing us to go in and out of God opens it and spiritually feeds us from we are purified, made ready, and counted worthy to escape the wrath of God's judgment, that is soon to come upon the whole earth:

"Because thou hast
kept the word 
of my patience, 
I also will keep thee 
from the hour of temptation, 
which shall come 
upon all the world, 
to try them 
that dwell upon the earth.

Behold, I come quickly: 
hold that fast which thou hast, 
that no man take thy crown."

While the author of Psalm 119 is unnamed; most historians agree that this psalm is a compilation of King David's writings. 

This conclusion is validated by David's emphasis on exalting the Word of his love for the Word resonated in his heart throughout his entire lifetime. . .the very reason God called him: "a man after mine own heart"
. . .

. . .which is further revealed in a closer consideration of Psalm 119. . .soon to follow here.

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