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Friday, November 11, 2022

Stephen..First Martyr's..Messages

(Previously Posted March 8, 2019)

Acts 6. . .

And in those days,
when the number
of the disciples
was multiplied,
there arose
a murmuring
of the Grecians
against the Hebrews,
because their
widows were neglected
in the daily


=secret debate

=grumbling low tone
=express discontent


=a woman
  ..without a husband
  ..whose husband died
=a city stripped
  ..of inhabitants 
  ..of riches

=idea of
  ..being without
=without father
  ..or husband


=forsaken as widow

=as divorced woman
  ..(i.e. departed from


=compare with others


=to take heed
=unexpectedly noticed
=to care for


=those who minister
=office of 
=delegated to
  ..provide affection physical needs
  ..prepare food
  ..anoint with oil
    ..pray for healing 

=run errands
=(go where needed represent
=servant of a king
=cares for poor
=raises funds to disadvantaged
  ..waits on tables
  ..serves food

As the number of disciples was increasing ... the Grecians began to murmur against the Hebrews 

...because their widows were being overlooked during the time delegated for daily ministry to them.

... In the early Church ... followers of Christ understood the importance of ministering to widows 

... and the value of mirroring God's heart 

... by being like God ... the One who is the Helper of those who "have no help." (Ps.72:12)

They understood the amazing benefits and blessings God was waiting to pour out upon those who 

... followed His example and teaching 
... regarding ministry to those in need 
... especially within the body of believers.

The importance of this ministry 
... was right up there next to preaching the Gospel 
... because it was such a powerful picture of love 
... unity in Christ 
... and Jesus' message of salvation in action. 

... Therefore, this unique expression of love had the power to reach many souls for Christ in a very short time.

Also it provided a means of exposing the wickedness of the religious hypocrites that preyed upon the widows ... fatherless ... and the vulnerable ... who were being rejected and oppressed by this sinful world.

Unfortunately today ... professing Christians have ... for the most part ... turned their responsibility over to the systems of this world ... and back into the clutches of pharisaical hypocrites 

... hoping that their taxes to Ceasar will cover that which God had personally entrusted to them 

... while worldly systems steal the glory from God and reap huge financial rewards for controlling the physical and spiritual lives of the elderly 

... and while their children ... who are called by God to first minister to their parents ... as a means of developing spiritual maturity and providing a demonstration of the true definition of "love"
(Mark 7:6-13)

... and the "religious" ... (but biblically ignorant) folks 

... indulge themselves in worldly pursuits. 

*See post at this blog*
"Rapture..Do You Qualify?" (11/27/18)

The very fact that the disciples labored over the selection of those who would carry out this ministry ... reveals the importance it had in gaining God's blessing and furthering His message of salvation.

**Message #1**

Conflict often precedes realignment of priorities and re-positioning of the Holy Spirit-filled righteous servants of God.
Then the twelve
the multitude
of the disciples
unto them,
and said,
It is not reason
that we should
leave the word of God, and serve tables.

(not) "reason"

=(not) pleasing
=(not) agreeable 

=(not) emotionally 
  ..uplifting (to widows)
=(not) bearing
=(not) appropriate
   ..(for the twelve
      disciples who were
       ministering the
       Word of God)

All things were not being "done decently and in order."

Ministry to the widows ... the needy women within the fellowship of believers ... was a priority that could not be neglected 

... however ... neither could the administration of the Word of God and prayer be neglected. 

**Message #2**

Problems in ministry often cause change ... that ultimately results in salvation of many souls.

Wherefore, brethren, look ye out
among you
seven men of
honest report,
full of
the Holy Ghost 
whom we may
over this business.

"honest report"

=to be a qualified
=give testimony
=have a good report

=witness sense
  ..ethical sense
=genuine Christian

=in charge of
=to administrative
=show to be..ordain
=bring to certain place
=come forward

=daily as

=make to stand in
  ..presence of others
  ..before others

**Message #3**

God will always reveal the most spiritually qualified people for the job at hand.

But we will
give ourselves continually
to prayer,
to the ministry
of the word.

The original twelve disciples are inspired by God to provide a solution that will solve the problem of neglected widows 

... while at the same time ... preserving the vital administration of the Word of God ... and ... valuable time required for prayer.

**Message #4**

God will ... through prayer and Spirit of the Word of God ... reveal to every believer ... the specific calling(s) within the fellowship of believers.

the saying pleased
the whole multitude: and
they chose
a man
of faith
of the Holy Ghost,
and Philip,
and Prochorus,
and Nicanor,
and Timon,
and Parmenas,
and Nicolas
a proselyte of Antioch:

All of the disciples were in favor of choosing seven genuine Christian men to minister to the widows

... men whose dedication to the cause of Christ was especially obvious.

Stephen was chosen first because of his significant faith and obvious indwelling of the Holy Spirit ... then six others were carefully chosen ... as well.

**Message #5**

When the Holy Spirit unifies members of the fellowship ... in the Truth of the Word of God ... all will be pleased with the right decision. 

Whom they set
before the apostles:
and when
had prayed,
laid their hands
on them.

**Message #6**

After the seven were chosen ... the apostles prayed ... then laid their hands on them ... signifying their spiritual extension ... delegation ... and ... approval of the apostles 

... making the ordination of their administrative 
positions official.

Please note:

...The Holy Spirit was not imparted by men 

... men did not cause the Holy Spirit to go forth from their hands ... into the men chosen 

... men did not control the Holy Spirit.

In verse 5 ... we see that these seven men were already filled with the Holy Spirit. 

This is the main reason they were chosen in the first place.

the word of God increased;
the number
of the disciples multiplied
in Jerusalem greatly; and
a great company
of the priests
were obedient
to the faith.

Order was restored to the body of believers ... harmony produced an increase in the Word going forth ... resulting in many new disciples ... even many priests coming to faith in Christ.

**Message #7**

God sends out His Word:

...the Holy Spirit wind to blow

...the Waters of the Word to flow
(Ps. 147:18)

And Stephen,
full of
faith and power,
great wonders
among the people.

**Message #8**

It was 
... faith...

in the
Word of God 


of the
Spirit of God 

...that produced great wonders and miracles

... which brought Stephen to the forefront

... making him a target of the enemies of Christ.

Then there arose certain of
the synagogue,
which is called
the synagogue
of the Libertines,
of them
of Cilicia and of Asia, disputing
with Stephen.

**Message #9**

It's the hypocritical religious crowd ... that sees Stephen as a threat 

... it's the religious hypocrites ... that create contention and rise up against this faithful ... Holy Spirit-filled servant of God. 

they were not able
to resist
the wisdom
the spirit
by which
he spake.

**Message #10**

Our Father provides 

... Words of wisdom

... and ...

... power of the Holy Spirit

to penetrate the evil hearts of the wicked.

they suborned men, which said,
We have heard
him speak
blasphemous words against Moses,
against God.


=instruct privately 
=instigate .. bribe
=to give false testimony
=to lie
=to falsely accuse

=to throw or let go
  ..not caring where
    it falls
=cast forth .. insert

**Message #11**

The wicked carelessly attack the reputation of the righteous 

... to set them up in various ways to cause confusion regarding their credibility

... secretly conspiring to lie and falsely accuse the righteous 

... even willing to pay others to bring forth false testimonies and attacks.

they stirred up
the people,
the elders,
the scribes,
came upon him,
caught him,
brought him
to the council,

The attack against Stephen escalates from being a verbal attack 

... to physically taking hold of him with their hands 

... forcing him to go before the council.

**Message #12**

Escalation of attack...

First caused by confusion ... stirring up people to create a scene ... making the innocent appear to be some type of ungodly criminal

Hypocritical "religious" (prominent ... well established ..."good guys") take authority in the attack

Accusers physically seize the victim and force him to be "judged"... as "guilty."

[Just like they did to Jesus]

set up
false witnesses,
which said,
This man
ceaseth not
to speak
blasphemous words against
this holy place,
the law:

**Message #13**

Remember ...
"stir up"..."set up" 

For we have
heard him say,
that this
Jesus of Nazareth
shall destroy
this place,
shall change
the customs which Moses delivered us.

**Message #14**

Wicked accusers present their "case" based on:


2. fear 
    ...of  destruction 

3. change their lifestyle.

And all that sat
in the council,
looking stedfastly
on him,
saw his face
as it had been
the face of an angel.

**Message #15**

When God's people bring forth their testimony ... the Holy Spirit is obviously present ... for all to see.

Acts 7:1-50. . .

Stephen gives religious hypocrites a lesson in Old Testament history and prophecy ... regarding the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

... Then ...

Stephen says:

Ye stiffnecked
in heart and ears,
ye do always
resist the Holy Ghost:
as your fathers did, so do ye.

Stephen's words sound pretty harsh to us today ... after being brain-washed for so many years ... making "politeness" supersede truth-filled warnings.

It is not hatred or anger that motivates Stephen to rebuke his attackers. 

... God is giving him every Word to impart in an attempt to confront the rebellion hidden under their cloak of self-righteousness.

They need to know that they are standing on dangerous ground ... for their own sake ... that the action they are taking against Stephen is ... in reality ... a result of their resistance to the Holy Spirit of God.

**Message #16**

Attackers require serious Biblical warnings and spiritual rebukes. 

... This is a clear picture of spiritual warfare for the sake of waking souls destined for hell

... and ... one very important soul is going to be strategically placed in the Kingdom of God 

... as a result of the seeds planted through this persecution of Stephen 

... as we shall see.

Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted?
they have slain them which shewed before
of the coming
of the Just One;
[Lord Jesus Christ]
of whom ye
have been now
the betrayers

Prophets are those who broadcast the Word of God ... to instruct ... and warn 

... bringing His Word forth to alert people to their unacceptable spiritual condition. 

**Message #17**

Religious hypocrites live on a very slippery slope 

... which often takes them further into sin than they first intended to go.

... Hatred for Truth first leads them to persecute those who speak the truth

... however... that often causes them then 

... to slide into satan's fellowship of liars

... setting up God's people to be deceived ... and betrayed

... and finally discovering that they have slipped right into a circle of slow-kill murders 

... and finally ... becoming full-fledged ... heartless ... instantaneous assassins. 

So one day ... they wake up in hell ... and ask, "How did I ever end up here?"

It was not their initial intention to become a murderer. 

... but their hatred for Truth and the Lord Jesus Christ ... who is the Truth 

... put them on the slippery slope to murder and hell.

Who have
received the law
by the disposition
of angels,
[Messengers of God]
have not kept it.

 "Angel" is another Word for "messenger"

... so this verse is referring to the prophets... who are the "messengers" of God.

The prophets have brought forth God's message ... law ... Word of God. 

... But ... while the hypocrites have received the message ... they have not kept it ... have not obeyed it.

**Message #18**

It is not enough to be exposed to the Word of God ... to agree with it ... and receive it.

So to avoid becoming a murderous hypocrite ... one must obey the Word of God.

(This is not about sinless perfection ... but about striving to follow Christ and His Word.)

A hypocrite does not have to literally kill a person ... to qualify as a murderer.

Jesus said that all one has to do to qualify as a murderer ... is to have hatred in their heart toward another person.

In this case ... hatred for Truth is the same as hatred of Jesus Christ ... because He is the "Truth."

When they heard
these things,
they were
cut to the heart,
they gnashed on him with their teeth.

The Truth made these religious hypocrites very angry.

To assure that they did  not hear one more Word of Truth ... they launched a full-blown ... emotionally ... out of control ... physical attack against Stephen.

**Message #19**

When God's servants speak the Truth ... religious hypocrites will identify themselves by coming forward to launch an attack 

... sometimes verbally ... but also ... as days become darker 

... physical ... even murderous ... secret attacks will occur ... as they lie in wait ... as their father ... the devil 

... to kill ... steal ... and destroy.

But he,
being full
of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven,
saw the glory of God,
Jesus standing
on the right hand
of God,

While the wicked are busy reserving their place in hell 

... Stephen is already seeing the Lord Jesus Christ ... the face of God 

... and getting an amazing view of heaven 

... his destination.

**Message #20**

This account of Stephen's murder 

... is not fiction.

It has been carefully preserved in historical documents ... as well as the inerrant Holy Bible.

Therefore . . .

... Jesus Christ is real.

... Heaven is real.

... and Hell ... is real.

And said,
Behold, I see
the heavens opened,
the Son of man
on the right hand
of God.

Stephen describes exactly what he is seeing moments before his death.

**Message #21**

All genuine believers are compelled by the Holy Spirit 

... to testify to all God is showing them and all He is doing in their life

... for the benefit ... and salvation of others.

Then they cried out
with a loud voice,
stopped their ears,
ran upon him
with one accord,

But ... the crowd that has gathered ... hates ... cannot tolerate 

... the Words of Truth in Stephen's personal testimony to the reality of God ... Jesus Christ ...

... and ... oh, yes ... therefore ... the reality of hell that awaits them.

... So the crowd becomes one united 

... devil-inspired 

... attacking ... murderous mob machine.  

**Message #22**

Remember. . .

Jesus said that 

... they hated Him first

... and if they hated Him they would also hate genuine believers
(Jn.7:7 ..&.. 15:18)

And cast him out
of the city,
stoned him:
the witnesses
laid down their clothes
at a young man's feet, whose name was

The wicked were not satisfied to just cast Stephen out of the city

... no ... they had to utterly destroy him

... But ... the witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man's feet ... whose name was Saul

... the same "Saul" who could not resist the Holy Spirit after witnessing the death of Stephen

...the same "Saul" who encountered the Lord Jesus Christ 

... questioning him about his murderous 

... consenting ... persecuting heart 

... as "Saul" traveled the road to Damascus.

... whose name became, "Paul" ... "thee" Apostle ... whose Holy Spirit-filled pen wrote many epistles which were vital to the survival of the Church of Jesus Christ.

**Message #23**

... BUT ...

God uses the spiritual seed of a pure-hearted martyr to bring 

... the Apostle Paul 

... and a countless harvest of souls into His Kingdom!

they stoned Stephen, calling upon God,
saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.

And he
kneeled down,
with a loud voice,
lay not this sin
to their charge.
when he had said this,
he fell asleep.

**Message #24**

Even while being murdered

... God's people

... pray for the salvation of their murderers.

Hell is real ... if you are not ready ... scroll to the top of this page and click on the gift wrapped in gold in the left column.
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Monday, October 10, 2022

Ruth..Painful..Prophetic Placement

(Originally posted July 9, 2019)

they lifted up
their voice,
wept again:
Orpah kissed
her mother in law;
Ruth clave
unto her.
-Ruth 1:14


The life ... and journey ... of Ruth carries lessons of pain ... multiplied suffering ... sorrow ... loyalty ... spiritual unity ... hardship ... self-sacrifice ... deep respect ... generosity ... gratitude ... amazing love ... and prophetic placement ... all designed by our Father ... to bring eternal salvation into a sinful self-destructing world.

Today's false prosperity "gospel"... promotes the notion that ... if we have "faith" and are "living right" ... we should be "perpetually blessed"

... so if we happen to experience any troubles ... it is considered evidence of wrong choices or some unrepented sin lingering in one's life.

Thankfully ... this presumptuous "doctrine" is quickly waning we see darkness encroaching more boldly across the world ... motivating professing Christians to take a deeper look into God's Word ... as they struggle to get out from under unfounded guilt and religious persecution ... to determine the real reason they are not being "perpetually blessed."

Ruth's devastating circumstances stand right along-side Job's ... begging an explanation regarding the real reason our Father allows pain and tribulations to cause our life to come to a painfully screeching halt.

Nevertheless ... true ... we are still human and the Word of God verifies that the "heart is deceitful"... so it is wise to begin with the possibility that correction is coming as a result of sin

... therefore needs to be considered first and dealt with ... if required.

Then ... after checking sin off the list ... we are free to consider ... other possibilities ... such as the possibility that ... like Ruth ... our Father may also be preparing us ... for a new assignment

... by uprooting ... spiritually educating us ... in the "hands-on" ..."school of hard knocks"... for the purpose of eventual placement into a new environment where we can be of greater service to Him ... fulfilling His bigger plan for us.

So let's take a closer look at the details of Ruth's afflictions ... as God directs her steps for new "placement"...

Now it came to pass
in the days
when the judges ruled,
that there was
a famine in the land.
a certain man
of Bethlehemjudah
went to sojourn
in the country of Moab,
he, and his wife,
his two sons.

First ... even before Ruth is mentioned ... we discover that God ... alone ... has brought about circumstances ... a famine ... in the land ... that has caused this family to relocate ... beginning the journey our Father has carefully designed.

As we consider the hand of God in this matter ... it is very helpful to look back ... to the initial cause ... of our own painful trek through the dark wilderness.

Sometimes Our Father sets the stage for our specific journey ... even before we are born ... and/or ... it all begins as a result of something we actually did right this time 😊

... but was something that others did not like ... or ... something others thought was wrong or impossible ... because it happened to be outside of their limited personal experiences ... or ... their incomplete biblical frame of reference. 

However ... often God will allow us to see that the beginning of our painful journey was clearly initiated by Him.

In any case ... this information can become an important piece of the puzzle ... when asking ... "How did I ever end up here?"

the name of the man
was Elimelech,
the name of his wife Naomi,
the name of his two sons
Mahlon and Chilion,
Ephrathites of Bethlehemjudah.
they came into the country
of Moab,
continued there.

God has chosen to use Elimelech and Naomi's family to bring Ruth into her journey.

Sometimes God uses our family to put us on the road He wants us to take ... Sometimes through good associations ... sometimes through not so good associations ... whatever God decides is the most spiritually educational route for us to take.

This is usually where the pain can begin. 

Elimelech Naomi's husband died;
she was left,
her two sons.

Yes ... definitely ... here is where the pain begins.

Naomi has lost her husband ... now depending on her two sons to carry all of the responsibilities.

they took them wives
of the women of Moab;
the name of the one was Orpah,
the name of the other Ruth:
they dwelled there
about ten years.

The sons decide to marry ... perhaps as a way to also help their aging mother ... and relieve some of their own responsibilities ... a wise choice ... to keep the family functioning efficiently.

Mahlon and Chilion died
also both of them;
the woman was left
of her two sons
her husband.

Then pain intensifies ... but ... at the same time ... is also buffered ... when Naomi's two sons suddenly die

... causing Ruth to enter Naomi's pain ... creating a unique bond through the mutual pain of losing these significant members of their family.

During times of suffering ... as in Ruth's case ... our Father often brings someone else into our life ... maybe just one other person ... who also knows what this type of attack feels like ... someone to keep us from having to bear the full force of the pain all alone.

Naomi instantly became this person for Ruth

... and Ruth became this person for Naomi.

Unfortunately ... especially today when compassion and natural affection are fading ... it is very difficult to find others who have taken mutual journeys such as this

... so if we have found even one person willing to draw close to us ... someone who really understands our pain ... consider it a great and merciful blessing from God

... and we should strive to also be that helpful ... encouraging person for others ... since we are commanded to love ... as we would like to be loved.♡

Then she arose
with her daughters in law,
that she might return
from the country of Moab:
for she had heard
in the country of Moab
how that the LORD
had visited his people
in giving them bread.

God intervenes again ... providing His people in Naomi's homeland ... with food ... once more

... so Naomi begins to make plans to return to Bethlehem ... this time making it a real "feet on the ground"... literal trek ... down the open road ... type of journey.

she went forth
out of the place
where she was,
her two daughters in law
with her;
they went on the way to return
unto the land of Judah.

Naomi ... and her two daughters-in-law begin the journey to the land of Judah.

But it seems Naomi has second thoughts about taking her daughters-in-law with her.

Maybe she has been considering their families left behind ... or ... wondering how these young women will accept ... and be accepted ... by God's people when they arrive in her homeland.

Naomi said unto
her two daughters in law,
Go, return each to
her mother's house:
the LORD
deal kindly with you,
as ye have dealt
with the dead,
with me.

So Naomi tells the women to go back to their families.

The LORD grant you
that ye may find rest,
each of you
in the house
of her husband.
she kissed them;
they lifted up
their voice,

they said unto her,
Surely we will return
with thee
unto thy people.

This is a heart-wrenching scene ... tears flowing ... as they consider breaking the emotional bonds they have come to enjoy over time ... so they persist in accompanying Naomi.

Naomi said,
Turn again, my daughters:
why will ye go with me?
are there yet
any more sons in my womb,
that they
may be your husbands?

Turn again, my daughters,
go your way;
for I am too old
to have an husband.
If I should say, I have hope,
if I should have an husband
also to night,
should also bear sons;

Would ye tarry for them
till they were grown?
would ye stay for them 
from having husbands?
nay, my daughters;
for it grieveth me much
for your sakes
that the hand of the LORD
is gone out against me.

Naomi unselfishly thinks of their future ... they no longer have a real family ... there is still time for them to marry and get on with their lives.

Once more ... she urges them to turn back.

they lifted up their voice,
wept again:
Orpah kissed
her mother in law;
Ruth clave unto her.

The women cry again at the thought of separating from Naomi.

This time ... Orpah resigns to return ... and kisses Naomi good-bye

... BUT ... Ruth clings to Naomi refusing to release the deep ... heart-felt bonds that have been firmly established by God.

she said, Behold,
thy sister in law
is gone back
unto her people,
unto her gods:
return thou after
thy sister in law.

Ruth said,
Intreat me not
to leave thee,
to return from
following after thee:
for whither thou goest,
I will go;
where thou lodgest, 
I will lodge:
thy people shall be
my people,
thy God my God:

Deep ... in Ruth's heart she knows that ... whatever the cost ... she is not able to separate herself from Naomi ... this bond of love ... that cannot be broken ... comes from outside of herself ... from the Creator of all that exists ... the one and only true God.

At this point ... Ruth has forsaken her pagan gods ... embraced the God of Israel ... spiritually bonded with Naomi ... the one she now sees as her spiritual mother and sister ... and is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve these God-given bonds.

Where thou diest,
will I die,
there will I be buried:
the LORD do so to me,
more also, if ought but death
part thee and me.

When she saw that
she was stedfastly minded
to go with her,
then she left speaking
unto her.

Naomi realizes that it is useless to persist any longer ... so silently continues to move toward their destination ... absorbed in her own pain ... not yet able to see how God was orchestrating a much larger plan than either of them could comprehend at that moment.

So they two went
until they came to Bethlehem.
it came to pass,
when they were come
to Bethlehem,
that all the city
was moved about them,
and they said,
Is this Naomi?

she said unto them, 
Call me not Naomi,
call me Mara:
for the Almighty hath dealt
very bitterly with me.

When they arrived in Bethlehem ... the people wondered at the sight of them ... asking if this could be Naomi.

Because all Naomi could focus on ... at that moment was ... her pain and afflictions ... she replied, "call me Mara."

"Mara"... meaning "bitter."

I went out full,
the LORD hath brought me
home again empty:
why then call ye me Naomi,
seeing the LORD
hath testified against me,
and the Almighty
hath afflicted me?

Like so many of us ... when afflicted ... Naomi does not yet see any blessing coming from this experience ... still grieving over her losses

... accusing God of damaging her reputation ... and punishing her with the afflictions she has had to endure

... not able to understand what on earth He is doing to her ... even admitting that this lack of understanding has now caused her to become bitter.

So Naomi returned,
Ruth the Moabitess,
her daughter in law, with her,
which returned
out of the country of Moab:
and they came to Bethlehem
in the beginning
of barley harvest.

Though it may appear ... God has testified against Naomi

... thankfully ... He really is not finished yet😊

... but intends to complete His testimony concerning Naomi and Ruth ... by bringing into existence ... the greatest gift the world has ever seen

... through Naomi's family
... through Ruth.

Following is the rest of God's plan ... found in the last chapter of the Book of Ruth ... providing the reason for all of the pain

... that led to Ruth's prophetic placement.

First ... Ruth met Boaz:

Ruth 4:
So Boaz took Ruth,
she was his wife:
when he went in unto her,
the LORD gave her conception,
she bare a son.

... And ... what was so special about this son?

the women said
unto Naomi,
Blessed be the LORD,
which hath not left thee
this day
without a kinsman, 
that his name
may be famous
in Israel.

he shall be unto thee
a restorer of thy life,
a nourisher
of thine old age:
for thy daughter in law,
which loveth thee,
which is better to thee
than seven sons,
hath born him.

Naomi took the child,
laid it in her bosom,
became nurse unto it.

the women her neighbours
gave it a name, saying,
There is a son born to Naomi;
they called his name Obed:
he is the father of Jesse,
the father of David.

They Called His Name

Jesus, Himself ... testifies to the amazing importance surrounding the birth of Obed.

This can be seen right in this baby's name ... which means ..."to serve God"... "one who carries out God's intention/God's will"... all according to God's specific plan

... as He assigns "placement" in the world ... each of us exactly where He wants us to be ... serving Him at the specific time in history required.

Revelation 22:
I Jesus
have sent mine angel
to testify unto you
these things
in the churches.
I am the root
the offspring of David,
the bright
morning star.

the Spirit
the bride
say, Come.
let him that heareth
say, Come.
let him
that is athirst come.
whosoever will,
let him take
the water of life freely.

It was Ruth's ... God-ordained ... painful situation ... that motivated her to love and cling to Naomi 

... eagerly embracing the God of Israel ... the One who gave them each other ... and the faith ... to make the journey together ... to Bethlehem

... establishing "placement" of Ruth ... so she would eventually marry Boaz ... who would father Obed ... whose line would bring forth David

... and ... the Lord of lords
... and ... King of kings
... Jesus Christ

... Who would embody the "Water of Life"... redeeming multitudes out of this dark world ... providing freedom from sin ... a Heavenly home ... and loving family for eternity ... all in the presence of ... and safely under ... the authority of ... our glorious Saviour and Lord, Jesus
You may also take the precious "Water of the Word of God" ... that freely provides eternal life ... right now:

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