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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Rapture..The Final Sign

(Originally published May 17, 2019)

The Very Last Sign:

... When it seems
     ... He tarries


     What an amazing journey ... through the darkness of this fallen world ... the Bride of Christ has traveled

... learning to depend on the Light of the Holy Spirit ... radiating from the blessed Lamp ... of the most Holy Word of God ... that she carries in her hand ... and in her heart ... holding fast ... her crown

... listening for the Voice of Jesus ... calling her to Himself

... watching for His return ... any moment now.

Matthew 24:
Watch therefore:
for ye know not what hour
your Lord doth come.

= pay attention .. be cautious
= be vigilant .. take heed
= stay awake (to avoid destruction)

But know this,
that if the goodman
of the house had known
in what watch
the thief would come,
he would have watched,
and would not have suffered
his house to be broken up.

= allowed .. permitted .. let

"broken up"
= with intention to take away
"Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown."

Therefore be ye also ready:
for in such an hour
as ye think not
the Son of man cometh.

The Lord, Jesus Christ ... our King has commanded us to be "ready"

... and has defined what it means ... to be "ready"...

Who then is
a faithful and wise servant,
whom his lord
hath made ruler
over his household,
to give them meat
in due season?

= trustworthy .. keeps faith
= believing .. genuine believer
= true

The first requirement for readiness
... is "faith."

Our entire spiritual life is built on ... the faith to remain faithful

... which is completely dependent on God's Word and Holy Spirit for:
... "faith comes by hearing
... and hearing
... by the Word of God."

We can only be "ready"... by the power of God's Word ... working in and through us.

We ... ourselves ... do not possess the strength to be ready ... it is a gift of God ... and not something ... for which we can take any credit.

So the first step ... in providing this power to be ready

... is built on our personal relationship with Jesus Christ ... through His Blood sacrifice ... and the power of His Word

... because His Name is "the Word of God."

[To secure this relationship with our Creator ... scroll to the top of this page ... click on the gift wrapped in gold ... and follow the instructions ... with your entire heart engaged.]

Through this personal relationship we can have with our Creator ... faith will provide the power to be faithful ... as His Word is understood and followed

... and that will take us to the next step ... to develop "wisdom."  

= intelligent
= knowledgeable (of Word of God)
= prudent
= mindful of interests .. (good sense)

Once "wisdom" is being developed ... it will reveal ... individually and specifically ... how to serve our King ... by serving others ... as He has outlined in His Word ... 

... leading us to follow His ... self-sacrificing example ... of helping ... spiritually ... physically ... mentally ... and emotionally ... those who have no help

... setting captives free ... enabling them to become good "servants" as well.

This is how ... through wisdom ... we qualify as a "servant."

However ... take note ... there are two types of servants:

A servant can be either "a voluntary servant" or "an involuntary servant."

If the first step ..."faith"... has been missed ... one may be "serving"... but in his heart ... not really a genuine servant of the King at all

... for this type of "servant"... serving is just a "job"... it isn't about a real ... loving ... "relationship"... where one's whole heart is engaged

... so he "serves"... but is really not spiritually equipped to heal and help restore anyone

... since he has skipped over the first step
... of "faith"

... which provides the power ... wisdom ... and love ... to successfully minister to the "household" of God ... God's people ... brothers and sisters in Christ

... nourishing ... and nurturing ... with the "meat" ... deeper understanding ... of the Word of God ... which serves as food for our spiritual life

... as we are led by His Spirit to share at the specific times He has appointed.

= one who serves
= works for others
(voluntarily .. or involuntarily)

= heal .. restore
= (minister to needs)

= body .. members

= give (spiritual) food .. nourishment

= feed .. nurture .. support

= appointed time .. proper time

Blessed is that servant,
whom his lord
when he cometh
shall find so doing.

Verily I say unto you,
That he shall make him
ruler over all his goods.

But and if that evil servant
shall say in his heart,
My lord delayeth his coming;

HOWEVER ... the "faithless"... those who have neglected the first step of "faith"... Jesus also labels ..."evil."

And ... the "evil servants"... these "faithless" ones ... begin to question the Word of God ... thinking that He is tarrying ... that somehow ... He is not on time ... in their opinion.

= linger .. tarry .. delay

And shall begin to smite
his fellowservants,
and to eat and drink
with the drunken;

The "evil servants" use this false accusation of "tarrying" to attack genuine believers ... as a means of attempting to degrade the spiritual position in Christ genuine believers possess

... which has always threatened to expose their own hypocrisy ... as in any case ... whenever the genuine ... stands next to the counterfeit. 

So this idea of "tarrying" ... provides the excuse they are looking for ... to "smite"... launch verbal ... as well as ... physical attacks against true believers.

Because this attitude reveals hatred in the heart ... which Jesus has defined as "murder"... they prove ... once and for all ... that they qualify as fakes and hypocrites

... because "no murderer has eternal life" ... the Word of God ... has established.

= beat .. inflict pain
= physically attack
= punish .. wound 
= (cause damage to body)
= disquiet one's conscience
= (disturb one's peaceful state)

= associate server
= one who serves beside 
= one who acknowledges who master is

= but can also be against

= voluntarily .. or ... involuntarily

= literally .. or .. figuratively
= to receive into the soul
= (seek spiritual strength from
     world ... instead of God's

When the Master seems to tarry ... in their opinion ... the evil servants ... seal their own condemnation and judgment ... validating ... that they are guilty of murder ... by embracing the behavior of intoxicated worldlings.

Because intoxication can be accomplished through a wide variety of means ... the Greek expounds this Word from God ... in greater detail than we might first consider

... when we understand that "drink"... can include anything that can be received into the soul ... into the body ... anything ... man can use in an attempt to try to make one's self feel better

... anything to make one intoxicated ... "drunken"... even something that in Greek and German ... sounds just like a manmade chemical drug today ... that is known for its ability to summon demons ... of hatred and murder ... according to the daily newspapers.

[G3184 & G3178]
= "methyo"... (Greek)
= "meth"... (c.f. German)
= intoxication
= murder 

By now ... there shouldn't be any doubts regarding the identity ... and spiritual condition of the "evil servants."

It's time to stop trying to justify these wicked ones ... and somehow make them out to be just backslidden believers.

Jesus calls them ... "evil murders"...on their way to hell ... let's not try to correct God's definition of who they really are

... those who do evil are evil.

The lord of that servant
shall come in a day
when he looketh not for him,
and in an hour
that he is not aware of,

shall cut him asunder,
appoint him his portion
with the hypocrites:
there shall be weeping
gnashing of teeth.
-Matt. 24:42-51

"cut asunder"
= cut into two pieces

= "division"... spoken of in Lk.12:51 :
"Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division..."
= a parting distribution
= dissension

= cut in pieces
= dividing opposite parts

= lot .. part .. destiny
= particular measure
   .. (of what he has coming)

= actors .. pretenders
= dissemblers
    .. (hiding under false appearance)
= fake .. counterfeit .. not genuine

The wicked ... evil "servants"... will be getting the hypocrites' "portion" of God's coming wrath ... because they are hypocrites ... fakes

...those who lurk in secret places to slow kill God's people ... or come out of their dark holes long enough ... to carry out an instantaneous murder.

These are the ones ... Jesus tells us ... will be "weeping and gnashing" their teeth when they are "cut out"... "divided out"... "separated out"... left behind

... when genuine servants of God ... are Raptured out ... of this wicked world.


Saturday, April 2, 2022


   📖...A Word Heard..📖

"Therefore Eli said
unto Samuel,
Go, lie down:
and it shall be,
if he call thee,
that thou shalt say,
Speak, LORD;
for thy servant heareth.
So Samuel went
lay down in his place."


"And thine ears
shall hear a word
behind thee,
This is the way,
walk ye in it,
when ye turn
to the right hand,
when ye turn
to the left.


  My account, as a child, regarding the first time the presence of God was experienced, can be found at this blog, post titled "A Little Bird Told Me."

   Twenty years later, after becoming a Christian, I discovered that His Voice is carried by the Holy Spirit into my heart and life through the study of His Word and a few years after that, began sharing, at this blog, what He was teaching.
   While in isolation, studies have now developed into a deeper understanding of what He is saying with the Words He is using.

   With often unusual promptings, again like the experience as a child, His creation speaks from nature, which can often form numbers that can lead to Words found in the Hebrew and Greek .. and in a special way shedding new Light and with deeper understanding.

   Please do not assume that I am getting specific direction like one would seek from a horoscope or fortune teller .. but as concerning all writing here .. a deeper education of the English language is being revealed as unfamiliar definitions are presented through the Hebrew and Greek and often in this way apply to current events or provide specific personal encouragement.

   By reading the posts that follow, you will see what is being described here.

   Another consideration that helps understand this leading to share the blessing .. is that by digging deeper into the Hebrew, Greek concordance .. and old Webster's Dictionary, we discover how many definitions, have been lost by neglect .. or have been replaced by modern words "invented" to promote the cultural changes taking place as modern society rebels against the Word of God .. "not knowing and not wanting to know" what God is really saying.

   Therefore .. considering the Words that have been given in the context of the numbers .. we discover our Father's leading and gift of restoring what has been lost that now provide the deeper understanding we need to be spiritually encouraged in this difficult time in history.

   Therefore His 🎁 to me .. becomes my 🎁 to you.😊
   Please scroll down to read today's first "Word Heard".. hoping we will receive a new "Word Heard" every day.

**If more than one "Word is heard" it will be added in the same post to Words heard for that day .. so return to check
   You may leave your email address by clicking on "comments"and request updates so you can be notified.  Your email address will not be posted but kept confidential then deleted after placed in my file .. and you can unsubscribe any time.
   Loving the Word. . .



[From: A Shaking]

"Whose voice
then shook the earth:
but now
he hath promised,

Yet once more
I shake not the earth only,
but also heaven."

    The Word "shaken" is so dynamic and huge .. found in so many applications .. that it took days of prayer to understand just how to present it.

    Thankfully our Father was also giving this Word to many Brothers and Sisters on the internet so I was able to see more clearly the direction this study was intended to go.

   I was also led to begin at the beginning (daah 😊) by looking at "first mention" in Scripture as the numbers were found in Hebrew and Greek.

    Beginning with the Hebrew and God's instructions to His people after their escape through the Red Sea (a picture of the Rapture) .. it became evident that a leading to the context regarding the similarity with the Rapture was being formed .. then verified by the first number:

["shake".. H5086]
=wicked driven away
=drive•drive away
=drive asunder

(Instructions to God's people)
=submission to God's
  commands (His Word)
   •providing needs
   •victory over enemies
   •God with them
   •freedom vs. slavery
=rejection of God's
  statutes (Word)
    •fear•illness•lack of
    •destruction by
    •domination by
    •run in fear
    •make weak•more
    •children kidnapped
  if disobedient
    •victory given to
    •food will lack
    •cities destroyed
    •God not in places of
      (even enemies will
    •great fear when not
     even being chased
    •powerless against

upon them that
are left alive of you
I will send a faintness
into their hearts
in the lands

of their enemies;
the sound
of a shaken leaf
shall chase them;

they shall flee, as fleeing from a sword;
they shall fall
when none pursueth."


"The wicked flee
when no man pursueth:
the righteous
are bold

as a lion."

    The Hebrew clearly shows pictures of end times .. as disregard for the Word of God brought His wrath upon the rebellious and disobedient while making a way of escape for His people.

    Bible readers should surely have discovered that God uses the same responses over and over again to any disregard for His Word.

    However is in His nature to love and bless those who follow His Word .. but consistently .. ultimately .. punishes those who disregard His Word.

   This conclusion from the past in the Hebrew .. now brings us to His warning in first mention in the Greek which validates what will take place shortly .. as detailed in the New Testament:

["shake".. G1621]
=to shake with
=to shake to remove
  •to fall back
  •left behind
=(some removed
  •some left)

    While this clearly applies to Rapture .. another picture we are given .. but not usually applied to Rapture .. is found in our response to those who reject the Word of God we are called to share with others:

=shake dust off
  (dust•dead•not alive)
=not associate with
=separate from

whosoever shall not
receive you,
nor hear your words,
when ye depart
out of that house
or city,
shake off
the dust of your feet."


=out of a place
=away from

"Wherefore come out
from among them,
be ye separate,
saith the Lord,

touch not
the unclean thing;
I will receive you,

will be a Father
unto you,
ye shall be
my sons and daughters,

saith the Lord Almighty."

*If you are not 100% sure that you are spiritually prepared to enter eternity .. scroll to the top of this page .. click on the gift wrapped in gold in the left column and follow the directions to have assurance.

Saturday, March 26, 2022


✍️...Friday 3-25-22


=praise of God

=hate .. no love

    When I was a girl .. a friend I visited often .. always prayed before meals .."Bless me ... for I have sinned."
    That made me roll my eyes because I knew sinning was about doing something wrong .. and in those days we could expect to get a spanking for that .. not a "blessing."
    Or could it be that the spanking really was the "blessing" .. and the poor girl was asking for it??😇
    What happens to children who only get gifts and rewards regardless of behavior?
    Aren't they also being rewarded for doing wrong?
    Does that make them a better person .. or give them permission to do whatever they feel like doing without expecting consequences?
    Jesus Christ provided the gift of eternal life "while we were yet sinners."
    He made His gift available .. but we had to "repent" .. be willing to forsake the sinful life.

    How many testimonies have we heard where the new Christian came to Christ .. seeking God because he was so grateful for all the "blessings"/wonderful riches .. good health ..and great positions in the world that God gave him?
...not very many .. if any.
    Usually we come to Christ because we realize that we have made a mess of our life and admit it is because we have sinned and need God's forgiveness and help.
    This is the reason prison ministries are so fruitful.
    Those in prison are "convicts" convicted of breaking the law .. sinning.
    Until some people are behind bars .. they think (like constantly "blessed" naughty children) that they will never have to answer for the evil they do.
    In this case .. we can say that their sad prison consequence is really a "blessing" because it has helped them repent and find eternal life in Christ.

    We should also consider how the wrong understanding regarding "blessing" and "cursing" .. has also caused confusion regarding verses presented in the Old Testament .. that would seem to contradict God's view in the New Testament .. to "love" and "bless" enemies .. which really does not contradict Old Testament at all .. but is actually a reminder under the condensed law in the New Testament .. that puts this topic under God's greater law of "love" .. through understanding the broader application of the Words that define a "love" that brings about a broader picture of "prosperity" etc.

    So as we consider "blessings" and "cursings" and praying for enemies .. let's take another look at the Words our Father has provided in His Word and how our application of "blessing" and "cursing" is harmonized throughout the entire Bible.

    We may realize our prayers for enemies are not being answered because we need to be praying more specifically regarding the need they have to be "blessed" actually through conviction .. correction .. and even chastisement .. to bring them to a point where they can receive the fullness of the "blessing" found in eternal life.

     Let's begin with Hebrew:

[Blessing..H1293] ="prosperity."

    The "blessing" of "prosperity" is not a reward for being lazy or politely ignoring the breaking of God's law .. as we find it now applied in the New Testament .. but is in reference to serving God and honoring Him through love .. according to His Word .. in everything we do.

    Surely we do not hope and pray that enemies will "prosper" by engaging in harmful or unlawful endeavors .. so as we pray for their "blessing" of "prosperity" .. let's specify that we are asking God to actually hinder all activities that would not qualify for this "blessing" .. and instead apply the expanded definition that addresses correction and chastisement .. even though ..  it might at first be somewhat painful .. but nevertheless necessary.

   The same goes for the "praise of God".. and any "gifts" God might give such as the "gift" of thought .. health .. love .. peace etc. praying that God would actually exchange these "gifts" for unpleasant "gifts" designed to encourage repentance so they might ultimately enjoy receiving all eternal benefits God desires to give them.  Asking Him to "bless" them by taking away their worldly "peace" or any attempt at finding worldly comfort .. satanic relief sought through drugs .. mind control .. or methods of self distractions .. to help them become willing to receive the real "peace" that only God can give.

   In this way .. even though this might make them uncomfortable .. we are actually praying a "blessing" and not "cursing."

    A closer look at the Word "curse" reveals:

=execrate .. abhorrence
=hate • to not love

     The Bible never teaches "not to love" therefore "Blessing" and "cursing" are really all about loving enough to pray that God will take whatever action is necessary to bring correction and salvation to rebellious enemies .. not in any way rewarding anyone for their wickedness.

  In the true definition of "cursing" we find "hate" .. lack of love and failure to take action that would bring about an offender"s repentance.

    In correction we see love .. that does not exist in "cursing".. since "cursing" is about hating .. not loving .. and with this attitude .. king David is careful to pray in Psalms .. that God would come against his enemies .. bring consequences to them for their attacks and protect him from them .. not send them to hell.

     In the case of David destroying Goliath .. however .. we see a different scenario.
    Goliath and his demonic army intend to destroy God's people.  In this case .. different rules apply.


=praise of God
=cause to prosper
=make happy
=good•well done
=acting well
=Word of God
=*moral precepts*
=make sense

    Thankful for the Greek that really clarifies the Hebrew definition of "prosper" .. meaning "to benefit".. which verifies the basic premise that a "blessing" that "benefits" is not always something we are going to enjoy .. but emphasizes that it is something that will definitely improve our life.

Matt 5:44:
"But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them
that curse you,
do good to them
that hate you,

pray for them
which despitefully
use you,
persecute you;
That ye may be
the children
of your Father
which is in heaven:
for he maketh

his sun to rise
on the evil
on the good,
sendeth rain

on the just
on the unjust."

   We return "cursing" .. hate .. and persecution .. with prayer for our Father to "bless" with correction to bring to repentance .. spiritual growth .. and eternal life.

=prayer to harm
=no love
=take by force what
  belongs to another
=take by violence

    "Blessing" and "cursing" definitions in Hebrew and Greek support one another .. validating that prayers for enemies do not always define "blessing" as a pleasant thing to experience .. but regarding enemies .. will more likely be a request for (sometimes an unpleasant or even painful) corrective action that comes from a loving concern that will ultimately bring repentance and eternal joy.

    So why would we ask God to "bless" our enemies by rewarding them with gifts and continual worldly happiness .. keeping them content in their happy wicked lives that are taking them to hell?

    That does not make sense.
    Neither do we pray "curses" upon them when Jesus came to "save" them from their sins .. however not save them from the consequences of their sins .. which are meant to bring them to repentance .. a new life in Christ .. and the only Way of escape from everlasting punishment in hell.

    God's Word has given us more than two options when praying for enemies .. when we understand that "blessing" can also mean "caring enough to do whatever is necessary" to correct .. bring repentance .. and find the Way to eternal life.

*If you are not 100% certain that you are spiritually prepared to enter eternity .. scroll to the top of this page .. click on the gift wrapped in gold in the left column and follow the directions to have assurance.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

📖.Word Heard.."Shame".."Promises".."Consequences".."Prayers"

✍️...Tuesday 3-22-2022

[From: Today]

=put to shame
=be ashamed
=act shamefully
=delayed .. long

   Today's Word quickly brought back my grandmother's stern reminder:
   "Don't bring shame."
   That is all she said
...but it was enough to understand that bringing shame .. was about bringing pain.

   We don't hear warnings very often anymore about "shame".. as the world no longer values integrity as it once did.

   So I realized as this Word was given to me today that it was something our Father wanted to bring to our attention
...perhaps one more time
...perhaps for the last time.

   While H955 was just one Word .. it amazingly led me to 109 verses through the related number H954.
 Some of these verses refer to God's very serious warnings regarding how shame can be considered in reverse:
...that bringing pain .. was also the result of bringing shame of those "alpha and omega" views God likes to use to bring important lessons in a way we won't easily forget.

   109 verses means that the topic of "shame" is way more important than we might think at first.
   While all verses are not going to be considered here .. since some bring duplicated messages .. it was discovered that there seems to be two categories that can be considered:
   2..Important prayers
   The following is a list of both topics as they appear chronologically in Scripture .. which are listed with biblical reference to study later in more detail .. if you wish .. but listed here condensed with the basic warning or prayer for your initial consideration:

..Enemy realizes protective  hand of God is upon God's people
..but power and wrath of God are against those who forsake God
..they are the "God-forsaken" ones

..ashamed because of sin

(Job 6:20)
..confounded and ashamed

(Job 19:30)
..should be ashamed because of inappropriate behaviour

..[Pray]..for enemies to be ashamed and vexed suddenly.

..The poor are disappointed because they believed they would be helped .. but instead the wicked workers of iniquity took what little they had and drained the life out of them.

.. Nevertheless .. throughout history God's people were delivered and not confounded or disappointed.

..[Pray]..proclaim trust in God .. request that we will not be ashamed .. that enemies will not triumph over us .. that none that wait on God will be ashamed .. but those that attack without a cause will be the ones ashamed.

..[Pray]..Father, confound and shame those that seek the destruction of God's people and confuse their plans to do harm.

..[Pray]..Let shame..confusion..and dishonor come to those who find pleasure in hurting others .. that rise up against God's people.

.. Those who do what is right .. even in time of famine .. God will provide for .. but the wicked will perish.

..[Pray]..Let those who seek to destroy God's people be driven back in shame.

..God puts fear in the hearts of those .. who surround God's people to attack them .. bringing shame upon them.

..[Pray]..that adversaries that attempt to hurt God's people .. will be covered with dishonor and shame.

(71:24)..Then we will magnify God's righteousness .. continually as He always does what is right .. by bringing shame to those who seek to hurt others.

..Those who worship idols (things of this world) instead of God .. will be confounded (publicaly put to shame).

..If we follow God's Word .. we will never be ashamed.

..Being lazy .. causes shame.

..Those who only take from parents .. but do not help them .. will become a shame and reproach.

(From: Hebrew #1100)
=good for nothing
(no good value)


    My grandmother's simple warning about "shame" carried a huge message from the Word of God.

*If you are not 100% certain that you are spiritually prepared to enter eternity .. scroll to the top of this page .. click on the gift wrapped in gold in the left column and follow the directions to have assurance.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

📖.Word Heard.."Discern".."Detest".."Lioness".."Food"

✍️...Sunday 3-20-2022

[From: A Bird & A Flock]

[A Bird..H946]..(H945)
=give heed..distinguish
=show oneself discerning
=attentive..prudent regard

=tread down..reject
=trample (of warriors)
   •(defend position..take
    •(spiritual warfare)
=kick out..infant

    The song the little bird is singing today draws our attention to the importance of "discernment"

...first causing us to pay attention and seek "insight" evaluating what we see with "prudent regard."

...H947 gives the reason
causing us to recognize that the following Words describe "spiritual warfare"

...warning of situations that need to be rejected..even trampled order to defend a position..then take ground..and advance.

...In addition..treading down..also involves "desecration".."kicking out".. engaging in a totally destroying warfare that comes not from flesh and blood .. but coming from the dark spiritual realm controlling those who attack the people of God.

    What sort of enemy is God determined to utterly destroy?

=foul thing..abomination
=detestable to God

=turn away from
=bad smell to God

    Our Father is determined to protect His family from false gods of the world that would lead them astray .. keep them from having a loving relationship with Him .. and from all the blessings He intends to give them.
    So He is obviously very angry when He inspires Paul to confront them with their hypocrisy by using these very strong Words:

"Thou that sayest
a man should not
commit adultery,
dost thou
commit adultery?
thou that

abhorrest idols,
dost thou commit sacrilege?

Thou that makest
thy boast of the law,
through breaking the law dishonourest thou God?"


"But the fearful,
the abominable,


all liars,
shall have their part
in the lake

which burneth with fire
which is the second death."


[A Flock..H1034]
   "House of Lionesses"
=to roar..cry out..mourn
=be loud..(be heard)
=be boisterous
=be moved
  •encouraged to respond
  •take action
=house..Father's House
  •Believers..the Church
=to build
=cause to continue

    The "Flock" that belongs to God and called to the Father's House .. now spiritually dwells in Beth-lebaoth .. the House of Lionesses .. like a lion loudly calling .. crying out .. mourning over the lost .. moved .. encouraged to take action .. to secure a place for them .. eager to complete building the family of God that is destined to continue in the Father's House forever.
    Therefore .. dedicated to calling the last few sheep to receive the food Jesus has prepared for them.

=act of eating
=soul's food
=supports (life)
=a treasure that can rust

"Then Jesus said
unto them,
Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh
of the Son of man,

drink his blood,
ye have no life in you
Whoso eateth my flesh,
drinketh my blood,
hath eternal life;
I will raise him up

at the last day.
For my flesh
is meat indeed,
my blood is
drink indeed.

He that eateth
my flesh,
drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me,

I in him.

As the living Father
hath sent me,
I live by the Father:
so he that eateth me,
even he shall live by me."

(John 6:53-57)

    How can Jesus be our "food?"

     How can this food be like treasure that can rust?

    We can only understand what this food is when we understand that Jesus' Name is "the Word of God".. and symbolically as we "feed" on the Word of God .. Jesus is dwelling in us by the power of the Holy Spirit that resides in the Word of God.

   The Bible is the only supernatural Book in existence .. because God has designed it to be like no other Book on the face of the Earth.

   The Words of the Word of God bring the message and the presence of the Lord Jesus into our heart and life when we turn from being our own "god" and receive God's gift of eternal life by submitting to His Word and preeminent Authority as our Creator and therefore rightful Owner and God of our life.

   Surely "we are not our own .. but bought with the precious Blood of Christ."

   This precious treasure of His Word gets "rusty" (corrupted) when it is misinterpreted .. changed .. tampered with .. rewritten so it no longer means what God intended it to mean.

...and there is a curse against any that would dare tamper with the precious Word of the living God.

"For where
your treasure is,
there will your heart
be also."
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Saturday, March 19, 2022

📖.Word Heard.."#3".."To Bark"

✍️...Saturday 3-19-2022


   •(something growing)

=month of Exodus
  •crossing Red Sea to 
    escape slavery of
    Egypt and wrath of God

    Hebrew #3 provides a picture of "growing fresh green shoots" in the spring
...bringing forth the first fruits of a barley harvest
... leading us to H24 supplying greater detail regarding the "tender" shoots that have sprung up in the earth from the seed .. and souls .. planted by the Lord Jesus Christ
... a crop hopeful of first harvest Rapture of the Church .. with the barley of Abib that takes place in March and April
...reminding us of another deliverance from a wicked world during this time of God's people crossed the Red Sea fleeing slavery of Egyptians..a picture of the world at that time in history.

   •name of angel prince of
    infernal regions (hell)
   •minister of death
   •author of havoc on earth

   •father of multitude
   •father of David..of the
    line of Christ.

=trouble..great distress


=severe..heavy weight

   •(a time to leave/go)

=make sorrowful
=bring sadness..grief

=mourning (loss)

    Interestingly we see a reminder of the Red Sea crossing in Words used in the Greek #3
... But if we focus just on the Words being they are referred by the numbers
... the Holy Spirit continues to bring to the picture His method of carrying out  "escapes" consider His Words of warning to enemies in G3:

...Words like "destruction"
.."Abaddon" the name of the angel prince of hell..minister of death..and author of havoc on earth at a time when order ceases to exist.
    Number (11) brings us to the present reality of our Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ
...and His promise to provide another "escape" before God's wrath is let loose just as in the account describing how the Egyptian's wheels were removed
... how they got stuck in the mud of the floor of the sea (of humanity?😊) before the waters of judgment and God's wrath came upon them.

   G85 emphasizes great trouble and distress at a time of judgment

...G916 brings a burden and time of great depression

...G926 it's a heavy weight..violent..cruel time

...G939 it's a time to walk..go..leave..depart
...a good time to hear Jesus' call to "Come up!"

...G3076 tells us what is left behind on earth
... it's a sorrowful time bringing sadness and grief..offenses and dangerous offenders..a time for "weeping and gnashing teeth."

...G3077 completes the #3 picture of annoyance and affliction..with mourning...death.

..."To Bark"...

   Though this number is not found in the Greek it does bring a very valuable conclusion in just this one number left in the Hebrew as we consider things that "bark":

...things that bring forth a sound

...and consider what sounds have been..and have not been heard

... in Light of the Words the previous numbers have provided:

"His watchmen
are blind:
they are all ignorant,
they are all dumb dogs,
they cannot bark;
sleeping, lying down,
loving to slumber."

"Yea, they are
greedy dogs
which can never
have enough,
they are shepherds
that cannot understand:
they all look
to their own way,
every one for his gain,
from his quarter."
(Isaiah 56:10-11)

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