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Friday, September 17, 2010

Access Healing through the Power of the Word

~~Psalm 119~~

"O how love I thy law!
It is my meditation 

all the day."

Why would I love, really l-o-v-e, God's law enough to want to meditate on it all day long?

Let's be honest. Isn't the law, any law, b-o-r-i-n-g?

While I would like to sincerely love His law with all of my heart, I have to
admit that unless I can see some real value in it, meditating on it day and night just isn't going to happen.

This is exactly why the Author inspired the psalmist to reveal the amazing riches found in God's Word and law in the following verse:

Thou through thy commandments
hast made me wiser
than mine enemies:
for they are ever with me.

Enter serious troublesome illness:

In the Book of Revelation God tells us that the last enemy we will ever have to deal with is death. Illness and death can surely be identified as our enemies. But God is on our side and has provided the solution. We have His assurance in the above verse that His Word and law will make us wiser than our enemies, even though they are ever with us waiting to attack.

So where should we first seek wisdom when the enemy of illness attacks?

Certainly we can collect information about our illness from the writings of the world, but unless we have the wisdom to sort through it all, how can we ever discern what course of action to take? The side effects of some cures can even be worse than the illness and some treatments may be risky experiments without any guarantee of success.

Let us consider something else. If we could actually have an intimate relationship with God through His Word and meditate on it daily, perhaps then we could be wiser than the enemy of illness and avoid it altogether. When we have eyes to see the value of the law of God, we will also be empowered and motivated to act by faith and prepare for attacks by taking preventive measures.

God is a God who believes in preparing. Throughout the Bible we see that He prepared this Earth to be a home for mankind and the animals, He prepared the ark to save Noah and his family, and prepared to save the people of Egypt by instructing the king through a dream interpreted by Joseph to stock up during the years of plenty so they would not perish during the years of famine. God even prepared His people for the coming of their Savior by every Word He sent forth.

Whether we want to avoid the enemy of illness or do battle because it has already launched an attack on us, the wonder-working power and wisdom of God can be found in His Word.

"I am he that liveth, 
and was dead, 
and, behold, 
I am alive forevermore, 
and have the keys 
of hell and of death."
-Rev. 1:18

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