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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

When the Seals are Opened. . .

Kay Frances Graves

Word of the Most High God
Historical Scholars

This is a warning from the Word of God--something required to avoid deception--something to remember as worldly events unfold.

The spiritually mandatory question Holy Scripture presents is this:
     "Are we able to remember the foundation which the Most High God has provided in order to correctly understand history, so we might also correctly understand current events?"

Remember this.
and shew yourselves men:
bring it again to mind,
O ye transgressors.
-Isaiah 46:8

Because humans, by nature are transgressors--transgressing the Word and Will of God--and tend to go down the wrong road, He tells us in this verse that He has established something especially important to remember.

However, remembering will not be a very pleasant experience.  He intends to shake us from our self-centeredness--our strongest fleshly weakness--in order that our eternal lives may be spared.  He is telling us to stop being cowards, to spiritually "man-up"--to find the courage to think about what He is going to say next, even though it will prick our prideful, inherently sinful nature.

What is so important and yet so painful to remember?  What is it the Creator of the Universe has labeled so imperative?

the former things of old:
for I am God, 
there is none else:
I am God,
there is none like me,
-Isaiah 46:9

Here are the four very vital things He commands us to remember in this verse:

1.  Remember the events that have taken place in our own personal history as well as the events that have taken place in world history; because He is the one who created all things, including every aspect of history--which is really "His-Story."

2.  Remember that the Most High God is the only option we really have.  Considering eternal life and our need of a Savior. . .He is IT--all there is.

3.  Remember that the Most High God is like no other god.  He IS preeminent above all other so-called, "gods," which are really only the figments of Satan's wicked imagination projected into the minds of those he has deceived.  Teaching mankind how to steal worship from the true God has always been the priority of the evil one who is merely the (temporary) false "god of this world," whose main desire from the beginning has been to usurp the position of God Almighty.

4.  Remember that God never lies.  He always does everything He says He will do.

Declaring the end 
from the beginning,
from ancient times 
the things that are not yet done,
My counsel shall stand,
I will do all my pleasure:
-Isaiah 46:10

Here God Almighty, our Creator, establishes that He is the only one qualified to:

1.  declare or speak the Word that is Alpha and Omega, all things from the beginning to the end and vice versa; even the Truth regarding and predicting events that have not yet come to pass.

2.  provide mankind with an absolute, everlasting foundation with which to interpret end times.  He will definitely do all that He has said He will do.

God's counsel/instruction will stand the test of time and in the end we will see that He has done everything according to His perfect will.

So where do some professing "experts" of history stray from this foundation God has provided?

This Word of God targets scholars, that for the most part, have been seeing historical interpretations, regarding the beginning and the end, as being all inclusive and have failed to remember that the Holy Bible is not like any other book on the shelf. . .just as they have failed to remember that the Author of the Bible is not like any other so-called, "god."

With the exception of a few extraordinary believers throughout history, most "scholars" have strayed from the Word of God to follow the opinions of men instead of considering God's method of "generational interpretation and application."

They imagined that early Christians were spiritual giants--somehow scripturally superior to those who came after them and for this reason; God must have bestowed upon them the only correct interpretation of the Word of God.  Therefore they erroneously conclude that we should spend our time studying the opinions and interpretations of early Christians and reject any present day promptings of the Holy Spirit that would motivate us to expand the interpretation to include our present circumstances.  This, of course, goes directly against Acts 2:17:

And it shall come to pass 
in the last days
saith God,
I will pour out of my Spirit
upon all flesh:
and your sons 
and your daughters 
shall prophesy,
your young men 
shall see visions,
your old men 
shall dream dreams: 

The correct definition of the word, "prophesy," means "to interpret and further expound the Word of God."

However, the Scriptures warn that this does not leave room for any "private interpretation" which would change the established fundamental Truth of the Word--so how does legitimate generational interpretation and application take place?

Prophesying takes place as the existing written Word of God is synchronized and applied to events in end times through inspiration, preaching, writing, visions, and dreams.  This is not the same inspiration God gave when the original Scriptures were written, but the inspiration residing in His already established Word, which every genuine believer is granted by the power of the Holy Spirit, who leads us into all Truth, when we are born-again by the Spirit of God.  (See John Chapter 3.)

Inspiration, preaching, and writing are a result of the Holy Spirit, working in the hearts and minds of His people as He magnifies certain portions of His written Word and applies it to the events in their lives as well as the events they are observing in the world around them at that specific time in history.

Visions and dreams are a result of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts and minds of His people in the same manner, except the specific message is usually given to them via the Word stored in their hearts, usually through the use of symbolism when their mind is at rest and not engaged in the type of conscious thought one experiences as he goes about his daily work and activity, but his heart and spirit are free to focus on the Word alone.  This has nothing to do with mysticism nor initiated by the person in any way, but the Spirit of God comes upon the person only as God wills.

(Warning:  Trying to conjure up a vision or dream in any way, is to leave yourself open to harmful spirits.)

God may reveal something regarding a significant event at the moment it is happening on the other side of the world or even an event that will take place years into the future and the interpretation of the vision can often take time to completely understand.  It is something that we can instantly understand or it can return to our remembrance now and then to be explained after the fact with hind-sight, perhaps when we have acquired additional information from the Word or after further current events unfold.

Inspiration, visions, and dreams may also be used to prepare us or warn us regarding something important that we may be overlooking in our personal life.

True prophesying will never contradict the written Word of God.

These are the methods God has always used, right from the very beginning, to impress His Word and Will upon the hearts of those who belong to Him as well as those He is in the process of calling unto Himself.  Yes, there are many false "prophets," some of whom may be deceived themselves.  These will be the ones proclaiming another Gospel and a corrupted Word inspired by the devil to deceive others.

Nevertheless, all is well.  Because God's people are diligent students of His Word and dedicated to following Him.  Jesus has promised that genuine "hot" (as opposed to "cold" or "lukewarm") believers will not be deceived.  He is keeping us safe through the power of His Word and His Spirit.  We will know the Truth and Truth will keep us free from the worldwide deception that is coming upon the earth to enslave mankind--deception that has already been working in the world to accomplish these goals.

While it is true that we are not allowed to add to the Word or not allowed to delete anything from the Word, the Spirit of the Word, at the same time, remains perfectly flexible within God's established Truth allowing Him to speak to each generation in the specific manner required to help them continue to function and endure the specific events that are specifically taking place during their specific lifetime, by continuing to provide the faith to be faithful.

The Holy Scriptures are able to present God's identical message to every generation, while layering these truths in a supernaturally, creative way in order to help the reader of any generation identify with the specific message God is giving his own generation.  In order for this to take place; God has amazingly inspired every Word in a manner that also leaves room to include the changes that will occur as His timetable of events unfold over hundreds--even thousands of years--without changing "one jot or one tittle" of the foundational Truth He has established.

The symbolism found in the Book of Revelation is one example of God's unique interpretation being applied to modern technology, enabling the last generation to successfully identify the specifically unique time in which they will be living.  

In the 1800s, Christians were not able to completely identify what the Apostle John wrote in the Book of Revelation, because the type of technology John was seeing had not yet been invented.  In fact, John himself could not identify it--all he could do is describe what God was showing him.  So to cling to every interpretation of the 1800s would be to bring about misinterpretations today. . .which it certainly has done.

Where else will we find this principle of "generational interpretation" validated in the Word of God?

Another place we find this validation is in the Prophet Daniel's vision in the 10th through the 12th chapters of the Book of Daniel.  The angel sent from God, shows Daniel many future events, then instructs Daniel in this way:

But thou, O Daniel,
shut up the words, 
and seal the book,
even to the time of the end:
many shall run to and fro,
knowledge shall be increased.
-Daniel 12:4

In this verse, God establishes how this specific generational interpretation will be revealed:

1.  God does not reveal everything to everyone at the same time.  He has appointed times of revelation--even for those as close to God as Daniel.  Therefore the book is sealed until the end, when this Word can be correctly applied to the events taking place at His appointed time.

2.  The details of Daniel's vision were especially pertinent to end times, yet through these Words, all believers who would ever read these Words, were being given enough information so they would be able to watch, pray, and carefully consider whether their generation could be the last generation.

3.  Speed, involving two signs/functions of mankind, would be the theme of the last generation.

     1) One of the signs of end times and the appointed revelation of this information will coincide with an unprecedented increase in travel from one place to another in a heretofore unheard of extraordinarily short period of time. 

     2)  Another sign of end times and the revelation of this information will be an obvious increase--and easily accessible compilation--of knowledge--knowledge of good--of God and His Word, as well as knowledge of evil.  Interesting that in end times, this issue regarding the knowledge of good and evil will revisit the earth in God's "Alpha and Omega" style to complete the circle, taking us right back to the Garden of Eden to show us that humans definitely have not evolved into something better.  They are, for the most part, still rejecting God's Word (Jesus the Living Word as well as the written Word), "de-volving," embracing the old lies of satan, and bent on their own self-destruction.

Today we see all of these signs (and countless others throughout Scripture and in our present life experience) being fulfilled.

". . .yea, let God be true
but every man a liar;
as it is written,
That thou mightest be 
in thy sayings,
mightest overcome 
when thou are judged."
-Romans 3:4

Whom are we to trust, then?  What saith the Word of the Lord?

Should we trust "biblical historians"--mere finite men?--or should we put our trust in the God-breathed, Spirit-filled, written Word of God?

This will be an easy decision for the comparatively few who genuinely know Christ, but in Matthew 24, in describing the "broad road," Jesus reveals that most people will pridefully prefer to gratify the flesh and walk among the dazed and confused majority on the broad road--following the opinions of men--instead of the preeminence of Christ and the very narrow specifics of His Word and Will which challenge us to go against our own selfish desires and worldly attachments.

The broad road is filled with many that choose to let the devil make fools of them through their spiritual ignorance, their rejection of any real Truth or life-saving instruction from the Word of God; then spend their remaining years trying to learn how to modify their behavior in an attempt to invent a new persona and to somehow cover their ignorance with a false, all-knowing, confident, superior attitude.  However, after rejecting the love and salvation of the Lord of lords, this theatrical performance will quickly disintegrate as soon as they are faced with the harsh realities of what lies ahead.   

Therefore, God's Word is sounding the alarm today--in this specific generation--commanding us to wake up and remember that Jesus Christ is preeminent.  Because He is God, He is the only one worthy of our worship and trust.  He is the only one worthy to open the seals because He alone is able to give us the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. . .because Jesus IS the Truth.

. . .Furthermore, He alone is the only one we can trust to have our best interest at heart, because He alone IS love in its purest form.
(". . .God IS love. . ." 1 John 4:8b).

Why is it so important to understand end times?

Those who are able to see and understand the signs will be able to identify themselves as the last generation.  They will be the same ones motivated to continue watching for the multitude of other signs God has promised to give--signs designed to encourage us to pray and spiritually prepare for the day Christ will rescue us from the wrath to come. . .to help us avoid being deceived, to assure that we are spiritually prepared and not clinging to any false "gods," idols, doctrines, or other things of this world.

Be watchful,
strengthen the things 
which remain,
that are ready to die:
for I have not found 
thy works perfect
before God.

Remember therefore 
thou hast received
and heard,
hold fast, and repent.
thou shalt not watch
I will come on thee
as a thief,
thou shalt not know
what hour
I will come upon thee.
-Revelation 3:2-3

IF we are spiritually awake and watching, we will know what time it is on God's eternal clock--and will, therefore, not be overtaken like some ignorant, careless, lazy sleepyhead, falling victim to a thief in the night.

I know thy works,
that thou art neither
cold nor hot:
I would thou wert 
cold or hot.
So then because 
thou art lukewarm,
and neither cold nor hot,
I will spue thee out
of my mouth.
Because thou sayest, 
I am rich, 
and increased with goods,
and have need of nothing;
and knowest not
that thou art wretched, 
and miserable, 
and poor,
and blind 
and naked:
-Revelation 3:15-17

Watch ye therefore,
pray always,
that ye may be accounted 
worthy to escape
all these things 
that shall come to pass,
to stand
before the Son of man.
-Luke 21:36

God has lovingly provided a way of escape.  He is the only one totally committed and able to help those who have no help.  (Psalm 22:11).

To be counted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, scroll to the top of the page and click on the gift wrapped in gold.  At this very moment, repent and ask God for forgiveness for transgressing His Word and Will, commit yourself to following the Living Word, Jesus Christ and the Written Word, the Holy Bible--(KJV recommended).  Then thank God for writing your name in the Lamb's Book of Life for eternity.

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