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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kay Graves - Christian Writer and Speaker

Called by God when just a child of 7, but responded to the call and "born again," December 9, 1974 according to John, Chapter 3, during a painful physical illness that caused me to be confined to my bed. 

Three days after becoming a Christian, the illness disappeared.

Soon I discovered, however, that this healing was conditional—that is—dependent on the study of the Word of God.  Because the illness was stress related, 
the peace infused by the Word of God was the only effective remedy.

This ministry today is a result of 40 years of Bible study and
applying the Word to facilitate my own healing, as well as the healing of those God has brought into my life.

In 2001, I began to understand how the spirit, body, mind, and emotions influence one another and started sharing what I was learning with small groups. 

Continuing research and study included the use of plants and plant oils for healing.

Over the years, I have shared research and my personal experience with hundreds...many alumni associated with health care and teaching professions. 

Through them, God has opened doors by which His methods of healing can be experienced...including several clinics and one hospital.

Presently free unlimited consultations are offered to those who desire to know more about having a true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High God.

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