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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Botanical Symbolism

The Botanical Symbolism
Our Relationship with Christ

His cheeks
are as a bed of spices,
as sweet flowers:
his lips like lilies,
sweet smelling myrrh.
-Song of Solomon 5:13

This is a picture of how the Bride sees the Bride Groom as He comes to her. The Bride is symbolic of those who belong to Christ and the Bride Groom is symbolic of Jesus.

Note that His lips drop the sweet smelling myrrh.

In the original language the word “smelling” in this instance (#5674 in the Hebrew) gives us a picture of the molecules of scent riding on the air—like the Word that rides on or in the Spirit of God which Jesus likened to the wind:

The wind
bloweth where it listeth
and thou hearest
the sound thereof,
but canst not tell whence it cometh,
and whither it goeth:
so is every one
that is born of the Spirit.
-John 3:8

“Smelling” is identified with inhaling the Words that come from His lips, which are also carried on the air or on His breath.

My sheep hear my voice,
and I know them,
and they follow me.
-John 10:26-27

The Word itself is the key. In other words God is saying that the true Bride of Christ will be waiting to hear what He has to say. By hearing the Word, the Bride like sheep hearing the Shepherd’s voice carried on the wind, will follow Him.

God is not a God of sensationalism or mysticism, but the God of symbolism.

The priority of Jesus’ ministry was and is two-fold: (1) to preach the Gospel of salvation and (2) to heal the sick.

Healing the sick provides us with a symbol or an illustration of preaching the gospel. Therefore the two must stay together as we minister to others.
It is our need of healing (spiritually, physically, mentally, or emotionally) that compels us to seek our Creator.

We instinctively understand that, since He created us, He knows how to fix us when we are broken and He is the only One who can really direct us step by step to find true healing.

Jesus, Himself, is the Word in the flesh. Because of this, His lips and voice have the ability to infuse us with His powerful Word—this is the same Word or voice that created all things.

Just what are the sweet lips of Jesus dropping? It is myrrh that is being dropped. Therefore we are led to consider what part myrrh plays in this picture.

Since it is being dropped from the lips of Jesus, we must conclude that myrrh symbolizes the Word of God breathed or diffused from the lips of Jesus, the Bride Groom and Shepherd of our heart.

As I read this verse again, I realized that while myrrh is actually a type of frankincense that is spiritually uplifting and is historically and scientifically known for repairing cellular damage, as well as recognized for its anti-infectious, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, hormone-like, anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperthyroid, and immune boosting qualities, I tend to avoid using it because of its glue-like consistency.

Myrrh is the only oil I know of that is like cement. Once the bottle is opened, you have to use pliers to open it again. After understanding this verse from the Song of Solomon, myrrh now reminds me of the nature of the Word and how the power of the Word of God is stronger than any other power in the universe.

Recently on Christian television a military veteran, who had been captured and tortured by the enemy, spoke of his experience. His captors played a recording that was repeated over and over and over again. It was a speech they wanted this soldier to deliver against his own country.

The soldier said that the only way he could preserve his sanity and resist the speech was by repeating the Word of God over and over in his mind while the speech was being played.

The Word of God was more powerful than the words of the enemy. Like myrrh, it stuck like glue in the soldier’s mind and actually became a protective shield against their brainwashing program.

As we understand how the various constituents of myrrh and other plant oils work scientifically in the body and how these plants and the oils from these plants were designed by our Creator to help us heal, we will also discover that they will bring us to a greater understanding of how the Word of God can infuse us with the power of God to heal and overcome in every dimension of our life, so we can become the whole person God desires us to be.

Myrrh is an ancient foundational oil that was often blended with other oils and ointments to preserve their purity and prolong the power of their fragrances.

Only the purest oils should ever be used for therapeutic purposes. When essential oils are truly pure, some can also be taken internally. However, not all oils that are advertised today as “pure” are actually pure enough to use. Therefore we must carefully consider this when purchasing essential oils.

Peppermint cools a fever and comforts inflammation. Lavender is often used for burns. Joy blend contains rose oil and brings feelings of joy.

Purification blend is great for diffusing in musty basements and helps to keep bugs away. If we do get bitten by a bug, Purification will help cleanse the bite and promote healing.

Some oils relax the mind and body, help to balance hormones, fight virus and bacteria, while other oils relieve pain, anxiety and stress.

Oils can do amazing things because the same voice of God that created us also carefully created plants and plant oils to be compatible with the human body.

God carefully designed each essential oil to address specific issues in spirit, body, mind, and emotions in order to bring comfort, to safely provide first aid, and help us find harmony with His Word and His will regarding every aspect of our health and healing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Access Healing through the Power of the Word

~~Psalm 119~~

"O how love I thy law!
It is my meditation 

all the day."

Why would I love, really l-o-v-e, God's law enough to want to meditate on it all day long?

Let's be honest. Isn't the law, any law, b-o-r-i-n-g?

While I would like to sincerely love His law with all of my heart, I have to
admit that unless I can see some real value in it, meditating on it day and night just isn't going to happen.

This is exactly why the Author inspired the psalmist to reveal the amazing riches found in God's Word and law in the following verse:

Thou through thy commandments
hast made me wiser
than mine enemies:
for they are ever with me.

Enter serious troublesome illness:

In the Book of Revelation God tells us that the last enemy we will ever have to deal with is death. Illness and death can surely be identified as our enemies. But God is on our side and has provided the solution. We have His assurance in the above verse that His Word and law will make us wiser than our enemies, even though they are ever with us waiting to attack.

So where should we first seek wisdom when the enemy of illness attacks?

Certainly we can collect information about our illness from the writings of the world, but unless we have the wisdom to sort through it all, how can we ever discern what course of action to take? The side effects of some cures can even be worse than the illness and some treatments may be risky experiments without any guarantee of success.

Let us consider something else. If we could actually have an intimate relationship with God through His Word and meditate on it daily, perhaps then we could be wiser than the enemy of illness and avoid it altogether. When we have eyes to see the value of the law of God, we will also be empowered and motivated to act by faith and prepare for attacks by taking preventive measures.

God is a God who believes in preparing. Throughout the Bible we see that He prepared this Earth to be a home for mankind and the animals, He prepared the ark to save Noah and his family, and prepared to save the people of Egypt by instructing the king through a dream interpreted by Joseph to stock up during the years of plenty so they would not perish during the years of famine. God even prepared His people for the coming of their Savior by every Word He sent forth.

Whether we want to avoid the enemy of illness or do battle because it has already launched an attack on us, the wonder-working power and wisdom of God can be found in His Word.

"I am he that liveth, 
and was dead, 
and, behold, 
I am alive forevermore, 
and have the keys 
of hell and of death."
-Rev. 1:18

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