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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Ps.119..CHETH..#8..Beyond Complete

~Eighth Section~


= In Hebrew Means:



While the number seven indicates "completion"

... it is specifically an earthly symbol ... exclusive to this world.  

HOWEVER ... the number eight goes w-a-a-a-y beyond seven

... all the way to "infinity"... all the way to "forever."

..."Infinity"... in Hebrew ... also speaks of an everlasting covenant

... that takes place under a tent ... the marriage canopy

... connecting "infinity" to the eternal marriage ... between Christ and His Bride.

...Our Infinite

"Thou art
my portion,
I have said
that I would keep
thy words."

= share .. a part
= inheritance

= divide .. allotment

"would keep"
= save
= have charge of
    .. as watchman
(keeper .. guardian of)

watch .. guard
= preserve
= guard from dangers
= keep close .. observe
= subtle watcher

= speech .. utterance
= sayings
= chronicles
= commandments

The "portion" King David speaks of ... also illustrates the marriage of Christ and His Bride

... which is, first of all, our infinite inheritance

... our tent ... the symbol of our eternal relationship of residence with Him.

This "portion"... is only granted to those who promise to "keep"

... follow ... stay united in their relationship with Him

... through the Word of God.  

This is a ..."faith promise"... we make ... sincerely from our heart

... that is dependant upon our relationship with God's Word and Spirit

... to provide the power ... to keep this promise.

...A Fence
   ...A Ladder
          ...A Gate

... And within this infinite inheritance ... portion

... we see the wonderful gift of eternal life

... a secure residence of protection

... next found in the symbol of a "fence"... or "wall" of protection.

This "fence"... when in an horizontal position ... can serve not only as a protective "wall"... but also as a "gate"

... or ... 

while in a vertical position ... can become a ladder

... or ...

a stairway ... even ... a means of assending to heaven ... as depicted in Gen. 28:10-12:

"And Jacob went out 
from Beersheba, 
went toward Haran.

And he lighted upon 
a certain place, 
tarried there all night, 
the sun was set; 
he took of the stones 
of that place, 
put them
for his pillows, 
lay down 
in that place
to sleep.

And he dreamed, 
behold a ladder 
set up
on the earth
the top of it 
reached to heaven: 
and behold
the angels of God 
descending on it."

...Really Abiding?
   ...or Still
      ...Outside the Gate?

"I intreated thy favour 
with my whole heart
be merciful unto me 
according to thy word."

= prayer of .. weakness
    .. in grief

= presence .. face
= (relationship)

= turn .. change direction
= turn toward

"whole heart"
= entire inner man
= thoughts
= will .. determination
= appetite .. desire
= emotion
= seat of courage
    .. wisdom

= be gracious
= show pity

"according word"
= utterance .. speech
= commandment

= promise .. saying

Understanding that God is King ... is David's inheritance

... and because David knows the truth about himself

... that he is really just a typically ... spiritually weak ... human being possessing no righteousness of his own

... he is therefore able to see the value of keeping God's Word, having His favor, and maintaining a spiritually intimate relationship with Him.  

This realization ... causes David to call on God's mercy and the supernatural help required to examine his own heart

... to carefully consider the reality of his relationship with the Lord

... not wanting to be found outside of

...the eternal inheritance

... promised "portion."


"I thought on my ways
turned my feet 
thy testimonies."

= think .. calculate
= take account
= consider
= be mindful of

= road .. journey
= manner .. habit
= course of life
= moral character

= go back .. return
= repent .. recover
= restore

= walk .. move

= witness
(ref. divine laws)

= legal witness

= evidence recorded
= Word of God

= repeat .. affirm
= exhort

As a result of examining his heart in the presence of God

... David is able to get back on course

... back to following the Word more closely and re-aligning his life with the specifics of the will of God.

"I made haste
delayed not 
keep thy commandments."

= hurry .. quickly
= enjoy .. be excited
= be ready

= tarry .. linger
= hesitate .. reluctant

= save
= have charge of
    .. as watchman
(keeper .. guardian of)

= law .. precept
= ordinances
= judgments .. rules
= code of wisdom
= best course in life
= God's direction and will
= totality of Word of God

= assignment
= specific God-given

Once David has taken time to think about the direction his life is going

... and re-align his heart and mind to be in harmony with the Word and will of God

... he then ... wastes no time in adjusting his course and making the necessary changes required.

...No Loss
       ...Some Benefit

The bands
of the wicked 
have robbed me: 
but I have not 
forgotten thy law.

= territory
= company .. association
(affecting discernment?)
= destruction

= deal corruptly
= twist pledge

= criminal .. law breaker
= guilty
= hostile .. rebellious
= against God
= ungodly .. condemned

= surround to take
    .. steal

= ignore .. get careless
= not remember

= direction .. instruction
= prophetic teaching
= interpret Word of God

= "Water of the Word"
= pour .. cast .. throw
= like rain
= teach .. instruct

The righteous are never without enemies ... King David is no exception.

Sometimes the most important lessons ... especially when it comes to discerning the evil devices of the wicked

... are learned through loss of something valuable.

David may have been robbed

... but this experience is now keeping him closer to God's Word

... depending on God's wise instruction ... to provide valuable wisdom and discernment in the future.

...Gratitude"a Time Cut Short"

"At midnight
I will rise
to give thanks
unto thee 
because of 
thy righteous judgments."

= dividing time
= middle of night

= separate
= time of dividing
= "time cut short"

= rise up
= arise
(sudden .. hostile)
= to fulfill
= to be raised up

= send out praise
= give God glory
= confess Name of God
= (express gratitude)

= justice .. judge as right

= ethical .. morally right
= having been vindicated

= right .. lawful
= accord with God's Word
= order .. approprate

= vindicate .. punish
= govern
= defend .. deliver

It's at "midnight" ... the darkest time of day

... perhaps even speaking of spiritual "darkness" in the heart ... or ... in the world.

This is the time David tells us ... we will be inspired to "rise" and express gratitude to God.

Could be verse 62 holds a prophetic illustration using Words like:


... while "Chet" provides us with a picture of "division"... and ..."separation" by sudden "rising"

... during a time "cut short"

... all found in conjunction with the number "8"... referring to "infinity."

       ...True Fellowship

I am a companion 
of all them 
that fear thee, 
and of them 
that keep
thy precepts.

= associate .. fellow(ship)
= knit together

= unite .. bind together
= fellowship with
= be a charmer 😊
    .. friendly .. charming
(God's sense of humor)

= dread

= terror .. afraid
= respect .. reverence

= honor

= save
= have charge of
= as watchman
(keeper .. guardian of)

watch .. guard
= preserve
= guard from dangers
= keep close .. observe
= subtle watcher

= totality of Law
Word of God
= statute
= commandments

= judgment
= recorded testimony
= purpose of attending to
= pay attention to .. need

It has been said that true "fellowship" consists of "fellows all in the same ship"

... and this is very true if we understand that our "Ship" is really Jesus Christ ... the living Word of God

... and the communication we are to enjoy can only come via the written Word of God ... since the Spirit of Jesus resides therein. 

Socialization and genuine Christian fellowship are two completely different things.

It is only possible to experience genuine fellowship with companions

... associates ... like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ ... who truly "fear"/honor God and His Word

... and by the Spirit of God ..."keep"... respect ... value ... observe ... and faithfully follow His precepts ... found in His Holy Word.

...Holy Spirit 
        ...Our Teacher

Therefore ... King David prepares us to GO BEYOND our earthly existence ... by praying:

"The earth, O LORD, 
is full of thy mercy
teach me thy statutes."

= land .. country
= current dwelling
= (as opposed to Heaven)

= goodness .. pity
=  lovingkindness

= to be taught .. trained
= learn .. instructed
= diligently

= throw .. cast
= water .. rain
= Water of Word
= direct .. instruct
= inform

= ordinance

= prescribed boundaries
= limits .. conditions

= according to God's
    ..written Word.

How does David prepare us to go beyond our current existence

... an existence the number "7causes us to presume to be "complete"... erroneously leading us to assume this earthly reality is all there is to life?

He encourages us to go further in our understanding

... taking the next logical step ... to number "8"

... to realize that ... number "7" does not actually "complete" our Creator's  plan at all

... but that there is really ... w-a-a-a-y more to all He intended for us

... encouraging us ... that if we just reach for number "8" ... it is possible to grasp "infinity."

How is it possible to grasp "infinity?"

(1) seeing what David sees ... the mercy of God everywhere around us

... then personally receiving God's mercy ... through forgiveness of our sin ... which He paid for with His precious Blood on the cross.


(2) also following David's desire and example of submitting to our heavenly Father's instruction

... from His precious written ... Holy Word.

. . .So what is next ? 
      . . .Number 9 

The Biblical numerology of the number 9  represents "finality" or "the judgment"

... speaking also of judging a person's character and his works.

In addition ... number 9 is used to define the perfect movement of God

... and ... 

regarding man ... is a number of patient endurance

... in reference to those who ... by the power of His Spirit

... overcome to accomplish His divine will.

. . .To learn more see. . .
"Word Speaks...Before Departure"
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Monday, August 2, 2021

Bread..Tasting & Tempting

Previously Posted:
Feb. 4, 2019


The Word ..."Bread"... is mentioned 330 times in the Bible ... referring symbolically ... to many valuable foundational keys ... to understanding the Holy Scriptures:

= loaves of bread
= food made of grain

food of any kind
...So... can also refer to:

= doctrine 

Jesus shows us in this Scripture that He intends doctrine to have every aspect of it 
... based on His Holy Word 

... doctrine especially NOT to be a product of tradition ... in any way.

= Jesus' Body 
(Matt. 26:26...Jn.6:35)

= spiritual power
(Mark 7:27)

= spiritual food
= /Word of God
(Luke 4:4)

= sincerity and Truth
= /Word of God

Considering the "Body of Jesus":

..."Bread"... represents everything His "Body" represents.

We understand this first as He referred to Himself ... as "the Bread of Life." (Jn.6:35)

His physical Body was then offered as a sacrifice at the cross ... after Jesus instructed the disciples at the last supper... to remember that the "Bread" represents His Body and the Wine His Blood.

We can reveal how the Bread connects to everything else Jesus is ... by listing all things that are equal ... beginning with ... and ending with ... "Jesus" in this equation:

Jesus = Bread = Word of God = Spiritual Food = Nourishment/Power via Holy Spirit of the Word = Truth..Way..Life = Jesus

Truly ... Jesus is the Bread ... and ... the Bread is the Body of Christ.

But ... also interesting to note:

= believers
(are Body of Christ)

... in a sense ... genuine believers are also the "Word of God"... carrying the Word of God in their hearts 

... giving the Word ... giving of themselves ... by sharing the Word ... and serving others as prompted by the Holy Spirit of the Word of God ... taking the role ... in the world ... as "walking Bibles," if you will.

[...All of the above references also found elsewhere throughout the Scriptures]


When considering "Taste"... as it pertains to "tasting" the Lord ... Who is ... our "Bread of Life"... as well as "seeing"... the Lord 

... it becomes evident in the following verse ... that "Bread" is an unmistakable reference to God ... as His goodness is being defined ... and experienced.

Therefore ... we are being encouraged to acquaint ourselves with His Word ... to experience the benefits of His goodness ... and ... thereby ... be motivated to put our trust in Him. 

If we just "taste"... we are assured that we will "see" how good God is 

... and be able to receive all the blessings associated with ... putting our trust in Him.

Therefore . . .

"tasting"... is an invitation.

Psalm 34:8:

O taste
and see
that the LORD
is good:
blessed is
the man
that trusteth
in him.

= partake of..digest
= satisfy cravings
= sustain
= acquire strength
= recognize
= ascertain..recognize

= look at..behold
= enjoy..perceive 
= think about
= inspect..observe
= visualize..consider
= give attention to
= learn about
= discern..distinguish

= happy

= go straight..walk
= go on..advance
= make progress 
= to lead on
= be guided

= seek refuge
= flee to for 
= confident in
= hope in

= to feel safe
= cause to trust 
= make secure

"Tasting" is foremost... a submissive response ... to God's invitation ... to discover the blessings ... He desires to bestow .... upon those who are obedient ... to His Word ... as put forth in this verse.


..."Tempt Not"...

... because ...
"tempting" involves 
presumption ... a very strong ... and rebellious ... character flaw of the devil 

... as played out through Jesus' encounter with this evil one 

..."thee Tempter"... in the wilderness:

was Jesus
led up
of the Spirit
the wilderness
to be tempted
of the devil.

= solitary..lonely
= desolate
= uninhabited
= deserted by others

= empty expanse

= try whether a thing
   can be done
= attempt..endeavour
= make trial of for
   purpose of
   ascertaining how 
   God will behave
= to test craftily to
   put to the proof of
   God's feelings or
= to solicit..invite to sin
= to inflict evils upon
   to prove character
= by wicked conduct
   to test God's patience
= to challenge God to
   prove His greatness

...Also men tempt God by exhibitions of distrust ... to try to prove that He can or cannot be trusted.

By considering these differences between "tasting" God and "tempting" God ... it becomes clearly evident that "tasting" is from a position of submissive yielding ... and willingness to be taught by the Holy Spirit ... what God says about Himself in His Holy Word.

... on the other hand ... 

"tempting"... comes from an attitude ... and  ... position of an unsubmissive rebellious desire to control God ... by pressuring Him to yield to one's own self-determined test.

And when
he had fasted
forty days
forty nights,
he was afterward
an hungred.

= in need of food
= desire for food
= to suffer want

= poor (without)
= in need..afflicted

Take note ... the devil sees the advantage in waiting until Jesus is at a disadvantage ... physically weak ... after fasting for 40 days.

This is when the enemy appeals to the flesh to try to take control ... to lead in the wrong direction.

And when
the tempter
came to him,
he said,
If thou be
the Son of God,
command that
these stones
be made bread.

= speak..say..tell

= to make to do
("use Your power, Jesus")

= to declare

= manifest light/power

= cause to appear
= create

While the Tempter is acknowledging Jesus' power as Creator ... recognizing that all Jesus has to do is simply "command" the stones to turn into bread 

... at the very same time ... the slick devil ... is cleverly trying to interject himself into the equation ... in an attempt to become ..."the commander"... of ..."Thee Commander"

...which ... of course ... is an attempt to steal authority from Christ.

Here we see an excellent example of the sin behind the sin of "tempting God"

... which solely rests upon the attempt to tell Jesus what to do ... to try to command 
..."Thee Commander."

In essence ... this self-serving maneuver to try to get God to prove Himself to man or yield to the desire of man to see God perform ... is the sin that lurks behind every attempt to test and tempt God.

But he answered
and said,
It is written,
shall not live
bread alone,
but by
every word
that proceedeth
out of
the mouth of God.

Jesus provides the perfect response and example for us through His response to this temptation and the rebellious attempt of the Tempter to try to steal Jesus' authority by putting Him to his own deceitful ... self-designed "test."

Very similar to Jesus' discourse with Nicodemus in John: 3 
... about the two dimensions that exist ...

Jesus is now reminding the devil ... and us ... that there is:

(1)..physical "Bread"

... and there also is ...

(2)..spiritual "Bread."

Jesus makes the distinction clear 

... the physical bread we physically eat is not the only type of "Bread."

... The reality we must face ... is that ... to survive ... to maintain life ... we also must have the Spiritual "Bread" ... which "comes out of the mouth of God"... the "Bread" that exists to spiritually keep us alive forever ... found in the form of the written Word of God.

This is not an option.

If we want to maintain life ... we must also "feed on"... "eat"..."digest"... devote time and effort to assimilating the written ... Word of God.

Then the devil
taketh him up
into the holy city,
and setteth him
on a pinnacle
of the temple,

And saith
unto him,
If thou be
the Son of God,
cast thyself down:
for it is written,
He shall give
his angels charge concerning thee:
and in their hands
they shall
bear thee up,
lest at any time
thou dash thy foot against a stone.

The devil is a relentless being ... quick to mock ... and minimize the vital importance Jesus is placing on our need of every Word God has spoken

... so he pulls out of context ... the Word "written"... to mockingly try to prove his point ... and legitimize his effort to "tempt" Christ

... and in essence ... tells Jesus not to worry about being put to the "test"

..."see ... your own Word guarantees that you won't get hurt because the angels are there to protect you."

BUT ... the issue is not about Jesus' survival 

... it's about His authority

No one has the authority to tell God what to do ... our position must always remain one of submissive request ... preceded by diligent searching of His written Word.

So. . .

Jesus said unto him,
It is written again,
Thou shalt
not tempt
the Lord thy God.

the devil
taketh him up
into an exceeding
high mountain,
and sheweth him
all the kingdoms
of the world,
and the glory
of them;

And saith unto him,
All these things
will I give thee,
if thou wilt
fall down
and worship me.

And ... again ... the devil does not give up ... but digs His heels in even deeper ... by admitting ... "yes ... this is really about 'worship'... (authority and submission)" ... "so just worship me then."

= an expression used of homage shown to men and beings of superior rank
= showing submission to by bowing to ... etc.

Then saith Jesus
unto him,
Get thee hence,
for it is written,
Thou shalt worship
the Lord thy God,
him only
shalt thou serve.

Jesus definitely has the authority ... and uses it ... at this point to command Satan to leave ... reminding him one last time that God alone ... is to be worshipped ... and served.

= menial (humble) hire
= lowly work
= minister to
(as under authority)

"Serve"... is also an interesting Word Jesus uses to establish the true context of what it means to "worship."

For the Christian ... all work becomes a service in the Name of Christ ... regardless the type of work in which one is engaged. 

But would prohibit
engaging in certain types of "work" that would not be honoring to God or in harmony with His Holy Word.

The specific definition of the Word in this case in the Greek ... refers to ministering to the humble needs of others  

... foremost in the body of believers 

... but also serving ... even in the world ... for wages 

... at an independant position where Christ can also be seen and glorified ... not where the world ... and devil can steal the authority and glory 

... but through the Body of believers ... individually ... and/or collectively ... working with/or without wages
... meeting lowly needs of fellow humans.

Since the devil didn't want to think about humbly serving others ... but about enjoying a position if authority ... "lording it" ... even over God Himself 

... the Word "serve"... added to the Words ..."worship God alone"... were sufficient Words to motivate him to leave ... and so he did.😊

Then the devil
leaveth him,
and, behold,
angels came
and ministered
unto him.

Therefore. . .

"Bread" is "manna."

= "manna" defined as asking...the questions:
..."What is it?"
..."What does it mean?

The Word, "manna," meaning: 

"What is this?"
... or ... 
"What does this mean?"

     "Manna" is an interrogative pronoun ... addressing everything we ever would want to ask:

what? what means?..because of what?

Instead of "testing"... we need to be "tasting"

... submitting our questions ... asking all of our questions ... as we look to Jesus:

..."Bread of Life"
..."Written Word of God" 

... for the answers to the everyday challenges we face.

* * * * *
If you are seeking answers to the questions you have about issues you are facing in your life today

... scroll to the top of this page ... click on the gift wrapped in gold and follow the directions ... with all your heart engaged.

Then begin diligently and prayerfully studying God's written Word.

...You will not be disappointed.

... God is faithful ... and waiting 

... for you to ask Him for the "Bread of Life."