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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Physical Dimension of Life

Physical Dimension

The Physical Dimension
involves providing the body with what it needs
to maintain, heal, and balance itself.

Balancing the body usually involves changing our lifestyle and adjusting some of our eating habits—being creative in finding new ways to design a diet that tastes good and is good for us—and learning to develop new, healthier tastes.

In this way, we become more committed to supplementing with functional
foods, plants, and oils derived from plants. We also learn to come to grips with the reality that some substances that are called “foods” are really just poison in disguise and must be avoided.

God created the whole person and everything He created was declared "good." False teachings have brought about confusion regarding the value of the body.

We must remember that our body was created to be the "temple" and therefore is an important part and influence on the spirit, mind, and emotions as well. It is our responsibility to maintain the body God has given us to the best of our ability.

Without a doubt, He will hold us accountable for how we care for this precious gift of life that has been entrusted to us.

With God's help we can learn, by faith, to discover the necessary knowledge to make our own health care decisions.

We must take responsibility for our own life by discerning which methods should be pursued and which should be avoided. . .and stop running to and fro in fear to an early grave.

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