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Friday, February 9, 2018

Ps.119..TETH.."The Container...The Book"

~~Section Nine~~

TETH/Tet = In Hebrew Means:

Open - Veil Rent - Creating a Way
Like Door Opening - New Way
New Light - Holy Spirit
Open Container 
Mouth - Spoken Word
Written Word - Scroll
Bringing Something New 
"New Song"- Rapture


TETH ... is a container ... a Book ... like the Word of God ... a scroll in End Times ... When viewed as a tube ... from its end ... this scroll appears in the shape of the Word "TETH"... a basket ... container ... carrying and ... proclaiming the Preeminence of Jesus Christ ... setting the stage through historical events responding to the condition of the hearts of men ... bringing seven seals of trouble /tribulation to the wicked ... perilous times ... and finally ... in the sixth chapter of Revelation ... wrath ... while ... at the same time ... delivering a "New Song"... to the servants of Jesus Christ, the Living Word ... as they joyfully receive instruction ... through the Truth of the same most Holy  ... Written Word of God.

Revelation ... chapter 5 ... beautifully presents the following picture of the Bride in Heaven after the Rapture. . . 

(See post "24 Elders...A Mystery?" to verify identity of Elders ... linked at end) 

. . . the Bride proclaiming the Preeminence of Jesus Christ ... reminding us that He ... alone ... is worthy to open His Book ... the Preeminent Word of God ... Thee Book ... providing details ... regarding the seven seals and perilous events that follow the Rapture of the saints.

Revelation 5:

"And I wept much, 
because no man 
was found worthy to open 
and to read the book
neither to look thereon.
"And one of the elders 
saith unto me, 
Weep not: 
behold, the Lion 
of the tribe of Juda, 
the Root of David, 
hath prevailed 
to open the book
and to loose 
the seven seals thereof.
"And I beheld, and, lo, 
in the midst of the throne 
and of the four beasts, 
and in the midst of the elders
stood a Lamb 
as it had been slain, 
having seven horns 
and seven eyes, which are 
the seven Spirits of God 
sent forth into all the earth.
"And he came 
and took the book 
out of the right hand 
of him that sat 
upon the throne.
"And when he 
had taken the book
the four beasts 
four and twenty elders 
fell down before the Lamb
having every one of them harps
and golden vials full of odours
which are the prayers of saints.
"And they sung a new song
Thou art worthy 
to take the book
and to open the seals 
for thou wast slain
and hast redeemed 
us to God by thy blood 
out of every kindred,
and tongue, and people,
and nation;
"And hast made us 
unto our God 
kings and priests: 
we shall reign on the earth.
"And I beheld, and I heard 
the voice of many angels 
round about the throne 
and the beasts and the elders
and the number of them 
was ten thousand times 
ten thousand, 
and thousands of thousands;
Saying with a loud voice, 
Worthy is the Lamb 
that was slain to receive power
and riches, and wisdom
and strength, and honour
and glory, and blessing.

In TETH ... written sometime after 1000 B.C. ... King David emphasizes the preeminent value of the Word ... using the pictures of "TETH" as he writes ... to describe how this "container" of the Word of God ... also carries ... brings ... the steps required to receive the rewards of storing God's precious Word and precepts in one's heart.

* * * * * * *

...All is Well

Thou hast dealt well 
with thy servant
according unto thy word.

       = #H6213 = brought about 
                            (in behalf of)
                         = accomplished in
       = #H5650 = slave 
                         = worshipper of God
       = #H5647 = laborer ... worker
       = #H5646 = builder

       "according to thy Word"
       = #H1697 = in harmony with 
                         = totality of God's Word 

Regardless the challenges associated with developing End Time events ... like King David ... we can always say ..."All is well"... because God promises to deal with His servants ... always according to His Word.  Our God will never violate His own Word ... but always provide the good judgment and knowledge we need to endure and overcome.

Therefore ... it is greatly to our advantage ... to learn ... to study ... exactly what He expects from His servants ... so we will be equipped to avoid the consequences that are the result of failing to do the most beneficial things according to God's standards found in His Holy Word.


Teach me 
good judgment 
for I have believed 
thy commandments.

       = #H3925 = to be taught ... trained
                         = learn ... instructed
                         = diligently    
       = #H3384 = throw ... cast
                         = rain ... water of Word
                         = direct ... instruct 

       = #H2940 = taste ... behavior
                         = decisions (in life)
                         = reasoning perception 

       = #H1547 = understanding wisdom
                         = discernment ...skill
       = #H3045 = to know ... perceive

        =  #H539 = supports ... confirms
                         = (causes to be) faithful
                         = trust ... establish
                         = nourish (like parent) 

       = #H4687 = law ... precept 
                         = ordinances
                         = judgments ... rules
                         = code of wisdom  
                         = best course in life
                         = God's direction and will
                         = totality of Word of God
       = #H6680 = specific assignment
                         = God-given appointment

The overwhelming Truth and significance of this 66th verse of TETH ... is King David's heart-felt plea to God ... to "teach" him His Word.  This also becoming God's ultimate warning to mankind.

Being taught the commandments and totality of the Word of God ... is the only way mere humans can acquire ..."good judgment and knowledge."

While the world is filled with men's opinions ... judgments ... and knowledge ... filling multitudes of "books"... there is only one Book ... thee most Holy ... Preeminent Book of God Almighty ... that spiritually embodies the Word and Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Therefore ... the true judgment and knowledge required ... to enter the kingdom of God and qualify for residence there ... can only be found in this "Book of books."

While "teachers" and "preachers" are called in the assembly of believers to teach and preach the Word ... every single professing believer ... at the same time ... in order to avoid deception ... is required to personally receive and submit to the Preeminent Authority and teaching of the Word of God via the Holy Spirit ... who is our first ... and foremost Teacher and only One who can accurately lead us into all Truth.

Everything we hear and are taught ... must be held up to ... and carefully evaluated ... according to what God's Book actually says ... in its totality. 

For ... "Who is worthy to open the Book?"... EVER?... in any case? ... in every situation? ... every circumstance??

ONLY the Lamb is worthy ... only the Lord Jesus Christ ... who resides within us ... from the beginning ... at our specific time of conversion ... when we are born-again and receive the Holy Spirt ... Who then becomes our Preeminent Teacher leading ... interpreting ... the Word of God for us.

[See link at end of this post: " Dimensions"]


I was afflicted 
I went astray
but now 
have I kept 
thy word.

       = #H6031 = oppressed ... forced
                         = browbeaten
                         = put down ... mishandle
       = #H7683 = err ... sin
                         = make mistake
                         = be deceived
        = #H8104 = in charge to save 
                          = as watchman
                             (keeper ... guardian of)
        = #H5341 = guard ... preserve
                          = guard from dangers
                          = keep close ... observe 
                          = subtle watcher 
       =    #H565 = utterance ... speech 
                          = commandment
       =    #H561 = promise ... saying

One of the amazing benefits of the specific "affliction" David is describing in this verse ... is discernment ... which helps us avoid "going astray"... protects us from being deceived.

Principles of Discernment:

As we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in ministry ... reaching out to help others ... situations may occur where we may begin to sense that the camp in which we find ourselves ... is not really as it first appeared to be ... and that the message God has given us to impart to others is really not being received ... but mocked ... even though there is an attempt to feign unity and friendship ... for various reasons.

As time passes the description King David provides with the use of the Word, "afflicted," becomes apparent ... as the Holy Spirit draws our attention to it with the Words he offers here: ... oppressed ... browbeaten ... put down ... force ... mishandle ... (which serve as all types of persecution) ... that can be manifested ... through lustful speech and/or flaunting of biblically inappropriate conduct for the purpose of mocking ... irritating ... distracting ... or provoking.

The wicked are unable to define and demonstrate genuine love ... so ... without fail ... always default to lust ... since lust is the opposite of love.

Moral lust ... as well as lust for power ... or any other type of lust ... eventually becomes evident through an attitude toward the Word of God that minimizes sin ... because self is still on the throne ... and this self-centered ... motivating root of lustful behavior ... cannot be hidden for long.

Also ... please note ... that as a civilization becomes increasingly more self-centered ... even godly ... unselfish ... pure expressions of love and care will become misinterpreted by those who are unable to define what real love is ... fulfilling the prophecy that good will be called evil ... while evil will be called good.

This is the expected "ignorance epidemic"... "famine of the Word of God" prophesied in the Book of Amos  ... resulting from not understanding the true nature of God and what He is really saying in His Holy Word when we read, "God is love." 

[See Article Links at left column for post: "Love...Lust...and Antichrist."]

As the world becomes darker ... it is wise to be aware of these tactics ... and ... this type of demonic deception designed by the wicked to afflict genuine believers ... in an attempt to mislead and provoke to sin ... as King David describes.

However ... David emphasizes ... "BEFORE" he was afflicted ... he went "astray"... BUT ... things are different now. . .

God ordained David to become King ... because He knew that it wasn't going to take too many "afflictions" before David would realize the connection between being taught the Word of God ... by God Himself ... and having the power of discernment ... to see afflictions coming in advance ... and avoid them.

...Praise God!!
...He is our Teacher

"Thou art good
doest good
teach me 
thy statutes.

What does God teach ... those who genuinely belong to Him ... that others do not know?

Everything they really need to know ... right from His Holy Word. 😊

...Proud Liars
...So What?

"The proud 
have forged a lie 
against me: 
but I will keep 
thy precepts 
with my whole heart.

       = #H2086 = arrogant 
                         = presumptuous 
       = #H2102 = puffed up ... rebellious
                         = ignorant ... deceived 
       = #H2950 = smear ... stick on
                         = label... patch
       = #H8267 = falsehood ... deception
                         = false impression 
                         = fraud
                         = vain ... worthless 
       = #H8266 = trick ... cheat 

        = #H8104 = save 
                          = in charge of 
                          = as watchman
                             (keeper ... guardian of)
        = #H5341 = guard ... preserve
                          = keep from dangers
                          = keep close ... observe 
                          = subtle watcher 
       = #H6490 = totality of Law 
                         = Word of God ... statute
                         = commandments 
       = #H6485 = judgment 
                         = recorded testimony
                         = purpose of attending 
                          = pay attention to need 
       = #H3820 = inner man ... will
                         = mind ...thoughts
                         = determination
                         = appetite ... desire
                         = emotion
                         = seat of courage 
                             ...and wisdom

Haman ... in the Book of Esther ... serves as God's excellent example of a proud liar.  It was power this wicked man was after ... at the expense of God's people.

David was also one who experienced affliction from proud liars ... however David ... considered this ... merely a "bump in the road"... because he was committed ... with his whole heart ... to remain steadfast in the Word of God ... realizing that judgment and the wrath of God eventually catches up with proud liars.



"Their heart 
is as fat as grease; 
but I delight 
in thy law.

While King David is joyfully ... being careful to diligently align his whole heart with the precepts found in the Word of God ... his enemies are becoming known for their slippery ways motivated by "fat" ... "greasy" ... conniving hearts.

    ...from Water 
       ...of the Word

"It is good for me 
that I have been afflicted
that I might learn 
thy statutes.

The discernment we acquire ... through dealings with the wicked ... as spirit ... attitudes ... and behavior are exposed by the Word of God ... is priceless ... far more valuable than any amount of money.  

The law of thy mouth 
is better unto me 
than thousands 
of gold and silver."


What the wicked do not realize is ... while God's ultimate blessing is upon His people as a result of following the purity of His Holy Word ... the cup of the wicked is ... at the same time ... being filled with the wrath to come ... from which they will soon drink the dregs.

"I said unto the fools
Deal not foolishly: 
and to the wicked
Lift not up the horn:
[perceived "authority"]

Lift not up your horn 
on high: 
speak not 
with a stiff neck.

For promotion cometh neither 
from the east, 
nor from the west, 
nor from the south.

But God is the judge: 
he putteth down one, 
and setteth up another.

For in the hand of the LORD 
there is a cup
and the wine is red;
it is full of mixture; 
and he poureth out 
of the same: 

but the dregs thereof, 
all the wicked of the earth 
shall wring them out, 
and drink them.

But I will declare for ever; 
I will sing praises 
to the God of Jacob.

All the horns of the wicked 
also will I cut off
but the horns 
of the righteous 
shall be exalted."
--Psalm 75:4-10

                       ...Only the Bride...
                           ...Can Sing...
                      ...the New Song...

The amazing Word ... Book ... Scroll ... Container ... also contains the "New Song"... the Bride of Christ will be singing soon ... before the throne of the One she loves.

It is a song ... only the Bride can sing ... a song of love for the Holy Word of God ... she alone has learned ... because it is a song inspired and taught from the pure Word and Spirit of the Living God.

"When the Seals are opened"

"24 Elders...A Mystery?"

☆You must be born-again: 
               ...Lessons in Dimensions"

* * * * * * *

It is impossible to sing this "New Song" unless we have submitted to the Preeminence and Authority of the living Word of God ... Jesus Christ ... as well as the Written Word of God ... the Holy Bible.

You will find instructions regarding how to be ready for the soon appearing of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ ... by scrolling to the top of this page and clicking on the gift wrapped in gold ... in the left column.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"No Time. . .No Talents"

Matthew...Chapter 25

Introduction. . .

Friends ... we are running out of time and soon it will become too late for us to invest in our eternal future.

Many believe their religious qualifications have already been covered ... that their eternal future rewards have been secured ... but what if they are not really ready at all? 

Are we certain that we are accurately interpreting Scripture?

For example ... are we really convinced that the Parable of the Talents is actually about "good works" and monetary donations? ... Our interpretation regarding this passage can make a huge difference in our destiny.

Consider ... for a moment ... that our believing ... a popular false interpretation of this parable ... could greatly benefit someone else ... providing free labor ... bringing dollars into their coffers ... and a very tragic ending for us.

The common mistake people often make ... involves the notion ... that we are not personally going to be held accountable for the way we interpret Scripture ... but this is not so.

By entrusting our interpretations to the written and preached opinions of men ... we actually become guilty of by-passing the Holy Spirit and obeying men rather than God.

While reading and listening to others bring forth the Word of God ... is acceptable ... even valuable in some cases ... if we are not measuring every word of man ... up to God's Word ... under the Preeminent Authority of the Holy Spirit ... we become guilty of idolatry ... as we will discover in the Scriptures that follow ... and found evidenced ... in this Parable of the Talents.

What if we actually gave Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God ... and the Holy Written Word of God ... rightful Preeminence in this interpretation of the Word of God ... from the beginning ... instead of assuming ... that we already know the interpretation ... because we have already heard it somewhere else?

Is it possible ... that we could discover ... we have been misled ... by opinions of men? ... if so ... do not dispair ... not all is lost.

Like the man (in chapter 20 of Matthew ... who was only able to work for one last hour of the day ... It is possible ... we could still multiply our "talent" and claim our eternal reward by harvesting some pure fruit of the Spirit [#G2590] by quickly changing our priority and focus even now.

It would take some humility ... but ... yes ... according to the Word of God ... it could still be accomplished ... as long as Jesus tarries a little longer ... just long enough to read what is here ... repent from putting trust in opinions of men ... and ... change focus of submission ... to the Preeminence of Jesus Christ and the Holy Written Word of God.

There aren't any coincidences in the Word of God ... so it isn't any coincidence ... that the Parable of the Talents follows The Parable of the Ten Virgins ... It is specifically there ... to provide a "double witness"... to the Ten Virgins' need ... of "buying" ... investing in oil ... before it becomes too late.

To whom much time is given ... much time is required .
To whom little time is given ... little time is required.

[See link below to the post "Preparing the Bride...Ten Virgins" for more in-depth study regarding this topic.] 

...Man from 
   ...a Far Country

"For the kingdom of heaven 

is as 
a man travelling 
into a far country
who called 
his own servants
and delivered 
unto them 
his goods.

Let's not follow the crowd this time ... by looking at this "man" from a far country ... like just any ordinary man visiting servants ... but instead ... let's look at him from the perspective of the Preeminence of Christ ... and see Him as thee "Man," Jesus Christ.

Verse 14 begins the parable ... telling us that this is about the kingdom of heaven ... which "is as"... or ..."is just like"... or "is a picture of" the kingdom of heaven.

If this is a picture of God's kingdom ... then this account must follow that picture ... by identifying the "man" as Jesus ... traveling into a "far country" ... as Jesus "came to earth."

...Delivered "Goods"
...More Precious
    ...Than Gold

Jesus has ... further "called" His servants and has brought His "goods" to them (to use).

We can easily identify Jesus as the One who "calls" "servants"... but what are the "goods"... which He is bringing?

#5224 in the Greek ... tells us that "goods" are the valuable thing He came to give us.  While there are many valuable things we could suppose "goods" represent ... such as ... faith ... eternal life ... even Himself ... or ... yes ... even literal money or abilities as well ... this specific thing must also refer to something that can be invested ... multiplied ... and then given back to the Lord.

So what is the most valuable thing Jesus has brought us?  Is it not Himself in the form of His Word that can be invested in our life ... as well as the lives of others ... to provide faith required to secure eternal life ... as well as instruction to live a wise and spiritually profitable life ... while we reside here ... on this earth?

When we compare this application to the Parable of the Ten Virgins ... the identity of Jesus becomes obviously apparent. 

Talents = Greek #5007   
               = In Israel gold/silver Money
               = Money = Time               
               = Time = Life
               = Life invested in God's Word
"And unto one 
he gave five talents
to another two
to another one
to every man according to 
his several ability
and straightway 
took his journey.

Not everyone receives the same portion.  This valuable thing ... this Word of God ... is only given according to "ability"... predisposition (of heart) to receive it ... However ... regardless the amount ... God intends that it be invested and multiplied.

...Trading Talents

"Then he that had received 
the five talents went 
and traded 
with the same, 
[5 talents]
and made them 
other five talents.

The man who received five "talents"/Words of God ... went and put them through a "trading" process to make five more "talents"/Words of God.

What sort of process is involved in "trading?"

"Trading" in Greek is #2038 ... meaning "work at"..."work out"... and #2041 ... meaning "labor over."

This is referring to "work"... but not humanitarian "good works." 

(Humanitarian works are covered in the account of the Good Samaritan ... which addresses Spirit-led works God ... specifically ... calls His servants to do ... and does not actually apply in this case ... as we will see.)

Besides The Parable of the Talents and the Parable of the Ten Virgins ... can we find this specific type of "trading" process ... described further or found anywhere else in the Word of God? ... Yes!

It is detailed ... in 2 Tim.2:14-17:

"Of these things 
put them in remembrance, 
charging them before the Lord 
that they strive not 
about words to NO PROFIT,
but to the subverting
of the hearers.

Study to shew thyself 
approved unto God
a workman 
that needeth not 
to be ashamed
rightly dividing
the word of truth.

But shun profane 
and vain babblings
for they will increase
unto more ungodliness.

And their word 
will eat as doth a canker
of whom is 
Hymenaeus and Philetus;"
-2 Tim. 2:14-17

While we are cautioned not to strive about words to "no profit" ... elsewhere in the Scriptures ... we are commanded to "contend for the faith" (which comes to us via the Word ... see Jude 1:3.)  Therefore concluding ... that "striving" /"contending" is permissible if the Words being used are in harmony with God's Word (not worthless words).

Not only does God's Word describe His "rightly dividing" "tradingprocess ... in the above passage ... but gives us a warning as well ... regarding those who bring forth the Word ... but not "rightly" divided ... a profane ... adulterated ... minimized ... watered-down ... mixed up Word ... mixed with opinions of men ... a Word that is no longer pure ... but worthless ... vain word that cannot be "traded" with other Words found in the totality of the Word of God ... in order to interpret the Word by the Word ... as the Holy Spirit leads ... and applies ... to bring productive spiritual results ... but ... a word that actually subtly eats away at God's Truth like gangrene or cancer.

To "rightly divide" the Word ... one must personally ... spend large portions of time laboring over it ... letting the Spirit of God draw from it ... "trading" one Word with another ... letting one Word of God define another ... as personal and doctrinal applications are being discovered ... as well as ... various definitions of each Word ... are being multiplied.

God writes in spiritual code ... that which can only be explained ... and taught in detail ... by His Holy Spirit ... Who interprets for those that genuinely seek God ... and are willing to submit to Him and the Authority of His Holy Word. 

Those who do not have the Spirit of God are not equipped to "rightly divide" the Word of God ... but must depend on others for an explanation regarding what they think God has said.

In the process of relying on opinions of others and their various writings throughout history .... much error has been mixed in and propagated ... The common false interpretation of this parable ... which we are refuting here ... is just one of many examples.

Furthermore ... true fellowship among believers can only occur when each believer invests the time it takes to rightly divide God's Word for himself ... so all believers can ... ultimately ... become united in the same Truth.

"And likewise 
he that had received two
he also gained other two."

Granted ... this process requires a lot of time ... however ... when we eliminate worldly socialization, movies, spectator sports, self-determined "good works," computer games, time invested in triva ... and intellectual persuits ... we suddenly discover that God has actually provided all the time we really need to multiply our "talents"... that valuable portion of the Word of God we have personally been given ... and we are able to watch it grow even larger ... than we could have ever imagined.


"But he that had received one 
went and digged in the earth, 
and hid 
his lord's money.

This verse does not say that this servant was given one talent ... It says he "received" one.  Perhaps one talent is all the servant agreed to take ... perhaps he was not really submitted to the task ... didn't really appreciate the opportunity he was being offered.

Why did he receive only one talent?

Maybe he was reluctant from the beginning to take responsibility ... or ... maybe one talent is all He was offered because the Lord already knew that this servant did not really see the value of this opportunity.

Whatever the case ... the servant took the least responsibility and ... likewise ... the least opportunity.

This servant did something else very suspicious ... He didn't just bury it to keep it safe.  The Scripture tells us that he "hid...the money."

By "hiding" the money ... instead of telling us that he just "buried" it ... we can conclude that the servant had no intention of going back to the valuable thing he had been given ... to do anything whatsoever ... to invest it in any way.  He kept it ... but didn't really want to be associated with it ... or make it a part of his life ... or be seen with it in his possession.  


"After a long time 
the lord 
of those servants 
with them.

Here is where this parable begins to obviously synch with the Parable of the Ten Virgins forming a very unexpected connection to it ... through a Word search ... revealing another picture of the Rapture.

Verse 19 tells us that "After a long time"... the lord/Lord ... came to:

        "reckoneth with"
       = #G4868 = to settle accounts
       =   #G142 = take up together
                        = raise upwards
                        = elevate ... lift up
                        = raise from
                        = draw up a fish
                        = carry off
                        = take by force
                        = take from the living
                        = take away

So what happened??

 The Lord gave His servants "talents"... Words of God to "trade"... increase by investing time and work ... to multiply ... then after a long period of time ... after an "appointed time"... He returned to "reckon with"... settle accounts with ... take up by force ... raise from the earth ... take away ... RAPTURE

Then...what Happened?
From...Water of the Word

"And so he that 
had received 
five talents 
came and brought 
other five talents, 
saying, Lord, 
thou deliveredst 
unto me five talents: 
I have gained beside them 
five talents more.

The Word of God is drawing our attention to His desire for every one of His servants to be involved in investing and multiplying His Word because it is thee Source of faith and eternal life ... which is His Preeminent concern for mankind ... and the whole reason He came to Earth ... in the first place ... to suffer ... and die.

Without a correct understanding of the totality of the Word of God ... we have nothing to offer others ... nothing to provide the faith required to secure eternal life ... because "faith comes by hearing...the Word of God."

"His lord said unto him, 
Well done,
thou good and faithful servant: 
thou hast been faithful 
over a few things, 
I will make thee 
ruler over many things: 
enter thou into 
the joy of thy lord.

It definitely requires "faith" to be "faithful" in accomplishing this mission of "rightly dividing" His Word ... this "talent"... which has been put into our hand ... expected to take root ... and be multiplied in our heart

Without this faith and faithfulness ... we have no idea ... no Holy Spirit inspiration or instruction regarding exactly how we are to specifically accomplish the task He has specifically called us to do.

Verse 21 ... gives us a peek regarding the type of reward that awaits servants that have "rightly divided" and faithfully applied His Word ... first of all ... faithful servants will "enter into" His "joy."  This is a type of joy only the Word of God can provide ... a very unique type of "joy ...unspeakable and full of glory."

"He also 
that had received 
two talents 
came and said, Lord, 
thou deliveredst unto me 
two talents: 
behold, I have gained 
two other talents 
beside them.

This second servant only has the ability to receive two talents thereby ..."rightly dividing" less of the Word of God.

We are not told the reason he only received two talents to invest ... Perhaps he was given talents late in his life and that is all He could "rightly divide" with the time he had left ... or maybe the Lord's return was in the near future and time was running out.

"His lord said unto him, 
Well done, 
good and faithful servant; 
thou hast been faithful 
over a few things, 
I will make thee ruler 
over many things
enter thou into 
the joy of thy lord.

In any case ... this faithful servant did the best he could with what he was able to receive and was also rewarded for his faithfulness.

Note the type of identical rewards given to faithful servants in both verses 21 and 23:

(1)..shared a relationship of joy with the Lord.

(2)..received a Position of Authority in the Lord's kingdom.

The relationship of joy is experienced by all servants that are engaged in "rightly dividing" "talents"/Word of God. 

The other reward ... the position of authority ... granted in the kingdom ... Also depends on faithfulness to personally invest ..."rightly divide" the Word of God.

We cannot look at this conclusion ... without also considering the other very common detour ... men of the world have taken ... off the narrow road ... when they have been deceived into following the words .... opinions .... and systems of theology ... of other men ... instead of the Pure ... unadulterated Word of the Living God.

Nevertheless ... God makes it clear that His servants' positions of authority ... in the end ... are going to be determined by how they faithfully "rightly divide" and multiply His precious Word in their lifetime ... however long that may be.

In Revelation 22:7+9 ... Jesus gives a warning ... and reminder that a blessing is only coming to those who "keep" the sayings and prophecy  (Word of God) found in the Book of Revelation ... then warns and reminds again in Rev. 22:12-14:

"And, behold, I come quickly; 
and my reward is with me, 
to give every man 
according as 
his work SHALL be

       "work shall be"
       = #G2071 = in the future
                         = will be

Ultimately ... in the end ... the positions of authority ... in God's kingdom ... granted to faithful servants will be determined by how faithfully they "keep" the Word of God.

Those who have incorrectly interpreted the Parable of the Talents to mean that "talents" are human abilities ... money ... or ... self-appointed ... religious organization-appointed ..."church"-appointed "good works"... will be very disappointed in the end to discover that their efforts only qualify as "filthy rags" in God's eyes. (Study the Words "filthy rags" in the Holy Bible to verify.)

How do we know whether our works qualify?

(1)..We personally ..."rightly divide" and multiply the Word until we receive personal direction from the Holy Spirit ... verified through the totality of the Word and understand in our heart ... the specific works ... in which ... God has called us to be engaged.

(2)..Then we continue to "rightly divide" as we walk in harmony with Christ ... through the Holy Spirit which teaches us everything we need to know from the Word of God ... to do His will and ultimately receive all He desires to give us in the end.

In order to "keep" the Word of God ... one must invest the time and effort to "work" in the Word ... "rightly dividing" and multiplying the Word ... so one knows how to specifically "keep" the Word.

Jesus is telling us that ... how we handle His Word ... "rightly dividing" and multiplying it in the beginning ... will ultimately determine our position of authority in the kingdom in the end.

We know this because the "Beginning and the End" is who He is ... it is His nature to establish His kingdom to operate in this infinite manner ... using one beginning to end ... with another beginning to end ... in perpetual motion ... to accomplish His will.

. . .And right after He describes how positions of authority will be determined in the future ... He reveals His character and this aspect of His nature ... by declaring:

"I am Alpha and Omega
the beginning and the end
the first and the last.
Blessed are they 
that do his commandments
that they may have 
right to the tree of life, 
and may enter in 
through the gates 
into the city.
-Rev. 22

How on Earth ... is anyone ever going to be able to "do His commandments" (keep His Word) ... if they do not invest the time ... work ... energy ... and whole-hearted devotion it takes ... to "rightly divide" and multiply His Word?

Next ... we discover what happens to those who fail to fulfill the Lord's requirements:

"Then he which had received 
the one talent 
came and said, Lord, 
I knew thee 
that thou art an hard man
reaping where 
thou hast not sown
and gathering where 
thou hast not strawed:

This "servant" is making a lot of false assumptions and presumptions about the Lord ... besides false accusations ... beginning with the words: "I knew thee."

It very quickly becomes obvious that this obnoxious fellow does not know the Lord at all.  In this one verse he manages to accuse the Lord of:

...being "hard[#G4642] 
    = fierce ... offensive 
       ... difficult to please

...expecting something for nothing

...stealing what does not rightfully belong to Him

"And I was afraid
and went and hid 
thy talent in the earth: 
lo, there 
thou hast that is thine.

Next the so-called "servant"... who is really not conducting himself as a servant at all ... blames the Lord ... for his own irresponsibility and disregard for the precious "talent"/Word of God the Lord ... provided ... and graciously ... intended to use ... to bless this ungrateful man.

The ungrateful man says it is the Lord's fault ... because the Lord is so fierce ... unreasonable ... and greedy that it made the man so "afraid" ... that he just had to go and hide the "talent" /Word of God ..."So here you go, Lord ... I 'kept' it for you ... Now you can have it back."

"His lord answered 
and said unto him, 
Thou wicked 
slothful servant, 
thou knewest 
that I reap where 
I sowed not, 
and gather 
where I have not strawed:

 Of course ... the Lord is able to see exactly what is wrong with the man's heart ... he is wicked and lazy

Maybe the Lord allowed His servants to work the fields ... sowing ... and harvesting ...BUT ... the twisted ...  false picture of the Lord ... this wicked servant was presenting ... was only sealing his fate ... and could not change the mounting evidence against him.

The merciful and gracious Lord had even provided another option that he could have used to fulfill the Lord's requirements ... which the wicked servant also refused to utilize.

This servant could have given his "talent" to someone else to invest ... but instead ... he buried it ... making it impossible for anyone else to benefit by it either.

"Thou oughtest therefore 
to have put my money 
to the exchangers
and then at my coming 
I should have received 
mine own with usury.

If someone else could have "rightly divided" and multiplied the "talent" /Word of God ... the Word could have still gone forth and brought in an harvest of souls ... but ... it was taken out of circulation ... therefore no one could benefit.

"Take therefore 
the talent from him, 
and give it unto him 
which hath 
ten talents.

If those the Lord has called and graciously given the Word of God ... do not ... "rightly divide" and multiply it ... the Lord will give their potential portion to others who do see the value ... have the desire ... and are submitted to the instruction of the Holy Spirit ... so they know how to "rightly divide" and multiply it.

"For unto every one 
that hath shall be given
and he shall have abundance
but from him 
that hath not 
shall be taken away 
even that which he hath.

Those who refuse to invest time and effort "rightly dividing" and multiplying the precious Word of God ... will eventually lose the ability to do so.

Those who do not use it ... will lose it ... and in the end the Lord will say:

"And cast ye 
the unprofitable servant 
into outer darkness
there shall be 
weeping and gnashing 
of teeth.

Outer darkness ... is the ultimate destination of wicked servants.

. . .And who are the wicked servants?

. . .Wicked servants are those who are the "fearful and unbelieving" ones left behind ...  "afraid" to be seen with that valuable "talent" that can be "rightly divided" and multiplied ... to bring many into a joyful relationship in the presence of the Lord ... this most valuable ... precious Word of God ... that determines our positions of authority in the eternal kingdom of Heaven.

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